Google Celebrates Pakistan’s 68th Independence Day with a Doodle


Continuing its customary annual traditions, Google has celebrated Pakistan’s 68th Independence Day with a doodle. Its the fourth consecutive year in which the tech-giant has posted one of its customized logos.

This year’s doodle is arguably the most elegant of the lot.

This year the inspiration comes from the amazing Pakistan Monument in Islamabad, which represents a blooming flower. Below the animated landmark lies the golden Google logo.

The monument in question represents the four provinces through its bigger ‘petals’, while the three smaller ones depict Azad Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan and the FATA. When looked from above, it depicts a crescent and star.

The glorious design of Pakistan Monument was presented by Arif Masood. It was completed in 2007 at an estimated cost of more than Rs. 580 million. Co-incidentally, Islamabad, the place where this landmark is located may also be the setting of a number of notable incidents later in the summer. We’re just saying.

In case you’ve forgotten, the last year’s doodle represented a Markhor, Pakistan’s national animal. Preceding that one represented the special bit of art you normally see in trucks and a rather commonplace green logo with an ‘L’ replaced by Minar-e-Pakistan. You can check those out below:

Google Doodle on 14th August, 2013


Google Doodle on 14th August, 2012


Google Doodle on 14th August, 2011


May Allah give us the capability to realize the importance of independence, and the responsibility which comes along with it.

Happy Independence day to everyone!

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