RashanLelo.pk: An Emerging Online Grocery Store

Regardless of niches, Pakistani startups are bringing positive change in industry by creating opportunities of their own. Among prominent startups’ line, there comes RashanLelo.pk to our view that is offering its services for quite some time now.

To start with, RashanLelo.pk is an online marketplace that offers hassle free grocery shopping of your “Rashan” without even leaving your place.

The brain behind RashanLelo is Mr.Rizwan Ali; Computer Engineer by profession, who initiated this online marketplace with an aim to make it the most preferred platform to buy groceries online in Pakistan. Through this endeavor, RashanLelo.pk team has made it viable to give free home delivery of groceries & household supplies initially in Karachi with the minimum buying of PKR 5,000.

How it works?

To get started with grocery shopping, you just have to get yourself registered at RashanLelo.pk by providing email address and password. After registration, the process is few clicks away from going through your desired category to selecting your items and then adding the item to cart respectively.


Simultaneously with groceries, this online marketplace also offer items belonging to different categories like Oils & Ghee, Dairy Products like Butter & Cheese, Beverages like Soft Drinks & Energy Drinks, Snacks & Sweets, Organic foods, Cleaning Articles, Detergents, Soaps, Shampoos, Hair Oils, Toothpastes, Shaving Products, Deos, Perfumes & Talcs, Cosmetics, Baby Products, Baby Food & many more with affordable prices possible along with discounts offered in Karachi.

Moreover, with added facilitation for customers, this online grocery site offers Cash on Delivery with a plan to add Credit Card Payment service in near future. Along with one stop shop convenience, RashanLelo.pk wills to offer the best discounts & deals in Karachi, with over hundred of products to choose from as well as selecting the delivery time that suits customers’ requirements.

However, with provision of all goods in retail prices, this store provides best possible customer care with helpline to ensure satisfaction to whole extent.

  • Did someone even bother reading this article for grammar? ProPakistani should at least spend some effort in churning out well-written articles. TechJuice is far better at this. Extremely poorly written piece, this one.

  • I have just checked the prices. Its too expensive than other super stores like “imtiaz super market”.
    Tapal Family Mixture (950g) Price at Imtiaz Rs.505 while at Rashanlelo has Rs.665. Difference Rs. 160

    • jo mehinga lage wo na khareedo.. but don’t underestimate.
      people are already smart, like you, to compare prices before ordering until their trust is developed.

      • I didn’t underestimate. I just wanted to aware people that prices are high at their website.

        And its not about that single product its about almost all products specially Grocery Items.

        If I am letting people to know how they can save their hard earned money so what is wrong with it?

        • Nothing wrong with it to make people aware… but sometimes, people assume that everything will be costly and they don’t visit at all. Not good… I just want u to not make ur comment portray like this.
          Its good step by the Rashanlelo.pk. We should realize people, to visit the site as it bring things at their places, with no transport charges. Big relief…. We can say: be careful while ordering as some things may be costly.

          • We can’t control the perception of people. Like you took it negative first that I underestimating their efforts. Although I am too a shopaholic for online buying And I would appreciate if people come up with great online stores like darazpk and kaymu.pk But again their prices are higher than market price.
            While in indian online shops gives cheaper prices with great deals and offers.

            I wish they could drop down the prices and make lower margin on profit. Because people these days worries about the prices not about delivering the stuffs at their door step.

            While at Imitaz you can even order by phone and get your Groceries at your door step with No extra charges means FREE Delivery above Rs.2000 of purchase .

            • Dear Mr. Syed Ali Raza,

              First of all Thanks for your feedback, we really appreciate your comments, but I have some point to justify here.

              First of all the dynamics of this grocery market is different, there are few people who is doing ethical business, ALHAMDOLIALLAH, We are one of them as we have to faced Allah and I will go in my grave so I believe ethical and moral work other than negative/unethical work.

              At this forum I assure you all that the items and products which we are providing are 100% FRESH, ORIGINAL & HIGH QUALITY along with 100% accurate quantity. There are many people who purchased quality products and you know that Original/high quality products always charge high prices as compare to bogus quality products. In addition, there are so many things which I can disclose here, yes the hidden facts about the bogus/ fake product, the unethical profit earning
              procedure of well renowned marts. But I do not believe on blame game. But
              please visit the following links; you will get the answer of your queries.



              Secondly, we are start-up and I want to say thanks to all Pakistanis who support the truth and new talent who are eager to work ethically. At this stage I want to again assure you all that sooner or later you will see the huge price differences in our product in future, as we are growing MASHALLAH, and companies are now offering discounts on quantity purchase which we will carry forward to customer InNSHALLAH.

              In last but not least, I request you all kindly support the right work and right people, who are participating in the development of the better Pakistan and healthy society.

              Awaiting your valuable feedback.


              Syed Rizwan Ali


    • obviously they have to take their own profit so online shopping is always going to be expensive. better to burn petrol and buy from real shops than virtual ones

  • Mr. saliraza i think imtiaz bhi yahi karta hai kuch k rate low kardayta hai aur kuch k buhat zada aur expiry bhi hotay hain imtiaz k

    • Sirf yeh hi nahi, a tv channel sting operation once revealed that their packaged goods did not contain the right weight as disclosed.

  • Great initiative by some friends of mine. Obviously people should see whether the total cost of their shopping is adequate to justify the saving of hassle of visiting the superstore, loading and unloading and overall time lost.

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