Microsoft Ends Mainstream Support for Windows 7

Microsoft has officially ended mainstream support for Windows 7. Before you panic, this means that no new features will be implemented. However, you will continue to receive security updates to known issues for 5 more years. That’s a good thing as well because Windows 7 still retains 56 percent of the desktop operating system market share.

Windows 8.1 Still Struggling for Market Share:

Windows 8.1 that has been in troubled waters for a while. The extreme makeover that Microsoft tried to present with a seemingly innovative Windows 8.1 could only help secure 9 percent of the market share. That may be more than Apple’s Mac OS, sitting at 5 percent, but well below 18 percent under the grasp of Windows XP. The fact that it has half the share of an OS that was launched an eternity ago says everything.

So, What Went Wrong With Windows 8.1?

Microsoft clearly missed a trick by trying to impose upon users an interface with a full blown Start menu. It’s really about time that developers came to terms with the fact that simplicity of an interface has no parallel. Microsoft seemingly realizes that doing away with the traditional Start menu was a shortcoming they could ill afford. Their efforts to build an all-in-one OS that could handle touch as well as traditional PCs seems to be a huge mistake in hindsight.

What About Windows 10 Then?

Microsoft is serious about redeeming itself with Windows 10, and it shows with the beta previews. The traditional Start menu has now been reintroduced to users. Microsoft would be hoping that users finally move on from Windows XP and Windows 7. With intuitive features such as multiple desktops, snap enhancements, enhanced file explorer and a task view button, it aims to build on the simple Windows experience that users are well accustomed to.

  • mearay khayal mein window 8.1 sb sa best ha ku k aghar ap iss k window defender ko update kartay rahe to window mein virus active nahe hota or bar bar window nahe karni parti

    • Mery pas windows 7 hy. 3 sal sy koi new windows installation ni ki. I don’t like windows 8.1 as its garbage.

        • Not only me dear, many out there think likewise. One of the hate function is the non friendly start menu. The other is that if you are download something or running program, it will be much frustrating to toggle between apps.

  • linux is a good second OS, people who says linux is better than windows are just haters, or ones who just use computer for browsing.
    you will not find most games if not all that are famous or good..
    many apps doesn’t have an alternate or they are not good
    many tools/ apps you use regular cant run on linux

    anyone who says otherwise, should be true to themselves and stop using windows for 3 months, in their homes, offices and will talk again after 3 months.

    • Funny, I would see it as the other way around: Linux primary Windows second OS (if at all).

      Games? Ummm have you looked at Steam? Many new games support Linux, and some old ones have been ported too.

      And what “apps” or “tools” are you talking about? Unless you are in niche market where companies do not provide Linux tools (like FPGA), all the tools developers need are on Linux, end of story.

      • and that’s what a blind loyalty is all about. Period.
        talk again when you are in a mood to speak truth. or stop using windows all together and will talk again.
        go ask gamers what they think about it.
        im not here to explain things to you.
        as already said, if your usage is just the browsing and stuff its linux, else open your mind.

        • I agreed with both of you, Atif and Shahid, as I installed Linux as primary OS because no doubt there are number of Excellent utilities available on Linux but some are missing as I am doing job as a developer in Oracle Developer 10g and tried hard to have it on Linux even using Wine but the Reports part was not running satisfactorily and also lack of availability of some other software of my personal usage on it like: Neuro Programer, Sublime Editor, UltraEdit etc.
          Finally, I like Linux as my Primary OS and Windows on VirtualBox.

          • Why did you not get Oracle for Linux? I have used it on Linux over ten years ago!!!! It is available.

            As for Sublime Text and UltraEdit, they work on Linux. SE 2 or 3 beta, even official sites have documentations for using on Linux. What are you talking about???

            • yes, Oracle Linux is very best but it is Server based means various features I will not use :(
              I am using OpenSUSE at the moment and want to switch CentOS which is also based on RedHAT like Oracle Linux and can be used as Desktop only..
              sorry, I am using UEStudio not UltraEdit. UEStudio is only available for Windows.
              Sublime, I will give it a try but don’t know why I failed to install it 2 times … may be its ” tarball ” version has some kind of library I failed to recognize ??
              anyway, thanks for your advise, it is an Excellent choice.

        • Blind loyalty to what? Reality? HA HA

          All right, for my work (writing web sites and backend high performance services and database work and documentation), tell me what can I ***NOT*** do with Linux? You keep saying games, well, am I paid to play games? Maybe if I worked for a gaming company, sure. Even in that case Unity and iOS development require MAC, no need for Windows.

          And let me make it clear to you. I have NOT needed to use Windows on my home computers for several years. I use MAC or Linux, period. I used to have Windows in one partition on two separate computers at home but both of them have been disconnected and off for a long time now. I do not think I even have WINE installed on my computers right now. (If I have, I don’t recall at all using it recently.)

