PTCL Rewards its Customers Who Have Been with PTCL for More than 30 years


Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL) has initiated a customer loyalty program to acknowledge the company’s most loyal customers.

The loyalty program aims at recognizing customers and appreciating who have been with PTCL for more than 30 years.

A ceremony to acknowledge customers who have been associated with PTCL and enjoying the company’s services for more than 30 years was held here in Islamabad. Customers were presented with Life Time Relationship awards.

The company has also provided One Year complimentary usage of Broadband services and One year complimentary usage of Smart TV services to appreciate long term loyalty of these customers with PTCL.

“Our customers are the core of our business and we always try to find innovative ways to reward them”, said Jamil Khawaja Chief Customer Care Officer (CCCO) PTCL. “Through this loyalty program, PTCL expresses its gratitude for the trust that customers have placed on the PTCL services”.

The ceremony was attended by Jamil Khawaja Chief Customer Care Officer (CCCO) PTCL; Shahid Mahmood, Executive Vice President (EVP) North PTCL; Naeem Siddiqui, GM Customer Care, PTCL  and Nadeem Awan, RGM Islamabad Telecom Region along with other officials of the company and valued customers.

The loyalty program will also be held in all the telecom regions of PTCL.

    • You didn’t get the point maybe. PTCL rewarded its customers for sticking with PTCL for over 30 Years, that is despite all the hardships :P

      • Right I was in PMLN 30 years ago and ain’t get any Wazarat though

  • Lolz @ this “Our customers are the core of our business and we always try to find innovative ways to reward them”, said Jamil Khawaja Chief Customer Care Officer (CCCO) PTCL.

    Yes PTCL always find innovative out of the box ways to penalized its customers, like the latest one of limiting all unlimited evo customers to 20GB cap.

    • There is no problem for them to set the data limit 1TB. With the passage of time, the number of users are increasing that are responsible for slow speed and to maintain the speed quality they limit the data. It’s time for them to enhance the speed quality that’s an expensive plan..

      • I agree Aamir, but then they shouldn’t be advertising that customer will get xGB limit for life. That’s simply lying and fooling customers.

        • Right! It is a fortune of every internet provider in Pakistan. How will they able to maintain customer level if they speak the truth? It is a business, they can do anything for $$$.

          • Ji bhai thats right, but still if any other company would have done this. PTA would at-least have risen the eyebrows.But with this beloved sister company everything is cool!

          • It doesnt matter where the business is located. Sooner or later PTCL will pay for its foolish decisions.
            I advise ALL EVO customers to use as much data as possible in the month of June then dont pay the bill. You can also use till 18 of July as well. So PTCL can suck it. Customers will find a way. I myself am shifting to Wateen as well.

    • Jameel Khawaja is an asset PTCL is to be proud of? Just single acheivment by the gentleman who is an excellant orator capable of speaking for and against anything in the same breath nothing else

  • What they will reward me after 30 years if I order a connection today?(2014+30=2044 LOL) I think the same above! :D

    • Nice PTCL is rewarding its customers for their loyality like they are rewarding all of its employees. These slave traders have nothing nice in their brain except extorting money from Pakistani exchequer without paying the installment of 800M$. Who can dare to ask them as the so called elite have large business stakes in UAE

  • Propakistani did you know that PTCL has decreased volume limit of evo broadband. You have not updated people through propakistani site.

    • in the pic i saw some people who are below 30 yrs. how come they celebrate that… or again its some drama

  • After creating a strong footprint in DSL industry with heavy sales and marketing campaign and so called hazel free installation procedures. PTCL has now turned its eyes towards its revenue department for further profitability. Revenue / Credit management department is aggressively running recovery campaign utilizing “by any means possible” policy. They have started to block all services for non-paying customers using customer CNIC rather than phone number or physical location i.e if you are defaulter on one connection your other connection will be blocked too even if you are current on its bill and even that phone is installed on another location without your knowledge. The irony of the situation is that, with this temporary block you’ll still get the full bill of fixed price services e.g. line rent and DSL charges and billing stops only after you either clear the defaulted bill or this temporary block will keep piling your bill for few months to come and then finally they will Officially Close this connection as well. But this time making you owe much more and for services you never used.

    One PTCL employee told me that the company has made installation procedures simple but closing procedure are intentionally made extremely cumbersome. He said “hamin oper say order hain kay connection closing rooko”. So to get a DSL connection you just need a call to 1236 no matter who calls no matter what name and NIC would be used (many opportunities of fraud here) but to close a connection the owner of the connection need to go to PTCL office with DSL modem, and write an application on paper then attach his NIC copy along with last paid bill then they will generate an upto date bill which you have to pay and then your application will be accepted, even after that it will take 1 month to close your connection and you will get another bill for that month. One PTCL customer told me that a PTCL customer care person goes to the length to stop him by telling him that he needs to get an affidavit from notary public on a stamp paper in order to close his connection (lolz!!)

  • No financial benefits in terms of cash, how unfair……….PTCL declaring/looting Gross Profit Rs 13.8 billion for the year 2013…….shame for PTCL…….

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