Top 5 Websites For Jobseekers in Pakistan

It’s clearly not easy going hunting for jobs in this harsh economy. The kind of challenges that await can often be unprecedented. Typically, they begin with the quest of choosing the right portal to search for the ideal job. These five websites will hopefully take you one step closer to accomplishing this otherwise daunting task.


Rozee enjoys an exalted standard as Pakistan’s #1 job website with plenty of nationwide vacancies advertized each day. Invested in by founders of renowned companies such as CISCO, PayPal and LinkedIN, Rozee offers a united front for employers and potential employees. Exclusive MoUs allow Rozee deep integration with renowned HEC universities.



BrightSpyre operates on the primary aim to connect talented people with available opportunities. The folks at BrightSpyre continually look to enhance conection between employers and potential employees. There is a simple process for employers to hire people without having to put pen to paper. Users have easy access to vacancies from all over the country using their computers and/or smartphones.



Bayrozgar offers a common platform for employers and potential employees from all over Pakistan. It offers users an opportunity to sift through a wide variety of vacancies before choosing which ones suits their needs. It is an equally beneficial opportunity for employers to pick talent that fulfills their exacting standards. Simply sign up and take it from there.



Mustakbil embarked on its journey to assist jobseekers find jobs back in 2004. Like other platforms, it provides a single platform to employers and potential employees to look for exactly what they seek. The easy to use interface makes the hunt convenient for users. This online venture of a Pakistani IT firm ‘TechnoBird’ continues to strive for a better online experience for job seekers.



TalentHunters attaches great importance with individuals and believes that its them that play a key role in ensuring an organisation’s success. It connects talented people with employers from a number of renowned organizations. The international practices adopted by the consultancy firm helps it to provide the perfect match for the human resource needs of the clients.


Honourable mentions:

  • It seems this article has been written to provide links for SEO purpose to some low traffic websites mentioned in the list; as several better and high traffic websites are not mentioned. Please do not misdirect people just for the sake of links.

    • You are totally unclear and misdirected yourself on what you are saying there. The websites in those list are well known and frequented by millions.
      Please avoid trolling websites like this if you dont have anything healthy to contribute.

      • Millions? Well Known? LOL :) How many of us have heard about talenthunters-com-pk, roziroti-pk or jobspk-com? Even brightspyre-com is now a shadow of its past glory. For your reference, the following is the actual list of top 10 most visited JOBS websites in Pakistan:

        1. rozee-pk (Overall Rank 44 in Pakistan)
        2. paperpkblog-com (Originally paperpk-com) (Overall Rank 64 in Pakistan)
        3. bayt-com (Overall Rank 241 in Pakistan)
        4. dailypaperpk-com (Overall Rank 300 in Pakistan)
        5. mustakbil-com (Overall Rank 301 in Pakistan)
        6. jobz-pk (Overall Rank 310 in Pakistan)
        7. pakistanjobsbank-com (Overall Rank 327 in Pakistan)
        8. jobsalert-pk (Overall Rank 334 in Pakistan)
        9. mihnati-com (Overall Rank 352 in Pakistan)
        10. indeed-com-pk (Overall Rank 479 in Pakistan)

        (Overall Rank is from ALL TYPES of websites in Pakistan, like google-com, facebook-com, etc.)

        This list is from Alexa. Without going into the details, Alexa is not perfect, but at least you have some measure of web traffic in relevance to each other.

        Now please tell me, what should I consider if someone is including brightspyre-com (Rank 1520), bayrozgar-com (Rank 722) and talenthunters-com-pk (No rank at all, really!) in top 5 websites, but he is not including paperpkblog-com (Rank 64, the closest rival of rozee-pk in terms of web traffic), bayt-com (Rank 241), jobz-pk (Rank 310), pakistanjobsbank-com (Rank 327) and mihnati-com (Rank 352) even in the Honourable Mentions list?

        To summarize and simply for you, Pakistan’s 2nd and 3rd most visited job websites (paperpkblog-com and bayt-com) are not mentioned at all, among other discrepancies.

        In my original post, I said “It seems this article has been written to provide links for SEO purpose to some low traffic websites mentioned in the list; as several better and high traffic websites are not mentioned”. I used the words “some” and “several”. I hope you understand their meanings. I never said “all” of the websites in these lists are low traffic.

        I am into SEO and I am well aware why people write such posts, especially when there is no “nofollow” attribute in any of the links.

        I think this should be enough for you if you are ready to accept the truth.

    • Just because you didn’t get a reply or you weren’t relevant enough for the position doesn’t mean Bayt doesn’t send the CV to the employer. Employers would stop posting there otherwise. Wise up dude.

      • First of all thank you for replying after 2 years on my comment!
        Secondly if you have some examples from your friends who got reply/job from Bayt do let me know.

  • Bayrozgar is 100% fake site. Saw WalMart Canada Ad that was asking emails to be sent to a ”” address

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  • jobspk that you have mentioned is not the correct one. the name of that site is jobz-pk

  • bayt is no good.. i once purchased its pro account as well. Never ever got any response. Rozee is good but now they are also after money trying to impose limits on normal account.


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