Lahore to Get Thousands of CCTV Cameras for Fool Proof Security

Lahore is on track to get equipped with thousands of CCTV cameras at some 1800 places in the city to make sure that law-enforcement agencies are able to keep the city under the monitor, we have checked with sources.

Similar CCTV cameras (in thousands) are also planned for Islamabad and Peshawar, however, Lahore will be the first city get CCTV cameras deployed.

A project that was planned in April 2014 and intended for execution during last quarter of 2014 got delayed due to various reasons. However, it is now clear that government has geared up to get the work done.

Sources say that Punjab Government has spared some Rs. 18 billion for the project. They also tell us that this is going to be one of the largest CCTV camera network deployed in Pakistan and many multi-national companies have already shown their interest for the setup of CCTV camera network.

Government is intending to get the CCTV cameras connected through fiber optic that is laid in the city. According to our information, already installed CCTV cameras in Lahore — which are private and individuals’ property but facing public places — might also be included to the network to increase the accessibility.

While its too early to get you any time frame for completion of the project, one thing is certain that this step will greatly help in reduction of street crimes, dubious activities on top of blocking terror attacks.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • I have missed feelings about this. While this would be really good for security, it also has the potential to be abused by the government (public surveillance etc)

  • Ali

    Koe Govt, ko khae k setup karna k bad secure b kar lay, warna faeda ke jaga nuqsan ho jana ha,

    • Raja Maja

      WOW aap ka mashwara Govt ko 1 Billion ka parrayga and Govt have already 18 Billion for this project. Ali bhai Thank you warna 18 Billion doob gai thay.

  • Aamir

    Good Step !!! this will be very helpful.
    i am very upset being a citizen of Karachi that Sindh Govt., PPP and MQM who have stakes in Sindh is not focused to improve security here like Punjab and KPK Govt and Stupid Karachi and Sindh people still support such people.

    • hafiz Saqib

      gud thinking bro … infact its main reason is lack of education, especially in internal Sind…

    • Eli Ehsan

      Punjab & KP are Terror havens mere dost. SINDH ain’t. rather violence here is Political driven. Hence the priorities.

  • Daniyal

    It would be great to embed vehical number plate and facial recognition system with CCTV, to eliminate crime from these cities

  • Daniyal

    last but not least, if RFID (Eg like E-tag on Motorway) is installed in every car to double check number plates, so I believe terrorism would be eliminated from these cities.

  • Abdullah

    someone somewhere will be making lot of money.

    • Raja Maja

      Abdullah aap ka Naam bahut acha hai, magar aap ki soch par afsoos hota hai, Bhai Insha Allah bhi bool dia karoo……………….

  • Mahmood Alavi

    There is no such thing called Fool Proof, a Fool will always find its way. We have already seen this kind of efforts in Karachi, millions spent, those who got the contract became wealthy, but for the masses it was useless, even until now, same is gonna happen in Lahore too. We dont need any kind of so called Fool Proof plans, all we need is WILL by the so called leaders and law enforcing agencies, otherwise it will be a gimmick to divert the attention of the people.

  • Ææmįr Mōhâmmåd

    Karachi need it the most !! Period