Mobilink Unveils its Prices for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Mobilink today announced that it has partnered with Apple to launch Apple iPhone 6 series in Pakistan.

As a result of this partnership, customers can now pick up an iPhone 6 of their choice from selected Mobilink Business Centers across Pakistan.

Mobilink said that all iPhones purchased from Mobilink will be come with 3G data services free of cost for a period of 6 months.

Wasif Mustafa, Head of Marketing Mobilink commenting on the launch said:

Mobilink’s partnership with Apple is an ideal combination for voice and data users in Pakistan as this partnership extends an opportunity of renewed technology experience on the country’s largest and most robust mobile internet network.

This partnership manifests Mobilink’s strategy of introducing the latest technology for its customers and opens new vistas for future partnerships and alliances between the two organizations.

I am confident that our customers will benefit from Apple’s official representation in Pakistan and enjoy Mobilink’s high-speed 3G internet services on the latest iPhone series.’’


Starting tomorrow, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will be available on all Mobilink business centres in the country.

iPhone 6 Prices with Mobilink:

IPhone 6 series is available on all Mobilink Business Centers with a starting price of PKR 81,499.

  • iPhone 6
    • iPhone 6 16GB: Rs. 81,499
    • iPhone 6 64 GB: Rs. 93,499
    • iPhone 6 128GB: Rs. 105,499
  • iPhone 6 Plus
    • iPhone 6 Plus 16GB: Rs. 93,499
    • iPhone 6 Plus 64GB: Rs. 105,499
  • Free Bundle: With iPhone 6 Purchases, you can get 6 months of free 3G data

  • Shaykh ul Islam Tahir ul Qadri

    81,499 ka sirf ek mobile? Itny paiso main ek inqalab aa gaye ga…

    • Crumb

      Please do not comment especially if its not even funny. Impersonation without wit is nonsense.

      • Shaykh ul Islam Tahir ul Qadri

        app ko apna sense nhi hai? nonsense

        • Crumb

          Can anyone tell me what does this dimwit even mean here? From my two sentences, only the word “nonsense” made sense for you. You did not understand rest of it.

          • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

            check his name you will understand why he understands only nonsense

  • Geekpk

    80,000 ka 4.7” 720p display phone. :/

    • Pro

      Yar ap 1080p TV le leyn?

      • Geekpk

        Im comparing it with Note 4 and LG G3.

        • Devil

          ahan? why even compare? people can buy what they want with their OWN money. Why do people get all worked up when somebody buys an iPhone?

      • Shaykh ul Islam Tahir ul Qadri

        1080p TV jaib main aa jata hai?

  • Agha Raheem

    “Angoor Khattaayy Haiinn” comments in 3…2…1

    • Haris

      Hahaha (Y)

  • Mubashar Saleem

    @ammir Why facetime is banned in Pakistan?
    P.S. It’s written on mobilink’s Iphone page.

    • Qadeer Chaudary

      i dont know about mobilink but it is not banned in Pakistan

    • Mohammed Farooq

      It Depends on the carrier if they want to ban facetime or not & apple provide 2 kinds of phones.1 Facetime is enable all the time no one can block. 2. Another iphone which it depends on carrier if they block faceetime will disapear.

  • Omer ilyas

    Crumb let him say what ever he want to say let him use his right of expression & btw he is making sense if you use your senseless empty brain

  • Technocrz!

    For this much price its useless to buy phone from these carriers when the FaceTime is also blocked, i guess gray market will stay long.

  • Bilal Aahil

    interesting prices, at least now we can have some sort of warranty on Iphones in case your unit is not working.
    and about ppl crying over the high price, just swallow it, It’s Iphone ..brand power man, it rules.

  • Shoaib

    Amazing offers by Mobilink at a time when their 3G customers have crossed 2 million figure approximately.

  • Does it matter

    Do they have Face Time?

  • Mobile

    Wow, great , but Telenor offer cheap iPhone 6 price wise.

  • Syed Aqib Shah

    its only a luxury or so called status symbol….by specs other phones are way better