Punjab Police launches Emergency Alert System in Collaboration with Ufone

In view of the overall security situation of the country, Punjab police in collaboration with Ufone has launched a single click Emergency Alert System (EAS) to facilitate the operations of the Police department, which the former would extend to schools throughout Punjab for security purposes.

The best thing about this system is that it is free of cost, so no alarm would ever be declined due to shortage of balance, additionally, it would work on any cell phone, not requiring high-end smart phones by using Ufone Sims.

In order to avail the facility, schools will have to register their Ufone numbers with the forms available online or at all Police stations of Punjab, with just basic details. Once the number is registered, any alarm generated would alert the Police, containing details such as the name of the school and the person who initiated the alarm and location.

IG Punjab, Mushtaq Sukhera regarding the alarm system said,

“This SOS/Alert system would greatly help us in emergency response, we truly appreciate Ufone’s efforts in this regards. This one of a kind alarm system would also improve our overall efficiency.”

Expressing his views regarding this brilliant mechanism by Ufone, Taimur Faiz Cheema, Head of Marketing at Ufone said,

“This initiative reflects Ufone’s resolve to give back something fruitful to the country. As practiced before, we have used our technological prowess in creating such a mechanism that would facilitate the Police in coping with emergency situations. The system would help ensure that all schools are safe and sound.”

The system would also have a portal for live reporting, extended to all senior Police officials and all other stakeholders involved.

  • I wish to see the same services in Karachi also , with some more improve security plan as Jammers could block the SIM signals .

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