Intel Unveils Plans For a Connected Future at CES 2015

Internet of Things (IoTs) is big at CES 2015 and Intel had some amazing stuff to offer. Intel’s take on IoTs and a connected world is quite different from a lot of other tech giants. In a presentation, the word internet of things was not even mentioned once but Intel’s chief executive Brian Krzanich did use the term ‘computing in the third dimension’ a few times.

Curie: Designed to Aid the Visually Impaired


His words stood true as he lunged at a drone using Realsense camera technology and the drone dodged him. Then there is Curie, Intel’s first purpose-built system-on-chip (SoC). It is a marvel in itself and is already part of wearables for the visually impaired. It has been incorporated into a sight assisting jacket that informs (by vibrating) the visually impaired of an obstacle or another human they might be approaching well in time for them to make a decision.

Intel’s interest in wearable tech is not limited to Curie, it is involved in a project with the leading eyewear manufacturer Oakley to develop an intelligent product to not only assist sportsmen but to enhance their performance.

Nixie: A Wearable Camera and Drone Hybrid


Then there is the little marvel Nixie, a wearable camera/drone that is attached to your wrist but flies off when commanded to take videos and pictures and comes back to settle on your wrist once done (what fun would this be on desi weddings!).

Intel is truly focusing on revolutionizing the relationship between the user and his or her devices and in turn the way we interact with our environment will be changed forever. Though there was no mention of the IOTs, industry experts believe that Intel realizes the importance of a connected world and is working to reduce the size of processors and sensors.

These processors and sensors will then be our connection with the devices around us, we would be wearing them as part of our clothing or watches or glasses or even rings. With tiny processors the size of the devices around us will also shrink and devices will become more mobile. According to Brian Krzanich, Intel CEO:

“Our goal with Intel technology is to help solve real problems and enable experiences that are truly desired by people and businesses.”

The intentions are to make our everyday life easy, whether its office work, sports or household chores, a connected world will definitely be a lot more fun and the signs from CES 2015 are that the Internet of Things is right around the corner.

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