Exposed: Facebook Deletes Hamza Ali Abbasi’s Post on Freedom of Expression

It was just yesterday that Talal did a detailed post on Facebook’s hypocrisy and how Zuckerberg’s views on “freedom of expression”were flawed, and today Facebook removed a post of Hamza Ali Abbasi on the same topic just because he had questioned west’s dual standards.

Not to mention, Hamza Ali Abbasi has a verified page with over 1.6 million fans.

Before we go into details, let’s have a look at what Hamza had originally said in his post:

A french Muslim police officer dies doing his duty in the face of 2 mislead Muslim youth killing falsely in the name of the religion of peace, Islam.

Yes, even my blood boils when someone insults my Prophet (S.A.W)…But that does not give individuals the right to kill.

In Islam, only “Institutions” are allowed to kill for justice, not for revenge or hate. But west needs to understand too that freedom of expression includes criticism, disagreement or even rejection of faiths or ideology…but should not and must not allow “Insult”.

Would it be “freedom of expression” if i brand black people as Niggers or if i say Hitler was a messiah? Would i not be branded a racist or a anti semitic?

As Muslims all the world are condemning this incident…the west needs to rethink and fix its definition of “Freedom of Expression”. Otherwise…someone from almost 2 Billion of us Muslims will go ballistic and kill unjustly.

Hamza Ali Abbasi, today evening, announced that his up-mentioned post was removed from Facebook and his account was deactivated with the warning for expressing his opinion.


As evident from the post mentioned above, Hamza denounced attack on French magazine and termed the killings not acceptable in any given scenario.

Mr Hamza in his deleted post, had opined that west should understand Muslim’s feelings and that discussion, criticism or even rejection is one thing but insulting the beliefs of over 2 billion people under the the cover of “Freedom of Expression” is inhumane.

Hamza Ali Abbasi then questioned west’s policy for “Freedom of Expression” with a reference to Holocaust to explain that west has its lines, similarly there is a need for better definition of “Freedom of Expression”.

However, his post was termed against “Facebook’s Community Standards” and got deleted.

This has happened at a time when Zuckerberg had just reiterated his so-called slogan for not censoring his website. He had said, “I’m committed to building a service where you can speak freely without fear of violence.”

It took Facebook just one day to negate what Zuckerberg had claimed, and very clearly proving that the website bears dual standards for its “Freedom of Expression” policy.

Is this really “Freedom of Expression” or actually “Freedom of Some Expressions”?

UPDATE: Mark Zuckerberg has responded to the incident. You can read about it here.

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  • huh this was very much expected and i’m not even surprised but rather Mark made fun of himself and not mention he exposed himself !!

    • That’s v stupid of u to comment like this. Maybe you didn’t understand hamza’s post.. Forget about Muslims being so hot headed. Since when has fb become so concerned about the N word? Isn’t that a routine word used by people around the globe?

      • No, actually this word is filtered in many different sites. This word represents the slave status of the african-americans and is considered a highly abusive word. So almost certainly the automatic filter picked it up and removed the post. The filter does not actually see what else is written in the post.

    • #EQUATING RACISM WITH THE CARTOONS OF DEAD FIGURES#would you explain what does that suppose to mean because its freaking me out.I hope and pray its not what I am thinking.Are you a muslim?????

      • Racism is and should always be condemned.

        Why and since when it’s considered wrong to audit/criticize/condemn the wrong doings of dead personalities?

      • What does it mean, if Im a Muslim, should I turn a blind eye towards the wrong doings of Muslims in general and historical Muslims personalities specifically?

        • Ok one thing is for sure either some of you are nonmuslim or extraordinary ignorant(jahil e mutlaq) love of our HOLY PROPHET is part of our faith infact according to a hadees our emaan cannot be completed if we don’t love our PROPHET more than anything thing between earth and that explains we are not talking about “some”dead person and “some”historical personality.first about dead person if your mother or father dies and some one insult them would you allow him to insult some dead person or you would punch him?second about mistakes of historical personality HAZRAT MOHAMMED was a prophet not an ordinary man he was guided by ALLAH(swt) thats why he wouldn’t and couldn’t do any mistake if there was even a minor one it was rectified by ALLAH(swt)immediately. So please do some study about”our “HOLY PROPHET’S status than comment.

