Hackers Are Openly Selling Pakistani Mobile Phone Users’ Data on Internet

How depressing it can get if you come to know that your mobile phone number, home address, CNIC number and various other sensitive and private information is being sold online for just few pennies?

Yes, its not only depressing but utterly shocking to know the fact that there are few individuals who have compiled the data of millions of Pakistani mobile phone users and they are freely selling this database in the open over internet.

Each record in the leaked database includes individual name, CNIC, mobile phone number, home address, etc.

Available for just few thousand rupees, you just have to input the mobile phone number to get the entire details of any individual.

We are yet to ascertain the source of this leaked data or the organization that was responsible for the leak, but it in the hands of those hackers now who would re-sell this information for mere few thousands.

We are also not aware of the number of individuals who are enlisted in this database, but sellers claim that millions of Pakistani records are saved in the database.

Just if you are curious, individuals’ data can be retrieved by inputting mobile number, CNIC or address.

Here’s sneak preview of the details of Mr. Saad Rafique, a renowned politician, whose record was available in the leaked database:


Mujahid Sheroze, who is directly aware of the individuals selling this database online — and who tipped us with the information — has committed to help law-enforcement agencies to get the culprits behind the bars.

Mujahid said that he’s willing to help LEAs in any capacity to make sure that such sensitive data is not only secured, but those who are selling it are made an example for any future outlawry.

We have repeatedly emphasized about web security and the need for hardening our private and government sector web-servers. This data leak is apparently the result of a poor security, be it the web security or other data security measures that our organizations employ to protect data.

We assume that this will get only more serious with time — just imagine if banking records are made online someday — and we have to start taking our data security more seriously before our next nightmare is realized in-front of our eyes.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Guest

    To kia huwa karnay do leak Sanu ki… :-)

    • Nabeel

      Dear, don’t take it seriously but think for a moment. If the number of any of your female family member (sis,wife,daughter,cousin etc.) gets leaked and some stalker gets hold of the information, would it not be a concern for you and a point to worry about ?

      • Guest

        You are not safe in Pakistan also, jab yahan kisi jaan ki qadar nahen hai to information leak honay ya na honay se kia farq parta hai.. :-)

        • Bohot farq parta hay agar farq ka pata ho.

        • Yasir Gilani

          You have no idea sanu-ki guy. Hope you won’t have to learn the importance of privacy the hard way.

          • Guest

            And also he don’t know what the Holy Quran says about the privacy!

        • jawad

          guest bhai aap ye kahna chah rahy hain kay no one is safe here and when no one is safe here we should sueside. This is exectly what your “wise” comment means. Well before making an atempt you can bring joy to those hackers, ie by giving your data your self to them.

      • Bilal Iqbal

        I could realize this threat years back when i was in telenor and all family numbers are registetd with me and other male members…;) be smart. Be safe

    • Guest

      You’re a super idiot!

  • Mir Ali Naqi Talpur

    disgusting… where the heck is PTA???

    • Cruise

      Busy making money, where else?

      • Mir Ali Naqi Talpur

        no let me correct you they are busy deploying filters for blocking porn websites |:

        • PeeDroid MiNi L100

          Times Are Hard Now A Days Boy!!

      • Guest

        oh well maybe PTA is busy deploying filters to block websites :P

      • rhhassan

        haha nahi woh log youtube ko band rakhnay mai busy hain :P

    • ScarletCrimson

      Twiddling their thumbs.

    • no need to shout, these data are being leaked by their own employees

    • Guest

      yr 36 GB ka database meray pass b hai :P kisi b number ki details mil jati hain :P :P

      • Mohammad Rizwan Haider Baloch

        ager waqae apke pas database hy to please tell me detail of 03436222006

      • Waqas

        contact me please at [email protected]

      • Abdul basith Mirrayes

        Tell me more plz

      • Pakistan

        the database that u have is no more Worthiness to show valid data of any one after bio metric system

    • blackdivine

      Banning sites :P

  • Kashif Bashir

    Sirf warid ka data available ha (as far as i know) wo bhe 2007 sy pehlay ka. ap google kr lo easily mil jae ga aur kisi company ka nhe ha aur na he warid ka latest data available ha. obviously warid/call center employee responsible

    • no need to shout, these data are being leaked by their own employees

      and sub ka hai data till 2012

    • Shahid

      Not Only warid, aik hee software mai sab companies ki option hai. 2010 or 2011 tak ka data hai and ye kisi mobile company se leak nahi hua, kuon k mobile company mai sirf 1 company ka data ho ga. Ye data PTA ki taraf se leak hua hai, jinn k pass sab companies ka data hota hai

    • Pakistan

      its not valid now

  • Stone

    Old news I think, this was reported to PTA back in August by all operators from what I know and was taken care of. Even if this particular guy has data, it must be old data that was already available.

  • Wow! That is immense.. Seriously Immense! :-O

  • shujaswati

    which software/site is it?

  • IrfanAmir

    we are paying taxes for lawlessness!!

    • guest

      yes of course we’re paying tax, wo be rana sana jese ghundo ki jaibein bharne kr liye aur awam ko us khanzeer k ghundo se qatl krwane k liye

  • Ameer Hamza

    To be honest .. it is just a matter of few seconds to extract this information … thousands of pakistani websites are vulnerable to hacking .. moreover these websites hold such data … the real culprits are those who collect data and do not save guard it ..

