Mobilink Pays Tribute To Spirit Of The Nation

Mobilink has released a tribute video for all those who no longer with us.

We need all the good things we can find in these dark times and it’s nice to see Mobilink stepping forward to remind us of the spirit that this great nation possesses. The video is unaired on TV on major networks but expect to see it soon.

Talal is a Director at ProPakistani. Reach out at [email protected]

  • I watch it on a TV channel today evening. It’s good to support in each and every possible way to share our condolence with the victim families. Good job Mobilink.

  • The irony is evident. Telcos (including Mblnk) which are responsible for the sale/spread/availability of unregistered and srolen sims, are condoling deaths they helped cause indirectly?

    Even with biometric system, they dont show us their computer screen. How do we know that they did not copy our prints for later use? Or activated more than one number when we requested only one? Just trust them?

    • Telcos are not to be blamed for what is happening due to sims it is gov responsibility to make laws and make these telcos to obey the laws of the country and then if telcos go out of their limit they should be punished or finned heavily. We have PTA who is authority to look over the telcos and see what it is doing blocking YouTube and other childish stuff.

      A friend of mine has worked on the sim registration method of telcos. he says each and every telco has NADRA database stored in their system to avoid sim registration charges which gov has imposed. so you can think how these hacks are created to save as much money as possible……….. Whenever telco send user data to NADRA and as feedback NARDA tells telcos whether data is valid or not telcos save that feedback and use it for later purpose so in other way telcos are saving NADRA record illegally………… Gov is sleeping and Sim data info and NADRA database is being sold in CDs and DVDs :(

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