Telcos Verified 8.72 Million SIMs, Blocked 2 Million in Two Weeks!

During first two weeks of SIM re-verification drive, telecos managed to re-verify 8.72 million SIMs through biometric verification system, a campaign that aims at reverifying each and every cellular customer in Pakistan till March 14th, 2015.

This figure was shared with National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunication yesterday.

Committee was further told that more than 2 million SIMs were blocked as their owners denied to have possession of such SIMs or they were never registered in their names.

With such pace, only half of SIMs are estimated to be re-verified till the deadline of of April 14th, 2015.

Unverified SIMs, after the deadline, will be blocked and customers will have to get their blocked SIMs re-issued after paying SIM replacement fee.

Only half of SIMs are estimated to be re-verified till the deadline of of April 14th, 2015

“Three months is not realistic time for such an uphill task but such are the directions from the Ministry of Interior,” PTA Chairman Dr Ismail Shah told the standing committee. Previously the proposed time frame duration for re-verification of SIMs was one year.

Ad hoc stats show that around 25% SIMs are being cancelled by the customers because either such SIMs are not in their possession now or they had never bought/held them.

These 25% SIM cancellations coupled with those subscribers who won’t be able to make it to service centres/retailers till April 13th, 2015 for biometric re-verification and their SIMs, the total SIM cancellation rate might hit 50%.

Service centres, franchises and retail outlets of cellular companies remained filled with long-queues all day long. In fact women and senior citizens face serious problems while re-verifying their SIMs and telecom companies are helpless as their support channels were never designed to handle such huge number of customers.

Industry experts are sceptical about the whole re-verification exercise and they are uncertain about the results and productivity of the drive.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Whenever I visit CSC the NADRA server is down! Why was this verification started in hurry when NADRA was not capable of handling load? The time lost with this outage, who to blame? If my SIM will not get verified due to this unprofessional approach, I will file case against the NADRA cheif… simple!

    • You will file case him?? WHO R U?? He will give Rs.500 rupees to the police and will get a pure FREEDOM!!! Seek another way! :D

    • Millions of sim are being verified daily including all other stuff…if facebook can go down last week then there is no exception. Maintenance activities are carried out in case of server down.

      • Great, isn’t it? Facebook was down after how much time??? Is it daily basis issue??? But here the issue is that they are unprofessional, wo dhaka lgana smjhty ho? Ye dhaka system hy dhaka laga do but machanic k pas ni jana battery replace krny

        • and how many time you visited and you faced such issue? daily? Think before you speak. You are such people who disgrace institutions of country without any knowledge what the professionalism is. NADRA is not bearing hundreds of record. Millions of transactions are being made simultaneously with their servers. Don’t blame your country ever. You said “Dhakka System” to a system having world’s largest bio metric database of citizens. This database has been built by its non professional employees. Isn’t it?

          • NADRA is one of the best organization if we compare it with other govt organizations. But the thing is that PTA didn’t give any time to prepare. TELCOs and NADRA was obviously not ready for such huge transactions. Therefore PTA made TELCOs, NADRA and consumer suffer due to their haste.

            • We are really facing out of control crowd..and it was not pta but MOI who insisted to complete this job done…

            • Exactly, then now we can blame NADRA, telcos etc. Because they agreed to provide services and with no down time.

          • And servers are not built in lohari gate…they are US made latest servers but every thing had a limit..thanks for sharing positive thoughts…

          • Yes I visit dailt there.

            Yeah surely i have no knowledge at all. For your kind knowledge software engineering is not easy to learn

            I think you need some rest, I never blamed Pakistan, Where I did??

            Common these servers were purchased from outside and are not built here in Pakistan.

            Let me explain it with a dummies type example to you: you have 10 litres of petrol, but you have 5 litre bottle in your hand. Bht dalo gy 6 litre e aye ga na?? Agr emotional hony ki bjae socho k agr 10 leter petrol dalna hy to bottle b bari lani pary gi, nai to server to bethy ga hi. Ye hy unprofessional approach.

            Nadra agr khalai makhloq hy to is ka server pichly dino hack ku ho gya tha???

        • 8.72 million verified through unprofessional attitude …lol. it is not routine matter. We have general perceptions about many things and this is one of them. ;)

          • If i have a website, and i know that if i leak some secret about top stars I will get double the amount of visits. What will I do? I will surely enhance my capability and improve servers so that my website keep on running.

            Like, propakistani, at 3g 4g auction, increased their resources to better tackle with the extra load. Warna inki website beth jati us din. Tb phr hm ksay blame krty, user ko ya owner ko?

            • You are right but downtimes are conmon in computer world… we have latest servers are lot of bandwidth but ….. ;)

          • bilal sb i have a little question. anybody can’t own MORE THAN 5 sims on his CNIC or ANYBODY CAN’T ACTIVATE MORE THAN 5 SIMS? i mean may i keep above 5 plus verified sims on my cnic?

    • Bhai, pay Rs. 20 to a nearby mobile shop wala and verify your sim from there. You don’t really have to go to the CSC.

  • You didn’t mention that MNP numbers are not being verified by any teleco….
    zong is only network where MNP numbers are being verified.. so ported out numbers are also gonna block…

  • This all happening due to L planing in our country .just now best thing not to give more time nd after deadline block all th unverified sim. BUT STILL THIS IS PAK

  • Allah bless Pakistan,,,, Nation of Jugatths,,,, PTA 2006 2007 se laga hua hai,,,, kabhi ownership change hai, kabhi, 789 service hai… ab “BV” hai… pichlay 10 salo me Consumer Data ni streamline ni ho ska… (ye kabhi hona b nai hai :P) result Anday ka Anda…. Franchisees aur CSC k chakar lagaty raho bs…. Franchise/CSC pay jao to lgata hai Pakistani awaam ko zindagee me koi aur kam e nai hai,,,, sab ki life jesy 6 7 sims ki management me hi waste o rahi hai :P
    aur ab ki baar rahi sahi kasar PTA ne pori ki hai… NADRA se hi data Verify karwana tha to sab operators pay kiun khawar kartay ho awaam ko…. bohat lengthy aur time consuming procedure hai..

    simple sa procedure ona chaiye k…. hum apna CNIC apny primary operator/primary number (any operator’s) se PTA (Common Operator’s database) ko forward karain… aur whana se, in response msg me numbers ki complete details aa jai jo hamary nam/cnic pay booked hain…. us k bad jo number hum own karna chahain unko reply back kardain…. aur jo disown karna chahain unko ignore ker dian…. up on successful confirmation of 1 to 5 numbers per CNIC…. primary number k ilawa Actives numbers ko b via text messages primary number se attach kerny k bad apnay primary operator pay angotha verify krwa lain :D up on successful “BV” 5 k 5 number verify ho jain gy …. chahay wo ksi b network k hon…. ya is k ilawa koi esa system develop karna chaiye tha jis me zaiada kam machines se lia jata ho…k insaano se :P

    O! 5 companies 1 consumer pay focus karain…. yahan 1 consumer 5 5 companies pay focus kar raha hai….. what is this Nonsense yaar :P

  • it means that the dispute of election can be solved within one month if govt wants. if Nadra can verified 10 million thumbs in a month why they cant verified election process. its all up to the govt what they want.

  • I successfully verified the two numbers i owned, went to the nearest mobile shop in my market. Paid Rs.20/ & done with no problems encountered.

    • Then you are one lucky person who made his ID card after 2005, started using mobile phone after you were 18 and you are still living in Pakistan not in abroad.

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