Sony’s New Walkman Targets Niche Audiences, Costs an Eye-Popping $1199

The Walkman as we know has sort of been lost in the crowd of iPods and the current breed of smartphones. It is a non-surprise that it is seldom-talked about but it seems like Sony thinks it’s not quite dead yet . The company has announced a new model, the successor to the ZX1, the new ZX2. It costs $1199.

The target audience is most-probably some serious music fans. What do you get for it?

The ZX2 supports probably the most formats of any music player (or smartphone for that matter), from FLAC, WAV, Apple Loseless to DSD, MP3 and more. The new Walkman will allow you to hear songs in their full glory, in “full resolution”. You also get NFC and Bluetooth for connectivity.

On a less-important note, you get near-vanilla Android 4.2 Jelly Bean on a 4″ qHD (480 x 854) display. Storage capacity is 128 GB, expandable via microSD. It weighs 235g and enclosed in quite a good-locking matte black shell. We quite like it. In case you are interested in spending that kind of cash on a walkman, it comes out in Spring.

  • drag0nslayer

    when you have $1000’s IEM then i think these kind of gadgets should be their for those music enthisuastic :) Great work sOny…!!

    • Muhammad Aamir

      But I’m 100% sure It will be flop if it kicks off in our beloved country Pakistan.

      • Raja Maja

        Bhai aap tension na lein Sony will not launch it in Pakistan, they are not dump. Aap Pogo daikhein challein…………..Shabaash. :)

        • Muhammad Aamir

          If the above news could never be touched reality in Pakistan then is there any advantage of it? #KyaYehKholaTezaadNhi :D

      • drag0nslayer

        They will obviously not gonna launch it in pakistan :D Pakistani are happy with those 100-300 rupees so called bass booster IEM’s. Even 90% of the pakistanis don’t even know about flac :D

        • Amir Qadir

          I’m one of them in 90% Teach me master

          • drag0nslayer

            You are not alone bro i think PP should write a article on these audio file extensions if they are mentioning those in their other articles..

          • ahmed

            Flac is a format of lossless audio. in simple words a format like mp3 but better quality and greater size

  • Rizwan Yaqoob

    In that price range I can get an i7 machine, a decent smartphone and can avail a deal at KFC with spare bucks left in my wallet. Sony never get its price right.

    • drag0nslayer

      Everything has their own priorities bro and i bet it this is not for you :)

      • Rizwan Yaqoob

        This device is definitely for audiophiles.

        • drag0nslayer

          that’s the point :)

  • faaria

    i’m not gonna buy that cheap walkman… don’t know how much child labors they used to make a music player this cheap :/