Zong to Launch its 4G Tomorrow!

Exactly like we reported earlier this week, Zong is now all set to launch its 4G services in Pakistan tomorrow, Saturday, the September 27th, 2014.

If sources are to be believed, Zong has purchased half page placement in all major newspapers of the country on the launch day. Company will also run heavy advertisements on TV as well as on the websites.

As we told you before, there Zong will mark the commencement of 4G services in Pakistan with a launch event in PC Hotel Karachi. This launch event might also include a musical show.


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Not to mention, Zong is already running a teaser campaign that hints about 27th September launch of Zong’s 4G, check below the advertisement:

While we don’t have any confirmations about the launch cities of 4G services, but we can confirm you that users in selected areas of Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Lahore will experience 4G services on first day of the launch. It merits mentioning here that Zong is already in process of delivering 4G compatible SIMs to the customers who have 4G compatible handsets.

Check below Zong SIM that is delivered to our friends at mega.pk

Zong SIM

4G Coverage footprint is going to be decidedly low. Imagine the kind of coverage we had for 3G networks on day one, 4G coverage will be only lesser than that.

If we may tell you frankly, don’t expect anything out of the proportion at once. 4G will take time to make its mark here. Considering that Zong is still in the early stages of 3G deployments, 4G rollouts will be slow, steady and long.

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    • Can you please tell how many 3G users you will get in small cities or villages?? and do you know k pury mulk mai kis kis operator ki coverage hai?

      Licence hai to launch ku na kary? Pehly wali kia baat hai?

      • well when it is launched in small cities villages only then will they know what it is and what are its benefits. and please dont give the impression that village people are JAHILS and ILLITERATES

        • My dear, you din’t get my point. Wohi baichary ghareeb log sirf piss rhy hain jin baicharoun ko abi pta nhi hay k internet or smartphone hota kia hay… ye sift corrupt govt officials ki karistani hai jiski wjha sy aj PAK my equality nhi hay.

          And now, ager ye soch lain k jab tk un areas mai basic services nhi aigi tb tk khi nhi aingi to it will be even more difficult for PAK to grow in global market on these issues. This is like ISB, LAHORE, Karachi mai leading clothing brands hain and small villages mai kam ka darzi b nhi hay… So, it’s all about EDUCATION.. taleem hogi to sb hoga.. taleem hogi to he achy leaders b awam chunay gi.. achy leaders aingy to he improvements b hongy…. bht afsoos hota pak k aisy areas aur unky logo k daikh k jo do waqt ki roti b nhi kha skty… smartphone aur internet to unki soch say b bahr hai… Like mr. usman said above… ye to wohi baat hogie k pehly pury mulk ko bijli dai do phir on kry koi… aisy nhi hota.. jha jha jo cheez apply ho skti hay wha honi chahey…

          And now people are talking k 4g k handsets he bht limited hain to kesy hoga… this is like jab 2g b nhi tha to hua tha sb kuch. 3g aya to log ab phone specs dekh k laity k k ‘bhai ismay 3g hai’. simple 4g aiga to sets b ajaingy…

  • as you all know i am super brains but even my super brain is stuck when i think about the use of LTE in smartphones because there are caps and highly priced packages so then what is the use of LTE in smart phones when you can use high speeds but only limited data seriously what is the high speed for when when you cant download large files on it. i think 3g 1MB should be enough for all phone users for youtube emails surfing etc. cellular operators need to only launch 4g if they can provide us with VoLTE and high speed internet with no caps and other benefits of 4g.

    • Dude let me give you a simple answer ! 3G/4GLTE is not for your home usage .. It is only provided for users who are travelling.. Imagine if you are travelling to Karachi from Islamabad on a bus and you have to urgently check your email.. I guess EDGE/GPRS will take alot of time to do so ! 3G/4GLTE has good speeds and then you can just do your email checking/reply in seconds..

      So appreciate what you are getting is worth it.. When there was no 3G/4GLTE then ppl said that our country is far behind and now they are complaining about caps.. Just check foreign countries and check their caps on 3G/4GLTE packages and you should come to know that Pakistan’s operators are giving maximum bandwidth !

      So Enjoy the new era ;)

      • Well Bro 4G LTE means wireless broadband it was invented because of huge data loads not for email checking. yeah i appreciate what we are getting but please know that pakistan does not have that many internet users like developed countries i think our operators should not follow any developed countries operators they have data needs while we still have to experience it.

        • Oh come on dude.. I said developed countries have less data compared to us .. ! anyways … :) Enjoy 4G tomorrow :)

        • They are a business and they need to make money to…well stay in the market. Do you have the same opinion about KFC/Roasters/Gloria jeans ? They should also lower their rates because 99% of the population cannot afford to dine there. As most people said, wait and the rates will drop.

  • I love zong 3g and what they are offering. Have switched to zong from ufone since 3g launch. But their deployment of 4G sims is deplorable. I have been waiting for 3 days after the call. Nothing!!! And customer services….whats that??

  • I don’t understand, that they can deliver 42mbps using high class of 3G packet data, and what i’ve seen that sometimes Zong goes to 18Mbps, they can provide full data rate of 42Mbps and say it 4G like PTCL is delivering 36Mbps and saying it 4G. By standards 4G speed should be above 100Mbps otherwise it comes under 3G standards.

  • So far only Telenor 3G is working fine inside home/rooms/kitchen….I checked Mobilink and zong 3G inside home… no one work… Well its in Peshawar. don’t know about other cities.

  • zong 3g covering the most parts of Faisalabad. frankly speaking here zong & telenor going exceptionally other two carriers like ufone n mobilink just fucking

  • Nawaz Sharif thinking about opting for 4G because he will need to download movies and songs after his downfall….Go Nawaz Go….

  • Its not difficult to deploy 4G service if you already have the infrastructure and backhaul capacity in a country like Pakistan,the problem with european countries is that there are alot of bureaucratic processes that slows down deployment.

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