Telenor Stretches its 3G Coverage to 10 More Cities


Telenor Pakistan today announced the second phase of commercial rollout of 3G services across the country.

During the second phase, 3G services are being launched in following cities:

  • SaraiAlamgir,
  • Gujranwala,
  • Kharian,
  • Multan,
  • Gujrat,
  • Sialkot,
  • Abbottabad,
  • Faisalabad,
  • Peshawar
  • Sargodha.

All of these cities are being added to the overall 3G coverage in the month of July 2014.

At present, free trial of 3G services is offered to Telenor Pakistan’s customers in SaraiAlamgir, Gujranwala, Kharian and Gujrat, whereas subscribers in Multan, Sialkot, Abbottabad, Faisalabad, Peshawar and Sargodha will be able to enjoy free 3G trial services by the end of July 2014.

The subscribers will be notified about the end of free 3G trial service via SMS, Telenor Pakistan’s official website, company’s Facebook page and outdoor advertising campaigns.

Under the free 3G trial offer, customers can enjoy 50 MBs of data every day. Data services on 2G will be charged as usual.

On this occasion, Irfan Wahab Khan, Chief Marketing Officer, Telenor Pakistan said,

“We are delighted to launch 3G services in 10 more cities during the second phase of commercial rollout in line with our commitment to build a digital future for all.

The second phase of the commercial rollout does not only make our services available in all major cities across country but also enable us to target fast growing data market in these areas. We are working hard to provide state of the art products and services to our customers and will keep on adding more cities and town to our 3G coverage roadmap every month”

It is pertinent to note that Telenor Pakistan currently has one of the largest networks of 3G enabled cell sites in the country with 14 cities powered by its 3G services by the end of this month.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • saad


  • Naveed

    Telenor3G sucks .. Their coverage is not good.. first they should improve the quality and then they should launch in other cities

    • Mubashir

      Well said! I get crawling telenor 3g coverage only on my terrace in G-10/1, islamabad. I was defrauded in the form of 3 gbs 3g package being utilised in only 10 days when i couldn’t even access internet! So far for the saci yari sub pay bhari slogan!

  • Ahsan

    Telenor is leading the 3g race. They have exellent service. I’ve used telenor, zong and ufone’s 3g and telenor as the best coverage and download speed so far. They are the first to announce 3g in these cities which is also an achievement

    • Naveed

      can you please share your experience coz my experience with them was horrible that is why i shifted to ZONG :)

      • Guest

        You are using Zong 3G via Ufone Host, How does it possible bro?

        • Naveed

          Speedtest is hosted by Ufone :P so it doesn’t matter :)

          • Guest

            یہ بڑے کرم کے ھیں فیصلے ۔۔۔ یہ بڑے نصیب کی بات ھے

            • Naveed

              Speedtest just picks the nearest server .. so it doesn’t matter :P

              • Omer

                Brother, everytime i have performed a speed test with mt Telenor 3G network, if shows my current location like islamabad or lahore or karachi, it never showed any other network…. so either ur pic is fake or there is some issue with your network….

                • Naveed

                  I have tested alot of times and every time I test its difference server.. It gives nearest server which can be hosted by anyone but city would remain the same .. :P so its nothing wrong with that ..

                • Arsalan Shah

                  Dude, we can select whichever network we want. I, being in ISB can select a server in Hawaii or Finland or Iceland. If you don’t know much about speedtests, I would suggest you shouldn’t really say the pic is fake or there’s a problem with the network. Usually if Speedtest auto selects a server, it selects a nearest one, for example, despite of using Zong in Rawalpindi, it usually selects Augere Qubee Islamabad or PTCL Islamabad. Doesn’t means I’m on PTCL or Qubee. I was having issues with talking to a cousin in Kuwait, I selected a server from Kuwait city to know if there’s a problem between my internet to Kuwait or not. The results were pathetic, with high pings and low speed, so I switched on to wifi and started talking to him. Speedtest is just speedtest, you can select any server or if it’s on auto selection, it selects the nearest one itself.. doesn’t gives the right like a Paki to start calling others liars (fake pictures) or issues with the network… Hate this attitude in Pakis that they always starts on hot with personal attacks…..

                • Naveed

                  The pic is not fake :P its 100% original.. Here is another one :P

                  • Waleed

                    Well nice to see the “soft Theme UI” on your iPhone :P looks nice

                    • Naveed


        • Zaheer Abbasi

          Any nearest city could be hoster.i testmy zong 3g in Abbottabad but it was hosted by ptcl Islamabad.

        • Islah

          Just took this to show you that any nearest server could be hoster this time wateen get the honour :P its zong super 3g in lahore

      • Zaheer Abbasi

        Any nearest city could be hoster.

  • Hamid

    No any major city of Sindh like Hyderabad?? Thats rude..

  • Omer

    Telenor Pakistan’s 3G is the best 3G offered. I’m personally using Telenor 3G service and didnt find a single time low speed in that… Love you Telenor…. :)

    • Naveed

      Can you please share a screenshot of speed test ? and city ?

      • riax xahid

        Pfa telenor 3g screenshot

        • Naveed

          Nice share.. I didnt get anything above 1Mbps when I was using Telenor3G in ISB/RWP and secondly there coverage map does show my area is covered and when I called the guy said its not covered . so thats pathetic :)

          I am really wondering how did you take the screenshot on Browser :)

          • Mohsin

            he click the share button , and open the link in the browser :P

            • Naveed

              LOLX Thanks .. That was my bad :)

        • Mohsin

          Which Area is this?
          Has anyone test Telenor in DHA?