    • mariaabbaxiag

      please tell me how i hacked the number

  • mohsinraja

    koi mari b detail nikal dy , hahaha,yah pr site he bta do kdr sa data niklta hai

  • Rafay Baloch

    It is being sold since past few years, the problem is that GSM networks have kept all the data on internet facing websites and worst unencrypted. We all have been aware of all of these websites being vulnerable to SQL injection in past and ofcourse which allowed attackers to keep backdoor access on the webserver and hence getting hold of the latest updated dump. The same has been the case with ptcl, suprememe court and other government websites.

    You know what would happen next, Law enforcement agencies would arrest people who downloaded the data from the internet and were not the cause of the leak. Instead Government should focus on securing the data present in cloud.

    • Pakistan


  • Mansab Chaudhry

    This database is circulating in Online Black market since 2013 , This Database contains numbers which are registered before June 2012…

    • Tayyeb Sheikh

      Agreed with Mansab Ch. This news if OLD for us :p

      • CyberPolice

        Can you please explain online black market? torrents? websites?

        • Tayyeb Sheikh

          Tussi Cyber police wale ho Appay Labbo. Google Search karo Hazar Websites mil jaye gi aur agents bhi jo Mobile Data Sale kar rhy hein :)

    • Pakistan

      after bio-metric this DB is not working… i had have one.

  • Alif Anaar

    Bhaio jab NADRA ka data ek cd mein Rs. 250 mein karachi ki markets mein sale ho raha ho jo kisi bhi nation ka sab se ziada secret data hota he to phir ye mobile database se kia farq parta he???? Rs 25,000 mein pak ki nationality sale ho rahi he. problem ye he keh hamare logon mein ehsaas mar gia he or yehi ehsaas apko haram or halal mein farq kerwata he. yar olx per ad aey hotey hen keh kisi bhi company k number ki details sirf kuch paison mein hasil karein. esa sensitive data company employee khud leak kerte hen or market mein sell out kerte hen. kia kisi pakistani security agency ne is per koi step lia he???? esa america mein hoa hota to ab tak FBI ne uthal pathal macha deni thi hamari FIA illegal gateway pakarne mein lagi he or maaon behnon k data ki bolee lagi hoi he. EHSAAS mar gia he :'(

    • Bilal Iqbal

      R u serious… nadra has a whole dataware house containing tera bytes of data in encrypted form and tetadata is partnered for handling this huge amount. It was only a joke about CD …

      • bhai g – this data can be partially .

        • Bilal Iqbal

          A single CD and NADRA data…lol

          • Tayyeb Sheikh

            Agreed with you. This guy is a Dump :p

            • Naeem ur Rehman

              one 8.5GB DVD9 can save 10200547328 english letters i am sure it’s more than enought to store address and info of id cards of every pakistani

      • @disqus_8SMJLPKmdJ:disqus they already sold out our data to CIA and FBI.
        Thanks to musharraf.

  • Nadeem Pinsota

    Don’t worry brethren. Our country has everything on sale. If the cellular companies can sell preactivated sims, data can also be.

  • Helper

    You can tell this to Cyber Crime Wing ( NR3C) FIA at [email protected] , for action.

  • You are very late Admin – there are many facebook groups that are selling these data and REcord till 2012.

  • Syed Waqar Hussain


    Its time consider the development of some policies and procedures regarding cyber crime. Awareness also need to be spread to the nation, so people like “Sanu ki” can have an idea about its impacts and implications.

    Privacy of data is so much important. Just due to leak of mobile numbers we receive lot of spams in a day. God forbids what they can do with other information like CNIC and addresses.

  • umer

    yar mera pass hai sara data google pai search karo sb kch mil jata hai 25 sa 30 gb ka data hai

    • faizan


  • Obaid Saeed Mirza

    Amir bhai i also had that data
    And we had private conversation on that
    Its not a secure data at all

  • Karsus

    This kind of stuff and problems with identity theft are a pain all over the world.

  • Nasir Javed

    why my comment is still pending????

  • Amanat Ali

    یہ خاصی پرانی بات ہوگئی ہے اب تو۔ میں نے ماہنامہ کمپیوٹنگ کے دسمبر ۲۰۱۳ء کے شمارے میں اس حوالے سے اداریہ لکھا تھا۔ یہی نہیں بلکہ ایف آئی اے سائبر کرائم سیل کو بھی اس کی اطلاع دی گئی تھی۔ لیکن انہوں نے کاروائی کرنے کے بجائے ہمارا ہی بندہ حاضری کے لئے بلا لیا۔ اداریہ اس ربط پر دیکھا جاسکتا ہے:

  • nida

    plz contact me,,sms me,,03207169030
    i m nida frm lhr,,

  • CyberPolice

    To help out LEAs we all should mention here email addresses, websites, phone numbers, advertisements, shops etc who sell mobile subscribers or NADRA data. Talking in general will not help much.

  • Mohammad Rizwan Haider Baloch

    can anyone tell current details of this number 03436222006

  • Imran

    This is nothing you can get call details of any number easily, and if you pay you can get access to their CRM

  • Faizan

    Last 4 digists of khuwaja saad rafique number are correct so it makes total sense.

  • Guest

    kn sale kr rha hai…Humy ly do

  • where to buy this DB ? :P

  • Umar Pal

    Rs. 500 mein bikti hai privacy in Pakistan. Its an unfortunate but honest truth.

  • Ghazanfar Ali Khan

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    The user number will be provided when contact on http://[email protected]

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