    • Allah Subhan-o-taala says in Holy Quran: “O you who have believed, do not raise
      your voices above the voice of the
      Prophet or be loud to him in speech like
      the loudness of some of you to others,
      lest your deeds become worthless while
      you perceive not.”
      So think again what you just said.Ask Allah’s forgivness if you are Muslim.And people like you desperately need to study Quran so you know what is the respect and honour of our Prophe (PBUH)

  • So this is getting serious … and time west made some mistakes in their drama to defame Muslims … also google ” Paris fake attack” it will also ring some bells

      • itni himmat to hai ni tum mein k apna asli naam likh k comment kr sako. I think tumhara naam kuch shiv shankar ya david jones ho ga. blke un mein b thori c gherat to hoti hai ager kisi khaas mission pe kaam na kr rhe ho to Hazrat muhammad (SAWW) ki respevt wo b kr lete hain.

        • I have not disrespected anyone. Is it disrespect to criticize the killing of 12 innocent human beings? So be it. Even though what they did was disgusting, it was just a silly cartoon.

          Taking someone’s life is a far far grave sin than making a drawing.

          Koran says: “If any one slew a person, it would be as if he slew the whole humanity: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the whole humanity.”

  • Well you can’t write “..Otherwise…someone from almost 2 Billion of us Muslims will go ballistic and kill unjustly…” and expect them not to think that you are justifying the killings…

    Even if they don’t fix the definition of “freedom of speech” as per your liking, you cannot say or do that!

    Post deletion appears justified!

        • Farhan

          if you think
          “I will hurt you if you won’t agree with my logic! it’ll be unjust but it will happen! ” == “someone among 2+ billion muslims will hurt you if you wont agree with my logic! it’ll be unjust but it will happen!”

          than it’s like saying if you drive a car, you will met an accident , it might be the fault of the other person (and wouldn’t be justice for you) but you would be certainly paralyzed or even dead unjustly :-)

          • No Mr. Adnan, killing or hurting someone over disagreement on logic or beliefs is not the same as road accidents. Your analogy is simply incorrect.

            Now I’m sure Mr. Hamza didn’t mean to justify the killings or making future threats in his post but that is exactly what he did in the last part of his post. May be he’s not that good in articulating his views..

            Instead of complaining about deleting and relating it to “freedom of speech”, he should have clarified his position that there is no justification for killing.

            • were you threatened by reading,”you will met an accident” ? if not than how do you extract threat out of, “someone from 2 billion muslim might do unjustful act of hurting / killing” ?

              u would be right that killing n road accident aren’t same, but then u need to realize a single person vs group of 2 billion peoples are not same either.

              if he has written, that “I” might hurt you, that could be considered threat, but when he is talking about 2 billion muslims and pointing that even a muslim could go wrong and do unjustful hurting/killing, he is actually not threatening , instead he is just giving an explanation or clarification of not to blame the whole community based upon an individual.

              perhaps you don’t want to get the point, to me there is no threat to anyone at all in his “post”, but if you are seeing some threat that’s out of my sight.

              • Yes Mr. Adnan, we obviously have a different “sight” on the matter.. also difference in reading, comprehension and interpretation!

        • You Sir, have made a grave mistake. Advising someone that you think their action’s may cause someone else with less faculties to commit a crime is not a threat. Next time you wish to make a judgment be sure to understand the language which you are reading.

  • Hamza Abbasi should only do the acting and stop posting dumb posts. And criticizing Islam is not racist because Islam is not a race. People cant even differentiate between criticizing a idea i.e Islam and picking on someone based on race.

    • O bhai baat to phir wohi freedom of expression pe a jati hai na. Agar Hazrat Muhammad(SAWW) k cartoon bnana FOE hai to phir hitler ka naam lene se aisa kon sa gunah sarzad hogya k post delete ker di?

  • Anyone think he may have intentionally made a post that he knew violated the community guidelines in order to generate publicity when it was deleted?

  • This guy is nothing but a cartoon. He threatens to kill and then goes on to bitch about the fact that his post was removed. Plus his post made absolutely no sense anyway.

  • I think Pakistani government join inside Great Wall firewall. (Chinese filtering) to protect country’s ethics/customs western media flood and paid mafias…

    • I’ll keep on using it… at least it gives me more insight into life than a so called religious text book does..!

