3G Users in Pakistan Reach 2.5 Million

Newly announced 3G services are being used by around 2.5 million cellular subscribers in Pakistan till to date, told me a senior official of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

This number is grossly close to 3.35 million broadband users that were available in Pakistan before 3G services. If uptake remains the same, the number of broadband subscriptions in Pakistan is soon going to double in just 4-5 months after the auction of 3G and 4G licenses.

Not to mention, it took ISPs around 8 years (if not more) to take broadband subscription to 3.35 million mark.

While asking me to not to name him, the senior PTA man said that 3G adoption has been tremendous during early months considering the limited coverage from telecom operators in the country, the subscribers’ size of 2.5 million in short span of time is more than what they were originally expecting.

Regulator hopes that magnitude of 3G usage to increase exponentially with-in one year or so.

Official was skeptical about the active 3G subscribers and said that the figure of 2.5 million subscribers is derived through a definition according to which a cellular subscriber who has carried out a paid 3G data activity during last 90 days is considered a 3G user.

He said that this definition of active 3G user might change with time to come but for now — for a start — anyone with one 3G data activity with-in past 90 days should be considered a 3G user.

Just to add, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority will make public the stats about 3G users in few weeks.

In a related news, PTA is also in the process of finalizing its annual report for publication. We are not sure if we can get hold of the report before its official release, but we are definitely going to update you as soon as we get any update on it.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

      • This is the reason almost all ISP’s (incl. PTCL) have only 3.3x million broadband subscribers after 8 years (if not more).

      • Probably we are discussing wireless internet and we all know what bandwidth PeeTCL is offering with eVo devices.

    • You think?

      As much as we hate PTCL (including myself), PTCL is far from over. The amount of money they have earned in profits, and the tactical advantage they have in the form of Monopoly, they can crush their competition anytime they want.

      So why don’t they? Because 3G does NOT give Broadband any threat at all. As much I hate to admit it, but PTCL’s rates “Per MB” for broadband is still MILES cheaper than any average 3G/4G connection, or even a stupid EDGE/2G.

      SO NO. I wouldn’t day dream just yet about PTCL’s era coming to an end. It will end when it’ll receive neck to neck competition from a SIMILAR giant.

      • Please donot hate PTCL, as it does not have monopoly in bandwidth.For bandwidth, there are two competitors ie PTCL as well as Transworld.Most of 3G operators have taken bandwidth from Transworld so they are independent in offering their 3G/4G data volume packages which they are doing.

        • Isn’t Transworld offering its Fiber to Home broadband in a very very small area in Karachi only? So basically they are practically irrelevant, for now.

          However, if we are discussing solely “wireless providers” then yes i’d agree that competition is good (since PTCL’s wireless offerings are really not what they always boast).

          • Its international IP Bandwidth which is provided to wireless as well as wired networks.Its true that competition is in wireless because now there is stiff competition between cellular operators among themselves offering 3G/4G as well as with PTCL EVO.The advantage of this competition will go to users who will be the winners at the end.

    • such a dumb person. pandu log 3g use karnay walay. you cant compete with broadband because of download limit

  • It will be increasing if there exist more packages just like Mobilink from other operators for data hungry customers. PTCL is only good at wired broadband, their wireless EVO services are just pathetic. Chaarji being an expensive exception.

  • i am not happy with ptcl 1mb and ptcl not providing me at least 4mb net. waiting zong, warid and mobilink 4G and 3G services.

  • I’ve sold out my PTCL EVO WINGLE 9.3 because I got only 1 Mbps at the price of 9.3 Mbps, currently I am using ZONG 3G service and I am very happy with it, I got around 6 Mbps and the price is very affordable

    • i have wingle & i am fortunate if i get 256kbps other wise 5KB – 7KB with 90% signal.

      peee TCL

      i tested Telenor in my area it give 3Mbps on browsing & upto 5Mbps in downloading.

      Ufone 3G tooo expensive.

      • PTCL is finish dear, here is the screen shot of zong’s 3G speed, far far far better than PTCL
        Again I would like to say Thanks to 3G technology

    • How exactly is 3G affoardable, with its SEVERELY limited data plans? You do realize that with faster speeds, you are only going to deplete your maximum limit faster.

      • It depends on your usage dear i am using on my phone so 6GB is enough for me if you want to use on your laptop then you need at least 30GB data which cost 600 rupees on Mobilink 3G

        • Mobilink weekly 3G package is also very cheap Rs 60 per week.Means approximately 30 GB per month at rate of Rs260 per month.If these rates continue, I think 3G customers will cross 4 million figure at the end of this month.Growth will be exponential.

    • i have azadi package wingle and in past few months evo says to me recharge 1250 get 2500 balance and my past dues gone with this offer, but i never recharge wingle because 30GB limit.

    • Up to 9.3 Mbps means you will get speed between 0 Mbps and 9.3 Mbps. If they give speed of 9.4 Mbps then you can claim they are not giving what they promised. :D

      • But 1 Mbps on 1500 rupees, it’s too expensive, I am very happy with my 3G service, I don’t need PTCL anymore

  • Think about Azad Kashmir too… selfish Pakistanissss… It is not justice shown by u :( . . . No 3g in AK

    • 3G launched in Pak. AJK, as of speak now, is independant territory. It will be included in Pakistan IA when occupied Kashmir is freed from Endiya. However, raise ur concerns through ur elected government or Ministry of Kashmir Affairs.

