The Weirdest Gadgets from CES 2015

While we are seeing some amazing gadgets being unveiled at CES 2015 at Las Vegas, there are some really weird ones too. Here’s a list of 5 of the weirdest gadgets on display at CES 2015:

Oral-B Connected Toothbrush

Oral-B Connected Toothbrush

Oral-B’s latest toothbrush is Bluetooth 4.0 equipped. It records your brushing activity and you can even share it with your dentist. As with any other health related app it motivates you to improve your brushing habits. The question you need to ask yourself is: do you really want to invest in an internet enabled toothbrush?



Fitness so far has been the focus of wearable devices. Thync however is a totally different wearable device, it asses your mood and sends waves to specific neural paths to alter your mood. Thync’s creators say they have raised $13 million in venture capital.



Remember Back to the future or the Jetsons,? Well even if you don’t this is something I would want to get my hands on. Motorized skates, strap them on to your shoes and you can travel for 10 miles at a maximum speed of 10 miles per hour. You obviously get to keep a track of your route through smartphones.

Toshiba’s ChihiraAico robot

Toshiba's ChihiraAico robot

Communication Androids being developed by Toshiba to work in the service industry and in homes will interact with complete facial expressions and body gestures.

Axxess CE Air2

Axxess CE Air2

Right out of a science fiction film, these are Bluetooth levitating speakers that would undoubtedly look awesome in your TV lounge. We are not sure whether these would move ahead from the prototype stage or not but these sure are interesting innovations.

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