Aruuz: A Great Tool For Urdu Poets

Have you found yourself even remotely indulged in Urdu poetry? Have you also considered composing something on your own? Perhaps, you have continually struggled to pursue that interest due to the complications involved in Urdu poetry?

If the answer to all those is in the affirmative, rest assured that the chances of your success are brighter than ever before. A new website called Aruuz, by a PhD student, Sayed Zeeshan Asghar can really turn the tide in your favor.

At this point you might be wondering how a website could make a poet out of you. That’s really the beauty of the computer algorithms embedded within the software. These allow the calculation of the meters (commonly referred to as behr/wazn) of a given verse in Urdu language.

Aruuz allows you to calculate the wazn of any Urdu poetry verse

The fact that this website is a bit of a revelation in Urdu poetry is definitely worth all your appreciation. Efforts have been made on the past but nearly all have been in vain. Also, it’s interesting to note that the word “aruuz” quite neatly translates to prosody in English language.

Now comes the part to put this into practice: you simply head here in order to input the Urdu verse whose meters you need calculated. The meters are promptly displayed upon the input. That’s not all; the software even displays poetry by the most renowned poets such as Faiz, Meer, Ghalib and Iqbal that somewhat relate to the specific meter. In case the specified verse conforms to no meter whatsoever, the software displays suggestions so you may correct it accordingly. Here’s an example for your understanding. Say, for instance, we’ve got this well known verse by Ghalib that is not so well known to us:

Naqsh faryadi hai kis ki shookhi-e-tehreer ka

Kaaghazi hai pairahan har paikar-e-tasveer ka

Simply click the following link and witness the magic:

As you can probably tell, the idea behind this website is to assist budding poets in understanding the prosody in Urdu poetry. The traditional way is to read a number of books and practice along th way. However, this can prove to be a sure short way of draining that interest given the amount of content contained within those books.

On the contrary, this website can not only act as aid for research academies but also for laymen merely wishing to know if a verse even qualifies as one. It is impressive to note that the team of volunteers has already uploaded the entire Deevan-e-Ghalib along with the relevant prosody information.

The absolutely best part about it all is that the website is completely free of cost. It has been designed for the benefit of public and it would stay that way. Wait no further, let out the poet in you.

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