LDI Operators May Move SHC Against Withdrawal of ICH


LDI operators are considering to move Sindh High Court against Ministry of Information Technology’s policy directive on abolishment of International Clearing House, a source who has directed information of the development told ProPakistani.

Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom earlier this week issued a policy directive for withdrawal of ICH by saying that move is aimed at opening up the market for competition. MoIT also slashed the APC to zero, which was earlier as high as 2.9 cents per minute international incoming call.

LDI operators, lead by PTCL, are directly impacted by the decision who are considering all possible ways to block the directive. An option that remains open for them is to move court on the matter and obtain a restraining order to buy some time.

All this was discussed in an internal meeting of LDI operators yesterday, the source confirmed us.

It is still unclear though that what stand they are going to take in the court against the directive, however, it is certain that moving to court is a viable option for LDI operators to block the withdrawal of ICH, for short time at least.

Not to mention, Telenor is the only LDI operator that wasn’t part of ICH when MoIT ordered its abolishment. It had exited ICH earlier this year but had to face litigation over its decision.

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  • Fakhre Alam

    لکھ دی لعنت

    • Azi

      hehehe agreed

  • Bilal Hussain

    sb se zada mirche tu ptcl ko lge gi bt ye smjh ni aya k telenor is loot me shamil q ni hoa?

    • Dil ha Pakistani

      telenor was also part of ICH $$$$ they made dollars too. anusha rehman was working in telenor and now favoring telenor and zong. what right way is be transparent in comments. telenor nay bhi khub lot machi hai. abb anusha rehmn and us ka husband ka time hai loot khusot karny ka.

      • Bilal Hussain

        tu ab kch arsa phele exit q krgya, kia ab pese ate bure lgrhe the?

      • Ali

        any future of grey ?

  • Inam

    Of course they will. Their $$$ is in danger.

  • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

    as expected..go ahead

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  • zee

    I have a bad feeling about this. I am afraid this won’t be taken in effect and that the rates won’t drop at all. Such is the sorry state of affairs back home. You can’t trust anything or anyone :(

  • Danish

    PTCL’s Terrorism has to be stopped

    • Bilal Iqbal

      this was not an operation against terrorism.. it was a policy directive and ptcl will find other ways to earn profit… by the way… legal international incoming traffic was reduced many folds and profits were not as high as expected and gray trafficking was at rise even after full efforts of PTA and FIA to curb illegal VoIP towards Pakistan…

  • ahsanpetarian

    dear admin plz post demo of ptcl’s new andriod stb for smart tv… its no where on the web

  • Fraz

    This is just an admission by the Government that it can not stop illegal traffic (grey).so has abolished APC as well along with ICH. What a pity. When we can not manage an illegal SIMs and grey ,how do we think we can tackle bigger problems.