Zong Starts Offering Same Packages for 2G, 3G and 4G

In a move that is going to simplify the data usage for Zong’s customers, company has combined its 3G and 4G packages to offer technology neutral data tariffs for its prepaid customers.


This consolidation of 3G and 4G packages is valid for all plans having a monthly data limit of 2GB or more. Meaning that any plan that comes below 2GB monthly data limit will be valid for 2G and 3G, while anything above 2GB monthly limit can be consumed for 2G, 3G or even 4G.

With this move, 3G users can now avail data package that was previously offered to 4G customers only and vice versa.

Customers will get 4G network where available. In case 4G network isn’t available then customers will be offered 3G network or 2G network if 3G and 4G both are un-available.

Not to mention, customers do need to have a 4G SIM and a compatible handset to use 4G network.

Check below table to have a look at all the packages that you can avail for either 3G or 4G network:


Zong Daily 3G Package:


Zong Weekly 3G Package:


Zong Monthly 3G / 4G Package:


Default 3G / 4G Rate:

  • When not subscribed to any bundle, default internet rate would be: Rs.10/MB
  • After 1 MB of consumption (for every data session), subscribers would be down-throttled to 256 kbps to protect him/her from consuming too much data at 3G speeds and receiving a bill shock.
  • 3G speeds will be resumed once he/she subscribes to a bundle
  • Default rate will be charged again after the expiry of data bundle, Add On and OOB rate validity.


  • Dial *6464# for tariff activation menu

Data Usage Check:

  • Dial *102# to know remaining resources for your data bundle


  • Out-of-Bundle Rate: Rs.1/MB – As per the expiry of base package.
  • Zong doesn’t impose any speed limit, except for default time package.
  • After reaching volume cap of a bundle, the user’s mobile internet speed will be decreased to 2G speeds (256 kbps) to protect him/her from consuming too much data at 3G speeds and receiving a bill shock.
  • The normal 3G speeds will be resumed once the user buys an Add On or upgrades to a higher bundle.
  • For Daily & Hourly bundles, usage notification messages would be sent at: 80% utilization only.
  • All packages can be re-subscribed as many times a customer desires within the validity period, after reaching volume cap (except Daily Packages)
  • All packages are on auto-renewal meaning that auto-renewal will keep on happening until the customer does not have sufficient balance for 3 consecutive days. After 4 days of no balance, he will be un-subscribed.

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    • no, 4G can be used only where coverage is available, on a compatible handset and with 4G sim

      • And 4G sets cost way more. There was rumour that only PTA approved 4G handsets will work on 4G, is that true?

        • I read it too and then there are users who are complaining of 4G not working despite having a 4G handset and 4G sim

            • Nope you’re wrong, region is been coded into Model number of any iPhone, for you is just numbers but ony Apple can know it’s origin of purchase via model number, secondly is Doesn’t matter at all because iPhone have pretty much all 2G 3G and 4G bands!!

              • main bhi yehi kehna chah raha tha bhai k iPhone kaheen say bhi khareedo, duniya k her konay may chalega… baqi companies ki tarah nahi k china k 4G k leye alag model or baqi regions k 4G leye alag alag models…

    • NEW packages are GREAT!!!

      3 month zong bundle in 3999 Rs.
      144GB Data (48GB each month )
      much cheaper then evo wingle warid and mobilink
      i am saying cheaper because of this kind of speed .

      anyone want to get zong DATA sim to avail this package or want to buy device
      contact me

  • Good move. By this way Consumer will not be confused for technology orriented tarrif.

  • Mobilink has the best packages so far. It would be nice if you could write an article comparing the packages of different providers.

    • I have written an article on that comparison of best packages on my website and have also given award to mobilink for best packages but when i used mobilink 3G myself then i came to decision that its really slow network.

  • If you need a different frequency SIM for 4G, how will you get 3G on 4G sim when not in 4G coverage area?

    • SIM doesn’t dictate frequency, your phone needs to be 4G compatible and it will fall back to 3G when not in 4G coverage. I have used 3G on the Zong 4g SIM.

  • Above all, is the 4G which no other operator is offering i believe. and as i have experienced, the speed is also on top of all

    • mobilink’s packages ‘WERE’ best they are no more .. cuz that limited time lucrative packages are all gone now.

        • (consider my above comment null)
          yeah sorry .. i cheked and found that only Rs.15 package was downgraded from 1000Mbs to100Mbs, rest of them are still on…. mY bad .. thanks for pointing out

  • The download speeds sucks big time.

    Are we living in 19 century 1815, the packages zong* are offering for 3G/4G is what makes me feel this and also the speed Zong provide vs the speed Zong advertised, I am sick of all of this. And not just me thousands of other people, who believed that these technological advancement will open up many of our gridlocks but it just worsens it.

    *(Offer packages with data plans in Mbs)

  • lolzz at these so called packages. providing 3g speed and only 4mb data? who in the hell approved that? anyone with a small amont of knowledge about MB knows that 4MB can be gone within a second and zong is giving us 24hrs to consume 4mb..what a joke.
    its like giving someone F1 formula car and he is just alow to drive it in his house..whats the use of this fast internet speed when the limits are so tight.

  • Aamir
    these packages were introduced since the launch of 4G. Can I use a daily bundle with 4G? No…

  • itna sirf browsing hi kar sakta hai images k begair aur itne main sirf messengers chal sakte hain i can confidently say that

    • agar whatsapp, facebook etc or browsing na bhi karay user tub bhi sirf email sync honay per he 4MB consume hojaega.

  • if all telcos followed mobilnk pricing strategy, then very soon we can all get rid of the shitty PeeTCL monopoly….!!! If my area had coverage of 3g with mobilink I would turn off my evo in an instant..

  • nice move but mobilink is way cheaper then any other operator .. i m a mobilink postpaid costumer i download 100s of gb in 2000 max monthly bill ..
    i got 8 to 12mbps on average only on 2 signal bars :) in my area

  • I ditched my Qubee connection and just use Mobilink’s weekly 3g bundle for all my internet needs. I used to pay Rs. 1500 for a 1.5Mbps connection, and although they advertised it as unlimited, it was capped at 40GB under fair usage policy. Now it costs me be about Rs. 240 for 28GB of volume and I get speeds of arounds 8Mbps.

  • lol juma juma aat din sirf pakistan mein huay hain. long term evolution ka matlab ye nahi ky ye evolve hoga. hahaha MR CHARLES DARWIN :-D

  • 3G/4G operators have got penetration in market.They have earned 47 billion in FY 2014 from data/internet as compared to 43 billion from landline and other operators.Means their revenue from data is 25% more as compared to previous year.Competition is on.

  • Yeah that’s what I meant. So for about four weeks a month, Rs.60 x 4= Rs. 240 for 7,000 MB x 4 = 28,000 MB data.

    • if u have an android or iPhone, then you can use it on PC via portable wifi hotspot.

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