          As for games, let me tell you, there is ZERO GAMES that are worth the annoyance of dealing with Windows.

          So who has blind loyalty? Me or you?

          • First, I am sorry to give a wrong example here ( Server Based ).
            We had very bad Experience here at work with Windows based servers, here hundreds / thousands of people connecting online and using system, when we faced problem we switched our Database Server from Windows Server to Sun Solaris, believe me in same critical situation we were mentally peaceful after this migration.
            I am not a guy from those who were responsible for this task, but I was informed about it by our I.T. Head.

          • BTW, which distro do you prefer and are using? I’ve tried using Ubuntu because it is the most famous distro out there, It really sucked. Can’t decide now.

          • you obviously, you are putting all this on yourself, but world doesnt belong just to you.
            you have specific uses thats fine, it works for you thats fine.
            companies run linux servers as they work for them, than many also run windows based servers because thats what works for them.
            what im talking about is consumers a normal consumer for them linux is a second OS because most of the stuff they use will not work well or doesnt run on linux.

            why im talking about games is that its one little thing most consumers used windows based computers for.

            if you cant understand this simple thing than have fun.

            • Son, many people are picking Mac OS X instead of using Windows. Why do you think Mac user percentage is not 0 yet? More people install Windows than Mac, and yet percentage is stable at 5%. It’s because Mac userbase is also growing.

              Today, there are more Mac desktop/laptop users than Windows 8 users.

              Do you understand what that means???

              Mac users are just like Linux users: they have fewer options for games, and for other applications. And yet, most Mac users have no need for Windows, just like most Linux users have no need for Windows. They don’t use Mac as “secondary” operating system and Windows as “primary”. They simply don’t use Windows.

              I don’t use Windows and there many other Linux users like me. In fact, the only place where I felt I needed Windows was to install BIOS upgrades, but I found a way to do that with a Dell tool that uses FreeDOS.

              Your world is at an end, my friend. Windows is too much painful to bear. And if the above does not convince you, check the evidence from Windows users themselves: How many of them user Windows Vista or 7 instead of 8.1? 56% of them use Windows 7, only 9.5% on Windows 8.1, 4% on Windows 8,. For comparison 5.3% on Mac OS 10.9 and 10.10, and a few minor percentage more on 10.6-10.8.

              • just one reply to this,
                by inserting mac OS here its clear, you have a closed head, no faida in even arguing with you.
                suddenly its Mac OS and windows 8.1, when the actual thing started way away from all this, have fun, will not answer anymore.

                • Ha ha you are so hyperfocused you cannot see the reality.

                  FACT #1: you said Windows is necessary as primary OS, and Linux cannot be primary.

                  So all I have to show is that there are people who do NOT use Windows as primary OS and even do not use Windows at all. You are not willing to care about my experience with using Linux-only.

                  So, FACT #2, I point out that people ARE using both linux and Mac OS as primary OS and do not have any regard for Windows at all.

                  But there is no way for you to reconcile FACT #2 with FACT #1 and your mental fuse is blown.

                  Furthermore, I just realized I could point to Chromebooks. Chromebooks are CRIPPLED but they run Linux, not Windows. Guess what, top amazon laptop sales are NOT for Windows laptops or Mac. They are for Chromebooks.

                  So now we have TWO, MAYBE THREE, WHOLE CATEGORIES of people who do not use Windows as primary.

                  Yet here you are, still arguing that Windows is necessary for primary.

                  Here’s another fact to blow your mind. If not already right now, then in the near future, by the NUMBERS, most people will be using Android phones for “computing”, not actual Windows systems.

                  • What is the Origin of Android ? which is the most using OS on Smart Phones, can run various games included 3D games too…
                    also people have to look at ( just google ) ” 6 upcoming Linux Based Smartphone Operating Systems that aren’t Android ”
                    what a powerful, secure and all-in-one OS is Linux :)

                    • As we knew about it Android is based on Linux ( Wiki ), I mentioned here to say Atif that the most using Android on Smart Phone is also a Linux based OS and what yet we can’t do on it from a game lover to an advanced user, almost all kind of apps are running on it whether these are graphically & media rich apps or command line like a Terminal ( advanced / root user’s most favorite ).

                    • There is no comparison between a proper laptop or desktop and Android or iOS. While that does not change the fact that most users will use Android, it does not mean 100% replacement.

                    • no, no I didn’t mean it… very sorry if I failed to convey. I just tried to convince Atif about Linux, what all my posts shows here in favor of Linux. I think that ” What Android is today, because it is ‘ Based on Linux ‘ “, I am not going to or even can’t Compare these.

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