Microsoft’s DT-903 is the Best Looking Charger Ever

By now we have wireless chargers from a number of manufacturers and third-party makers, but none of them have quite the personality as Microsoft’s new Nokia-branded DT-903 charging plate. While not exactly cheap at $60, the DT-903 comes with neon lighting underneath in three colors: White, Green and Orange.

No wireless charging plate has quite the same personality as this one. When connected to a phone via Bluetooth 4.0 LE, colours ‘breath’ from the backside. Brightness can be configured in three intensity levels (or turn off completely) through an app. One can only imagine how cool that would look in person.

It’s not all showy either. The light can also be configured to display certain patterns to indicate a notification. So if you have a missed call, an unread message or low battery, the light will show a pattern to alert you.


The charger uses the Qi charging standard and is powered by a USB port, so theoretically, most phones which support this technology will work. However, features such as the useful notification light will only work for Windows Phones, so if you have an Android phone, the physical appeal is almost certainly the only reason to buy it.

Being quite portable and weighing at 150g, the charger has a 150 cm cable. The DT-903 is currently available on the Microsoft Store for $59.99. Wider availability should follow suit soon. Wireless charging is not quite on the same level as conventional charging in terms of speed or price, but for it’s convenience and wow-factor, this charger is second to none.

  • Is there any faida of this wireless charger?. The procedure is the same to charge – keeping a mobile on the table and waiting for the complete charge. If you do with a cable charger it does the same. It will be better if the phone is charged while we’re using on the bed etc. Isn’t it?

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