      • Pakistaani operators are working in AK then y r u seperating us… So u r showing Kashmir is not a part of pakistan… Dissappointing
        Then y r u using our electricity…

      • JK is part of Pakistan and i think no sensible person would disagree from this fact and as for 3g/4g coverage is concerned, it is in its initial phases and currently being tested in major population areas.

        • :) bro you have a negative feeling. there is no such thing like AK & PK are two things.

          change your mind.

            • The above comment (against kashmiri) does not represent the average Pakistani mentality for Kashmiris. I strongly doubt that it was from a Paki national. Azad Kashmir is also part of Pakistan and the rest of Pakistan is proud of that. I love Kashmir.

              Nabeel from Lahore

            • O mere bhai. Ye kya shuru kr lia hai? Mera cousin Mirpur AJK me rhta hai aur me Jhelum. Mere ghar evo ki speed 60KB se oopr nhi aati aur usk ghar 300+ ati hai. Iska matlb hai me ye rona shuru kr doon k AJK me zyaada services hain lekn Punjab me nhi?

  • 3G is goin to grow faster.. but its not going to eliminate the need of a PTCL’s “broadband” services.. it be nice to see if ptcl decide to kick up there game to provide better speeds and services in coming months.. i do love a competition.

  • “anyone with one 3G data activity with-in past 90 days should be considered a 3G user.”

    Oh god… Has it been more than 90 days since the end of the free trial period?

  • Comparison between networks. For all who say Ufone is economical, kindly get out of Ufone and take a look at other networks. They’re far more economical and offer much better speeds than ”limited” broadband 3G Ufone. Only broadband has speed restrictions, which tbh doesn’t exist anymore in 1st world countries. It was a thing of 2005 – 2009.. Now the world has entered ”as much as your line can handle” speeds, and unlimited data. Ufone for one doesn’t provide ”how much you can achieve” speeds, as well as have data restrictions. After PeeeeTCL, Ufone will also RIP soon. Stop spreading false propaganda against Ufone, and start accepting the reality. Ufone’s 0.5 Mb/s (512 Kbps) is MORE expensive than the most expensive 3G network – Zong. Despite of Ufone having 5 MHz bandwdith as compared to Zong’s 10 MHz, and also restricting download speed.. They seriously think consumers have lost their minds… Their 0.5 Mb/s 3GB Data is the SAME price as Telenor’s Unlimited Speed 8GB data!?!?!

    • This speed is same as mobily saudi isp which on 4G also doesnt give more than 20 mbps I think they are doing same

    • u r using microsoft speed test it gives slow results as there is alot of delay in their server response. This is Zong 3g speed test connected to Qubee Karachi server. Use speedtest.net app.

      • they’re a bunch of bull crap, im facing the same issue for the past two months, i kept filing a complain but its still here, it costs me troubles in my job, now today i have ordered qubee, saying gudbye to pee tcl forever and ever

      • is your PTCL number a Copper number or a fiber optic number? If it is a Copper number then get it converted in fiber optic number.

  • Few points about broadband and 3g … Most of 3g users would be already broad band users just like me… Broadband is mostly used over WiFi by many users at once… Broadband has better and constant speed with larger data limit or unlimited in premium packages so 3g is and will be a 2ndry connection rather than default one… :)

      • 3G/4G is considered primary connection for broadband in most of countries.China Mobile, Zong parent company has 30 crore 3G connections(out of total 80 crore connections)in China.Such deep penetration of 3G is clear evidence of the fact that 3G is primary broadband connection not secondary.

        • Why should we include “most countries” in the argument when situation of Pakistan is clearly not the same with those “most countries”? China Mobile’s 30 crore 3G connections (out of total 80 crore) are IRRELEVANT here.

          Besides, the future ‘is’ wireless, so i’d agree with the notion that 3G/4G is (or will be, at least considered) a Primary Broadband in near future. But not because of its price, data plans, but because of the “convenience”. Because whatever you do, you can never beat the benefit of a “Wired broadband”.

          • Its true that 3G/4G is considered primary broadband connection because of its convenience and excellent data plans.It is added that wireless service is always considered hassle free because of its superior quality and there is no competition of it with wired one.

  • broadband wifi always consumes less battery than 3G
    so we will stay with PTCL at homes, and 3G is cool for outdoor!

  • Given how PTCL EVO/EVDO/Wingle/Nitro also works on the 3G band – wouldnt’ this “3G definition” also include such subscribers and inflate the actual figures of “cellular” 3G subscribers? Which I think would present the only reason to suspect why the official has sheepishly admitted that they may need to change the definition since paying 3G users is a good base measure to read the numbers by. Moreso since ProPakistani themselves reported a couple of weeks ago how telcos were embarrassed by the slow uptake of 3G given high price point and a lack of “environment” for 3G including availability of affordable 3G enabled phones (which had pushed phone companies and telcos to actively market their 3G and then 4G enabled handsets – Ufone doing one up by successfully launching a dirt cheap 3G enabled phone).

    IF this is not the case – then the more alarming alternative is true where either the telcos or PTA is cooking the numbers of 3G to present a case of successful 3G launch and secretly daggers are being drawn between the government and telcos.

    ProPakistani admins – a debate on this from your end?

  • I request from this forum for 3G and 4G LTE services in AJK all cellular operators are working there they should be given chance to operate with latest technologies. sco standard is very poor even GSM network is not up to require level.

  • At least two big cities of Kashmir (Mirpur and Muzafarabad) should have 3g by now… And then it should expand as now expanding in pak… As the same companies working here … 3g should be provided here…

  • I repeat it here that we do not need 3G, 4G and such things. We need low priced food, necessary health facilities and low priced educational facilities for every national.

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