Wateen Claims to Have Delivered 99.99% Network Reliability


Wateen Telecom has announced that it is fully geared up to meet the high backhaul demands of the newly arrived Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) with the largest operational metro-fiber in place.

Wateen Telecom has an impressive record of establishing one of the largest long-haul networks (with 9 rings to ensure redundancy), from Karachi to Torkham comprising of ample capacities available both in transmission, packet and fiber networks to meet any kind of backhaul requirements.

In metro areas, Wateen is present in 50+ cities nationwide with extensive dark fiber and managed fiber networks, traversing for over 4,500 Kms. Through its presence, Wateen is the backbone to both mobile data and voice service providers in Pakistan and is serving multiple operators and over 200 corporate customers with over 5000 links in enabling world class broadband services.

With the latest data services soon to hit the market, Wateen’s network is ideally placed to meet the data requirements of all NGMNs. The company is further ensuring that it extends its existing fiber optic network – which traverses over 4500kms across 50+ cities – by replacing copper wire with fiber optic cables for the BTS sites of cellular operators such as Zong, in anticipation of the NGMNs rollout.

Of late, the shift to fiber optic cables has picked up pace and once mobile companies have access to fiber connected networks, the possibility of genuine 3G/4G technology becomes truly viable.

Wateen possesses high-level expertise in WiFi offload designs and its operations are running over 200 HotSpots at major commercial locations across Pakistan. As the “Carrier’s Carrier” Wateen’s network is available to help greatly economise the available spectrum for Next Generation Mobile operators for high-data consuming, but stationary subscribers, and freeing the new frequency for actually ‘mobile’ subscribers.

With an eye to providing telecom consumers better and faster data services, Wateen Telecom has already entered into an agreement with Huawei (together with Qubee) to upgrade its network infrastructure to support 4G LTE.

Mr Naeem Zamindar, CEO Wateen Telecom, said, “Wateen’s primary focus is on being the most responsive network in the country. With the onset of 3G and 4G services, the countries mobile operators will start seeing added load on their networks and Wateen has many effective solutions that will work for the overall benefit of the entire telecoms sector. I am positive that by selecting Wateen for all their backhaul needs, the NGM network operators will be able to offer their consumers a one-window service with no hassle, giving them the desired space and time to focus on their primary target of maximising subscriber equity and improved financial results.”

Mr Zamindar also took this opportunity to congratulate all stakeholders on the successful completion of the 3G/4G auction. He said, “We at Wateen Telecom applaud the successful auction of Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) and would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the telecom companies involved on winning new frequency spectrums to deliver their customers cutting edge Mobile Broadband services. At the same time, we would like to congratulate the people of Pakistan – who will be the ultimate beneficiaries of this technological paradigm shift.”

Addressing the Pakistan government and the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority, Mr Zamindar added, “It is commendable that the government and all those involved have finally completed this transparent auction process. Your efforts are exactly in line with the need to project Pakistan as a ‘Telecom Hub’ for the entire region. I am certain that this is but the first step, and that moving forward we will utilise our full national potential to serve and enable our country to becoming a regional market leader in the telecommunications sector.”

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  • Wateen is finished. Company needs to be purchased. These are just attempts by Wateen management to paint a pretty picture when things inside are very bad.

    Why don’t want tell us how much money it is owing to banks? This company has too much debt.

  • Wateen is finished. Company needs to be purchased. These are just attempts by Wateen management to paint a pretty picture when things inside are very bad.

    Why don’t want tell us how much money it is owing to banks? This company has too much debt.

        • @ali @Fadii I’m a banker and I agree with the first comment. If Shaikh sb could ‘handle’ that as you are saying, Wateen would not have been restructuring its loans with all the banks on I I Chundrigar. Why don’t you actually speak to bankers in the community to find out what really is going on? Shaikh sb is not going to and should not bail out this sinking ship. This company has been sick for too long and it needs heart surgery… break up the company and sell the assets. This is already happening with Wimax now gone to Qubee, and fiber assets now on the market for selling.

    • let the banks worry about their money as they are best in it…broaden your vision what wateen is offering you in this torn-apart country…God Bless us all :-)

      • Wateen is offering squat to individuals. Their claims are as good as their balance sheet. It rebooted thrice and failed miserably. And i really dont know whether its pakistan which is torn-apart or your ….

  • Using wateen wireless broadband. Their customer services are poor. Even they couldn’t send the monthly bill on time.

  • Using wateen wireless broadband. Their customer services are poor. Even they couldn’t send the monthly bill on time.

  • does that mean they’ll use Zong 4g license roaming or something like that ??

  • Ooh yes it did. lIt was the perfect internet service I have ever used( in Peshawar) :p

  • Wateen is in good position and generating high profit with all depot including WiMax and coming days in Pakistan Market wateen Is only internet operator that capture the high share of market

  • I am using Wateen for the past 4 years (started from their USB dongle and now have WIFI device). Their service has been great but now a days their tower often gets issues and they keep sending me SMS about the possible downtime.

    The only thing I don’t like about Wateen is the extremely high cost, I am paying 1,767 Rupees per month for 1 MB Unlimited package, other people paying less than that and getting double speeds.

    In a month or two I am leaving Wateen and going to buy PTCL Evo Wifi Cloud device. Its 3.1 MB and only for 1,200 per month.

    • But! If you want to buy PTCL EVO then makes sure that how much speed your friend is getting, who live the nearest distance from your house. Because some people hate EVO speed. Furthermore, EVO has removed unlimited packages. If you want to download unlimited then it is better to choose some alternative.

      • Before switching permanently I am thinking to use my friend’s EVO device for couple of days and see how it works. Aise to thori dair friend ata hai us time to sahi chalti hai but 2-3 din mere pass rahegi device to achi tarah ragraa marunga and see how it performs :)

    • I want to know, you are working as freelance, how much you are earning through freelance website?

      • I used to earn up to 50K per month, but aaj kal zara kismat sath nahi de rahi isliye kaam thanda hai, earning up to 30K these days.

  • Wateen Should be closed and these corrupted guys Like Naeem Zamindar and his Friend Head of Sales should be arrested…… for destroying the wateen business in pakistan just because they are hiring non technical personnels in wateen

  • close