PTCL Attains the Status of Authorized ACA Training Employer


Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has been granted ‘Training Employer’ status by the Institute of Chartered Accountants England & Wales (ICAEW) after meeting their strict screening and evaluation criteria.

PTCL is one of few companies in Pakistan to be granted this prestigious status by ICAEW, which ranks as one of the esteemed and highly recognized Institute of Chartered Accountants in the world.

PTCL Internal Audit department in collaboration with HR took the initiative of PTCL’s registration as Approved Training Employer with ICAEW and now PTCL is one of the very few commercial organizations in the country who have been granted this prestigious status.

PTCL being a responsible corporate citizen carries forward the tradition of serving the society and this recognition reflects the high professional standards adopted by the company and the opportunities it provides for fostering young talent.

This recognition further strengthens the company’s commitment to train Pakistani youth for international qualification. PTCL is also running one of  the largest capacity building programs in the country by offering 500 young graduates to work with the company under PTCL internship programme.

  • Dears,
    I believe ptcl has such hard criteria to meet int’l standards, but label of bad performance to support customer service remain same.
    Need to focus on customer service training. Ptcl commercial heads n top management need true n fair deals with customer, they should trained how to speak truth with customer. How to resolve issues n take feedback from customer time to time.
    Training youth n then show then expected jobs dreams n took advantages is a common practices in ptcl.
    Anyways Congrats PTCL.

  • This is highly dis-informative as The mess created by the new incompetent management does not offer a conducive working atmosphere to already trained and competent work-force in all the fields including internal audit except unfriendly faced HR wing which is behaving like RAW or MOSSAD for the all cadres as frustrated employees are made to leave to avoid being kicked-out by the so called team of management experts whose services have hired to appease somebody at incredibly high salaries to the tune millions per head merely perform the duties of gluten operators . Then how does it qualify for registration with an esteemed organisation like ICAEW?

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