Microsoft to Get Rid of Nokia Brandname Once and for All

After hinting it for months, Microsoft has finally announced that the Nokia name would be dropped out, once and for all.

After limiting the Nokia Lumia tagline to simply “Lumia”, Microsoft has announced that the name would be further messed with to “Microsoft Lumia”. With Microsoft moving towards a single-unified “Windows”, this step might eventually be a part of that long-term goal.

Recent times have already seen a shift from the to Microsoft Mobile Devices website in a number of countries and similar measures will be observed in the coming few days in social media networks too. The branding has also bid farewell to the traditional Lumia specific apps.

Of course, Nokia the company as we know it exists. It now focuses on its mapping and infrastructure providing-services. As a part of its deal, it won’t be making Smartphones for a few years to come.

Lumia brandname remains a major force in the Windows Phone market. With a 90% market share, it is Microsoft’s key in the smartphone market against Google and Apple, however, not all efforts can be concentrated towards it as that would polarize other partners.

Progress has been slow in recent months for the OS, with the hard-earned market share now falling back down and hardly any new phones announced, though, HTC did announce its Windows Phone version of One (M8) during this time period.

We still don’t know whether Microsoft will go as far as putting its name and logo on every Nokia device out there. However, the move may not work out in some regions as it might in others, as in places like South Asia and Africa the Nokia brand still accounts for a lot. In such cases, Microsoft will have difficulty finding success and that’s an area it must work on.

  • i don’t like it, “Microsoft Lumia” is not that attractive, Windows Lumia or Lumia was way better option

  • I would like to see windows logo on coming windows phone and windows phone 8.1 is awesome, good job Microsoft

  • I would rather they changed their firmware to android.
    Widows firmware has a lot of restrictions this is why Nokia is failed.
    Nokia/ window best hardware with worst firmware for cheap rate.
    No launcher no theme no offline firmware no custom ROM
    No offline apps no 3rd party keyboard and many more things.
    I have bought windows phone once and decided not to buy again until it’s firmware is changed.

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