  • Paris attack was inevitable, it was reaction of action and action always happened first and and west is responsible for this. It is not first, even USA dropped bomb in Afghanistan on a house when people gathered for wedding party.

  • tsk tsk tsk! a Tech blog should’ve understood the scenario better than a tabloid News channel like ARY.. its in FB’s algorithm to filter “HITLER & holocaust” keywords man.. & now I’m 100% sure that Mr. Abbasi doesn’t eat TULSI but he sniffs it.. :D :D

  • hmm just thinking before judging. anti semitism is an international law but there is no international law on blasphemy of beloved prophets of Islam. that is the reason for this to happen. there is a global anti semitism law that forbids people to write/post such contents but there is no law for what mentioned earlier.

  • Well what do you expect from a jew? Fairness!!!
    At the end of day its his service and his rules.

    • yar aap rajj k racist ho Faisal Iqbal sahab… maar di na aap ne chawal Shaaer-e-Mashriq Iqbal chawal ki tarha… woh bhi poori umer identity crisis ka shikaar raha.. aur aap b apni zindagi ka simt ka sahi tayyun kerne se qaasir hain…

      • Bhai meharbani karo aur chup kar jao ap ki jahalat bardasht nahin ho rahi. racism? do you know what that means? it’s anti-Semitism, not racism you dumb f**k

        • I agree, Jews don’t represent a race, so Muslims’ eternal hatred towards them (as taught by our Holy Quran) shouldn’t be termed as racism, and rather be referred to as ‘anti-semitism’, as you pointed out.

          But that doesn’t give you the liberty to classify me in your ancestral category of ‘dumb-f**ks”.. :)

          Ab pyar se muskura do ek baar mere bhai.. :P

      • Thanks almighty that you are present to shun my and Iqbal’s racism, by the way never leave facebook, otherwise you might get a life (that would be such a waste).

  • What should I say to Mr. Aamir (owner of this blog)…who deleted or didn’t approve my comment on this article.

    I didn’t say write any blasphemous words. Or even if I did, Mr. Aamir, if he believes in freedom of speech, should have allowed my comments.

    So called Pakistani Muslims are thinking of leaving facebook, and I’m thinking to quit reading this blog. :(

      • Sarah.. aap ka bhi mere comment per bas nai chala tau Qurani style mein laan-taan shuru ker di…?
        Just like Quran curses Abu Lahab and Jews and other people…!!
        Your comment just sounded so girlie…!!

        • Another stupid comment by none other than big mouth.I have answered your chawali but you dont have time to read it as you are SO busy in writing irritable comments and now you have come with one other but I thank you for resembling me with Quranic style its an honour for me and about cursing abu lahab and jews if you would have known the reasons bahind it you would have said it. Waisay tm to ja rhay they ye forum chor kr abhi tak yhin chipkay huay ho enough bezti nhi ho gae

      • Aamir, I thought this was a liberal blog.. and that if I spoke truth, I won’t be penalized.. but I was wrong.. :(

        Probably you should have refrained from posting this article in the first place.

        • there’s a difference in being liberal and saying things that make you look like a non-muslim. and not just a non muslim, an ignorant one

          • Ahmed bhai.. aap ek kaam kerein… mere naam k warrant jaari kerwa dein apni post k zariye.. or better, you should declare me a blasphemous person and then incite people to kill me.. I believe, you’re another Aamir Liaquat in the making..

      • and for your correction, how dare I could say anything against Prophet SAW.

        If I said anything derogatory, please share my post here..!

        • Sir app chup kar jayain. Or you will be banned from here for ever. This is my website and I can’t allow you to preach your un-Islamic agenda on this space.

          If you want to do things, go out there is whole internet available for you.

        • Sorry lekin mujhe ap ki ammi pe shadeed kisam ka shaq ho rha hai. Full maza kia ho ga unho ne :D ab mind na krna because this is “FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION”.
          LUL LUL LUL :p

          Quran, Allah or Rasool(SAWW) k khilaf bhonk k masoom bnta ha k mein ne kch ni kia. Munafiq ki Olaad.

    • Kitni be izzati krwae ga ab to lrkiyon ne bhi be izzati shuru kr di. Yes we don’t believe in Freedom of speech so what? WTF is this freedom of speech….

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