  • Zaheer Abbasi

    I m using zong 3g in Abbottabad.speed is decent.

  • Manga

    Zong in sbse behtar hai even Mobilink se. I got 2Mbps barely on Telenor and Mobilink. On ufone its goes upto 4Mpbs whereas Zong goes upto 13mbps which is far better than others

    • Arsalan Shah

      Zong is also offering the most economical packages, in terms of small volumes. I aint talking about the biggest package, but the smaller ones are quite economical with fabulous speed.

  • Muhammad Musa Raza

    sare her waqat speed pe he larte rahte hain. oh bhai jab limit he 4 gb hai kia karo ge itne speed ka? is se bahtir hai zara slow he chale take limit to jaldi khatam na ho :p

  • What’s the use? I am from KHI and still unable to use 3G due to its un availability, they showing Gulshan and Johar in their coverage map whereas it’s not the reality. Liars.

  • Fozia Mengal

    And Quetta???? As usual last. …

  • amadyaar

    Capital City Of Baluchistan Quetta with out Telenor 3G strange,Shame telenor,all these kind of policies hurt really looking like we are not part of the so called islami mumlikat pakistan.

    • Muhammad Musa Raza

      its always the less secure place the less business will come. sad but true

      • Fozia Mengal

        Seems as if we should stop living now coz our area isn’t secure… v r being played with. Mobilink announced 3g trail in quetta, i visited most of the areas listed as coverage area. Didn’t get 3g, nor heard anyone using 3g…

        • Muhammad Musa Raza

          i am from multan and live in good area. maps of mobilink and ufone shows that my house is covered easily. But there is no 3g in my area so chill abhi tu juma juma ath din hue hain 3g aye. jaab 2g aya tha tu sare pakistan main a gya tha kia launch hote he? dont mean any disrespect for quetta. i love quetta :)

          • Zaheer Abbasi

            I m agree with u.

  • Mehfooz Daniyal

    What is the use to launch 3g in other cities while they haven’t covered completely the exisiting cities?????? In terms of coverage Zong is best till now. Less ciites but atleast they have covered almost that city where thay have launched.

  • Imran

    Why the All Network’s Priorities in Punjab? they even never launch in Hyderabad or Sukkur of Sindh these also Big Cities with Big Revenue? than why? these doing discrimination ?

    • Junaid

      no 3g yet in faisalabad

      • Muhammad Musa Raza

        lol looks like all pakistan say its discrimination towards them. sindh baluchistan, kpk, janobi punjab, kashmir, gilgit baltistan.fata ppl always complain the same.

        • Muhammad Musa Raza

          its just that lahore karachi and islamabad/rawalpindi gives good business and their population is also high so they get preference. There are many places in US that have none 3g coverage they dont complain all the time.

          • Arsalan Shah

            Whatever you said is correct, apart from the people in US/UK don’t complain. The thing is, they do complain and moan all they can, they don’t get any coverage, and no one is there to listen to their cr*p. For eg. Milton Keynes and Westminister are the two cities in the UK where there is NO Digital TV. Since over a decade they have been expressing severe anger over it, but due to a dispute between BT and Virgin Media, those two cities don’t have any Digital TV, and Analogue TV is no longer active in the UK since quite some time.

            • Muhammad Musa Raza

              complain tu her koi karta hai yeh nai kahta hai ke hum sindhi hum baluchi hum junbi punjab wale hum eshawar walo pe zulam ho raha hai. pata nai kia trend nikal diya hai syasat dano ne

          • Waj

            Then Telenor shouldn’t claim “The second phase of the commercial rollout does not only make our services available in all major cities across country”.

            Hyderabad, Sukkur and Quetta are major cities of the Country (please check population of these cities). Well, unless Country doesn’t means ONLY upper Punjab.

            • Rizwan Yaqoob

              All offical and government sectors’ headquarters are based in Karachi. Did we ever say it is discrimination? Punjab is always targeted whether for political reasons or anything else. We are One. Be Pakistani. PEACE!

          • Eli Ehsan

            Dude! don’t DO THE CRITERION on population. Hyderabad has 4th Largest while Sukkur & Larkana are in Top 15 populated cities of PAK. SO YEAH…

    • ayaz

      Yes your write

      • Rizwan Yaqoob

        English hum sharminda hain tere qatil ab bhi zinda hain.

        • muski

          Urdu ham sharminda hain tere bolne wale murda hain

  • Atif Ejaz

    Telenor 3G coverage is very poor, even their coverage in major areas of Karachi is pathetic, no wonder they claim to expand it

  • Noman

    I am using Ufone and it is working better than any network.

    • Muhammad Aamir

      Ufone has one of the most expensive 3G packages. Are you using Ufone 3G?

  • Usman Ahmed

    bhai pehlay lahore tou cover karlo poora. 40% lahore isnt covered yet.

  • Eli Ehsan

    and Particularly pertinent to mention that Punjab has 10 out of these 14 sites. #NoLoveForSindh :(

  • Mustafa

    Mobilink Zindabad ( Fisrt Network to bring 3G in HYDERABD) :)

  • muski

    LAME! Maximum number of cities covered with 3G service with around 20% of the city getting 3G and the rest still relying on 2G :-/
    P.S. I am referring to Karachi city, dont know about the rest

  • 3G News :D

    Multan mein telenor 3G shuru ho gya ^_^

  • Sohail

    Telenor 3G in Sargodha Queens Chowk

  • Prof:Tanveer

    why not in Sukkur which is the IT capital of sindh?