Mobilink Finally Launches 3G for Postpaid Users

Mobilink today announced the commercial launch of its 3G services for postpaid and business subscribers. With this, free 3G service that Mobilink postpaid customers were using for last few months will come to an end.

Mobilink, which got little late in launching 3G for postpaid subscribers, announced three different bundles for postpaid customers, while default tariff for data (without any bundles) is set at Rs. 18 per MB.

Check below the data bundles offered for Mobilink Postpaid customers:

  • 3G Monthly Mini – 3 GB Monthly limit: Rs. 500 per month
  • 3G Monthly Max – 8 GB Monthly Limit: Rs. 1,000 per month
  • 3G Out-bundle – 1 GB Monthly Limit: Rs. 200 per month
  • Pay as you go: Rs. 18 per MB, while charging pulse is 64 KB

How to Subscribe Data Bundles:

Subscribers can subscribe to 3G bundles by dialing *446# and selecting bundle of their choice. Alternatively, these bundles can also be subscribed by calling 111 or visiting nearest Business Center/ Franchise.

Upon bundle subscription, 3G service will be provisioned automatically.

Subscribers already having BB BIS can avail 3G services by subscribing to 3G BIS without any additional charges.

Terms & Conditions:

  • 3G bundles are consumable in 2G and 3G networks offering the best possible 3G speed in 3G network.
  • Above 3G bundles will be available for Mobilink postpaid individual subscribers only.
  • Only GPRS Package 3 can be subscribed with 3G bundles.
  • MBs allowance under 3G bundles can be consumed under both 2G & 3G networks. Therefore subscribers opting for 3G bundles will be shifted on to GPRS Package 3 (PayG without line rent). For example, if a GPRS Package 1 subscriber subscribes to 3G Monthly Max (8 GB @ Rs. 1,000), his GPRS Package 1 will be replaced with GPRS Package 3 and 3G Monthly Max. 8 GB allowance given in 3G Monthly Max will be consumable in both 2G & 3G networks.
  • Monthly Mini & Max bundles are pro-rated, while Out-Bundle is non-prorated.
  • Monthly Mini & Max bundles will be renewed automatically,  while Out-Bundle will not renew automatically.
  • Pay As You Go is a default rate. Subscriber will be charged at PKR 18/MB, with charging pulse of 64KB.
  • Data charges will not apply after data consumption of Rs. 2000 on Pay as you Go (FUP is applicable).

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  • Zaki Uddin

    Seems to be of good value!
    Good work Mobilink

  • Bilal Iqbal

    Post paid are little bit higher than prepaid. But telenor has revised the packages without updating web site.

    • zeeshan

      what has telenor changed to?

    • Fakhre Alam

      just asked telenor customer care. nothing changed

      • Bilal Iqbal

        Thx for checking. But I called help line where they told me about 600 line rent with 700 minute. 100 sms and 600mb 3g internet. But I will ask from telenor offic again to confirm. Because 600 line rent with 400 minuts. 400 SMS and 1500 mb internet is good package…

  • Atif

    @Aamir – Can you confirm the third package – 3G Out-bundle – ?
    As its not visible on their website here ( )

    Is there any difference of speed between the out-bundle vs the mini/max packages ?

  • Nadeem

    And what is the FUP limit?

    • Guest

      First use Google then comments the question..!! It stands for Fair Usage Policy.

      • Seriously

        Wow are you really that illiterate? He asked what the FUP limit is not FUP means.

  • test

    Just wait for one week you will have LTE of Warid

    • Muhammad Aamir

      After a week, October is on the way. :P

      • test

        September will last till next week ;-)


    3rd package is not available on Mobilink web site Rs. 200 for 1GB

  • Bilal Aahil

    Finally.. took them long enough

  • Khurram Shaikh

    What would be the position of postpaid subscribers who has normal 30 mb free data transfer or any other package ?

  • Abbas

    The 3rd package isn’t listed on the site or on the *446# number. confirm this please.

  • Poor Pakistani

    A Late night offer should be as well for prepaid customers.
    Unlimited downloading 1:00 AM to 9:00 AM.
    When majority of users asleep. It’s my suggestion to Mobilink

    • Bilal Iqbal

      Telenor have it. 1 to 8 . 500 mb. In data sim

  • Faisal

    For 999 package, can we use 1000 MB free data for 3G without subscribing to 3G bundle. OR 999 plus 500 for 3G usage.

  • babar

    After bundle consumption, telenor charge. 0.01 per 10 kb and bundles and packages are cheap and with more option.

  • Mohammad Yahya

    Mobilink 3G Speedtest Gujranwala, Handset LG G2

    • Abdul Hadi Mendha

      Mobilink 3G (H) Speed ??

    • Abdul Hadi Mendha

      Mobilink 3G (H) Speed ??

    • Abdul Hadi Mendha

      Mobilink 3G (H) Speed ??

    • Abdul Hadi Mendha

      Mobilink 3G (H) Speed ??

    • Abdul Hadi Mendha

      Mobilink 3G (H) Speed ??

  • Atif

    Either Mobilink is following Pakistan Electric Supply companies with excessive charging to its customers or there is some error in last months postpaid bills.

    I have received first 3G data bill for my Mobilink postpaid number. Conversion from KB to MB has been incorrectly done. As per my Mobilink bill 100kb is Mb which is very strange. Secondly data limit allowed in my pro 1800 plan has been charged against 3G data usage, which is against the published rate on Mobilink’s website. And above all I am following Mobilink Corporate Support for last few days in this regard; initially they were not understanding and in the end they said that concerned department is saying that there is no error without giving me any kind of explanation.

    I am sure all Mobilink postpaid customers using 3G in last month (after 22nd) has suffered with this excessive charging. I hope this message reaches some sensible person within Mobilink Management.