Warid Launches Mobile Paisa with Over 10,000 Agents Across 500 Cities

Faisal Khan Sadozi Director MFS Warid  Telecom while announcing the launch

Warid Telecom and Bank Alfalah Limited have announced the launch of their marketing campaign for Branchless Banking Services under the brand name “Mobile Paisa” in Pakistan. The launch of Mobile Paisa was announced earlier this year with the promise of trust and convenience.

The service is launched in collaboration with Monet (Pvt.) Limited as the technology provider, who are using the technology of Visa International, to offer branchless banking solutions to banks and telcos nationwide.

Both Warid Telecom and Bank Alfalah Limited aim to bridge the gap between banking services and consumers while providing state of the art mobile financial services, bringing convenience, reliability and security all together for their customers.

Speaking on Mobile Paisa hitting over 10,000 agents for branchless banking, Warid Telecom’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Muneer Farooqui said,

“We are constantly growing in every aspect, With one of the top ARPUs, our brand is acknowledged as the most reliable and transparent in the Industry.

Our branchless banking brand, Mobile Paisa, is aimed at making Mobile Financial Services effortless task for our consumers. In this era of modernization and technical development, it is essential to digitize and enhance transacting convenience through a secure and swift system.

With the strong backing of the Abu Dhabi Group, we are constantly putting every effort to ensure that we remain unmatched in providing innovative services to our valuable customers.

Bank Alfalah is one of the biggest banking institutions in Pakistan and this is the edge that Mobile Paisa enjoys over its competitors in this telecom-banking collaborative product.”

Commenting on Mobile Paisa, Warid Telecom’s Director Mobile Financial Services, Mr. Faisal Khan Sadozai said,

“As we hit over 10,000 agents in a very short span of time, I call it the beginning. With aggressive expansion plans, we have a sound strategy towards making Mobile Paisa brand evolve and thrive in coming times.

I am looking at Mobile Paisa hitting another 30,000 agents across 1,000 towns in the very near future. Pakistan is surely a good market for branchless banking. Our key objective is to make things easier for the people while adding more possibilities through Mobile Paisa with strong focus on financial inclusion of the unbanked population of Pakistan.

Mobile Paisa is set out to revolve around customer convenience and trust and we are continuously working to bring in new and exciting products for our valuable customers.”

Bank Alfalah Branchless Banking Team  Warid MFS Team, Group Photo

Dr Bilal Rasool from Warid while giving presentation   DSC_2842

Mehreen Ahmed, Group Head Retail South and New Initiatives who leads the branchless banking team at Bank Alfalah, commented,

“Bank Alfalah is aggressively pursuing the creation of a financial ecosystem that supports innovation through technology. Mobile Paisa is yet another reiteration of our commitment to enhancing financial access and inclusion in order to reduce the gap between the ‘banked’ and the yet-to-be-banked’ in Pakistan.”

Mobile Paisa service is currently available on all Warid Business Centres, franchises and Mobile Paisa shops.

Services Offered by Mobile Paisa

Currently Mobile Paisa offers following services:

  • Money Transfer — Account to Account, Account to CNIC, CNIC to CNIC
  • Bill Payments
  • Customer Mobile Wallets

while more services are in the pipeline for consumers, corporates and G2P which will be launched soon.

Service Charges

CNIC to CNIC money transfer services will be charged as following:


Note: Sending & Receiving Transactional Limits are as following.

  • Rs.15,000 per month on a CNIC.
  • There is no limit on number of transactions per CNIC in a month.

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  • Akhir kar warid ko bhi yad aagya k branchless banking mai koe profit hy… wow

    • Branchless banking, I think a very tiny of it is
      covered and when there is great potential I think it’s the time when all market
      players should act responsibly when taking care of someone’s money.

      Easy Paisa has a great market and further Warid coming
      in the market means they will make it even easier on a wider spectrum,
      specially for Warid users and I think, the time is right, it’s not like the
      mobile banking market is saturated and everyone has a mobile bank account to do
      quick traders for personal and business

      How many of you have this, I don’t have and I don’t know
      any fellow who has opted for any such service in the market. So its where the
      gap is. I think the people who need local transactions and want to pay there
      monthly bills, it’s a great service.

      I read Warid has started of with 10,000 agents and I
      am surprised that they have 400 cities at launch. Interesting indeed, I hope
      there banking service also go well the way they earned a great name for their cellular

      I went to
      Japan last week and saw some showrooms with a friend, who bought me a car on
      auction by doing payment via one mobile bank account and it took him less than
      a second for this transfer.

      What I do here and you do here is that you get the
      price of your car and spend loads of time in counting the hard cash which is
      the preferred medium of transfer. Hard Cash

      I think these
      telecom companies are doing pretty well but they are yet to have real needs and
      understanding proved, I being a Mobilink and Warid user, I will truth of them,
      if they can link my Bank Acc with my Mobile and also a separate account for
      online banking via mobile for my daily business needs, cant I do international transactions

      Can someone answer please, they way we do with our
      Visa Card online.

    • I think Easy Paisa has more charges, why and can
      Telenor user use this Mobile Paisa of Warid too, I hope this service starts

  • So Warid gets hold of Faisal Khan whom Telenor let go as their head of Easypaisa sales last year. The commission war is going to get worse though Warid unlikely to pull anything off with just 10k agents and Monet as their service provider. They will have to innovate if they are to succeed.

  • Sad, the only operator with strong bank support it throughout, is the last one to launch branchless banking. Just goes to show the lack of vision of the top management over the years.
    Will this in any way bring Warid out from the red? IMO, Warid is right on the edge, the Abu Dhabi group gets a good price, they are going to offload it.
    Will be better for the employees in the long term, atleast there will be some stability in the operations.

  • do you think anyone should trust warid with their money, the company has been robbed blind for years by its own employees and now they are gonna be sitting on your money. the first news on this will come from Warid having fraud all over the place. run away from this service, go to anyone else but these crooks

    • Do you mind mentioning one crook you faced Mr
      IP, I am using Warid for like 4 years and never had any issues, even not a single time, its perhaps the most transparent service in my experience.

      I think you are from rival company, doing negative propaganda here.

      If you have a real issue, you can reach [email protected]
      for any help as they supported me during my roaming in Eurpe last week.

  • warid is one of the best infect its the best network ever but marketing policies are very very week so i would say that best network with worse marketing policies.common warid its time to wake up now.In most of the towns and cities they even ddnt have franchise its extremely rubbish

    • The Mobile Paisa Ad is really awesome. I am gona try out this service for my bill payments

  • WoW, great News, i will now use Warid for money transfer.
    Many thanks for launching this service.

  • Well if i can pay my bills via Warid SIM, i would love to do that. There is every month hasstle to go to Bank for bills and its always time consuming.

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