Samsung Galaxy Alpha and Note 4 Are the First Phones with Corning Gorilla Glass 4

If you own a Galaxy Note 4 or Alpha by any chance, you’re in for a surprise: your phone is the world’s first with the new Gorilla Glass 4. The new iteration of the toughened glass is just 0.4mm thick and about 1/4th thinner than before.

It’s also much stronger, about twice as strong as competition. Not a sapphire-beater but still can take quite a few hits to the ground before giving up. In actual testing, it survived around 80 percent drops on rough surface when dropped from a meter’s height.

“Corning spends a great deal of time collaborating with Samsung to recommend solutions that will continually improve their device design and performance. Device makers want to go thinner without sacrificing damage resistance. Samsung is not only meeting these requirements, but is on the cutting edge of smartphone design. The Galaxy ALPHA is the culmination of our close collaboration with Samsung”, said Corning.

This technology has also helped in making phones thinner. The Galaxy Alpha, announced in August, is just 7mm wide. The Note 4 a bit fatter at 8.5mm. Though what made Samsung not announce this at the time of the phone’s official launch is still not known.

  • Just got the alpha in gold two days back!
    Alhamdulilah so far i have been loving it ! No wonder the screen looks gorgeous and ithe phone’s benchmark score is great !!!!

        • Well for both of u guys i would just say that plzzzz first read the msg carefully and then my msg i never linked the glass to the performence, better get your conjunctions right and improve ur comprehending skills, there is something that we say as ^and^ which is used to join sentences .No wonder our nation is so behind koz ppl like u are more interested in proofing others wrong than accelarating their stagnant growth !!!

        • Dear one, it’s his comment on the phone that he has got. not on the corning gorilla glass 4 itself. despite of his comment being mostly unrelated to the main subject, it is still appropriate as Galaxy Alpha being the major highlight of the article.

          • I guess ppl dont know how to read.
            His comment is clearly on the overall performence of the phone !! But yeah we pakistanis always want to criticise !!!!!

      • Bhai pehlay english sekhoo and then speak ! What makes u feel that i related the glass ioth its performence ! There is something in eng that we call “conjunctions* ; learn them ! They will rely help you.

        Salman qureshi this msg is for u to

        • Not to get into a lexical argument or anything but kindly don’t teach me on conjunctions. I bet, to every person who reads your comment after the article it looks as if you are correlating Corning Gorilla Class 4 with benchmark scores. Well, you shouldn’t have used that peppery ‘No wonder’ before your last sentence if you meant to glorify your phone’s specs.

          • Welll thats so bad that without reading other ppl’s comment you started a bet! Ppl like ali and zubair were quite sensiblr to understand what i meant ! I guess thats the best answer for you !

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