YouTube Case: LHC Directs the Petitioner to Approach Supreme Court


Lahore High Court yesterday asked the petitioner to approach the Supreme Court (SC) for clarification of its interim order under which the Ministry of Information Technology (MoIT) has blocked YouTube.

LHC was hearing the case of YouTube ban filed by Bytes for All, an NGO with focus on internet freedom. Case is in court for over sixteen months now.

The bench, headed by Justice Mansoor Ali Shah, issued this order as the federal government had submitted that they imposed the ban under the orders of SC.

It merits mentioning here that LHC had formed a committee of technical experts, which met in MoIT last week to discuss the possible solutions.


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Federal Secretary IT Mr. Akhlaq Ahmad Tarar, Additional Sectary Mr. Amzat Ali Ranjha. Chairman PTA Dr. Ismail Shah, Member Telecom Mr. Muddasir Hussain, panel of IT experts, representatives of Attorney General’s office and petitioner along with its learned counsel had attended this particular meeting.

In response to this meeting the MoIT informed Lahore High Court that YouTube was blocked on the orders of Supreme Court.

In response to this, the counsel for the petitioner, Bytes For All, submitted that the SC had only directed MoIT to block controversial video from YouTube, but the ministry blocked the website entirely.

The petitioner also submitted that any filtering and blocking on the internet is counterproductive and predatory.

In response, a deputy general submitted the claim that the meaning of the order given by the SC was to block YouTube, because there is no mechanism available in the country to only block the controversial video.

After hearing arguments from both sides, the bench ordered the petitioner to move the SC for clarification of its order under which the website is blocked.

The court adjourned the hearing as date in office till clarification of the SC orders.

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  • Muhammad Fawad

    NO COMMENTS – This is call COURT GAME

  • baronet

    court game or u can say table tennis……both parties move the issue in opponent court…no solution ….

    • Muhammad Fawad

      You know these type of games are our national games. We love such game. There is a saying in Punjabi “NA KHAIDAN GAY NA KHAIDUN DIAN GAY”. So lets enjoy the game and keep using VPN and proxies.

  • ahsanbaig

    Ministry of IT do not have capacity to handle this issue.

  • dostkhan

    meray dost. Ministry IT ki ha. Matter Legal ka ha or Member Telecom ka ha to aisay hi handle ho ga na muamala.

    • Viper

      Meray bhai, matter purely IT ka hay … our IT team just needs to have a memorandum of agreement with youtube and have a local version of Youtube which may be regulated. They have not made any progress on it till date

  • Guest

    i am still using it on ptcl without any proxies or vpn software

  • Eli Ehsan

    can’t even begin to comprehend the Amusement that Pak is providing to the world with all this…

  • Muhammad Ashraf

    i am still using youtube without proxies or vpn software

    • mazhar111

      how did you do it

      • Muhammad Ashraf

        some times filteration doesn’t work hence i can access it but most of time it remains block

  • kaka

    Open YouTube Without Any Restrictionss

  • Bilal Aahil

    so so

  • Omair Ahmed

    Why the people of Pakistan dont understand the simple fact that Youtube has been ordered to be blocked by the Supreme Court of PAKISTAN, it can not be opened by other body/legislature authority/ government nor by any other authority that exists in Pakistan. any matter that goes to Supreme Court of Pakistan, is beyond any other powers in Pakistan (except few powers like National Pardon and that too can only be issued when detailed order has been passed by the Supreme Court)

    • Muhammad Fawad

      SC issued many order which are still in pending status. Why GOP could not make and agreement with Google.

      • Shahid Saleem

        The Minister is shy :):):)

        dawn .com/news/1104898/youtube-ban-solution-is-in-hand

        Youtube representative came to visit Minister but she declined to meet him three times.

  • Mudasr Ahmad

    Bhai khulay ya na khuly her koi wese youtube use ker raha ha