RashanLelo.pk: An Emerging Online Grocery Store

Regardless of niches, Pakistani startups are bringing positive change in industry by creating opportunities of their own. Among prominent startups’ line, there comes RashanLelo.pk to our view that is offering its services for quite some time now.

To start with, RashanLelo.pk is an online marketplace that offers hassle free grocery shopping of your “Rashan” without even leaving your place.

The brain behind RashanLelo is Mr.Rizwan Ali; Computer Engineer by profession, who initiated this online marketplace with an aim to make it the most preferred platform to buy groceries online in Pakistan. Through this endeavor, RashanLelo.pk team has made it viable to give free home delivery of groceries & household supplies initially in Karachi with the minimum buying of PKR 5,000.

How it works?

To get started with grocery shopping, you just have to get yourself registered at RashanLelo.pk by providing email address and password. After registration, the process is few clicks away from going through your desired category to selecting your items and then adding the item to cart respectively.


Simultaneously with groceries, this online marketplace also offer items belonging to different categories like Oils & Ghee, Dairy Products like Butter & Cheese, Beverages like Soft Drinks & Energy Drinks, Snacks & Sweets, Organic foods, Cleaning Articles, Detergents, Soaps, Shampoos, Hair Oils, Toothpastes, Shaving Products, Deos, Perfumes & Talcs, Cosmetics, Baby Products, Baby Food & many more with affordable prices possible along with discounts offered in Karachi.

Moreover, with added facilitation for customers, this online grocery site offers Cash on Delivery with a plan to add Credit Card Payment service in near future. Along with one stop shop convenience, RashanLelo.pk wills to offer the best discounts & deals in Karachi, with over hundred of products to choose from as well as selecting the delivery time that suits customers’ requirements.

However, with provision of all goods in retail prices, this store provides best possible customer care with helpline to ensure satisfaction to whole extent.