92 News: Pakistan’s First HD Channel Is Here

In times when entertainment channels are expected to achieve high definition quality, there is no reason why news channels should lag behind. Afterall, they are undoubtedly one of the most viewed form of media in Pakistan. 92 News channel has gladly set the foundation for this new revolution in electronic media with the first HD news channel in Pakistan.

92 News is brought to us by a leading group of industries in Pakistan that claims to have significantly contributed to sectors such as Education and Health. Now it seems to have carried the same innovative formula to electronic media. The idea is to break new ground with current affairs, news and infotainment in HD.

92 News has already poached big name anchors, actors and analysts from other channels

Pakistan’s first HD channel enjoys a talented team of professionals at its disposal. Most of these individuals are said to have started out on their own with little assistance but are now proficient in their area of expertise. Given that its still a relatively fresh development, 92 News welcomes all aspiring individuals to step forward, join in and contribute more innovative ideas to the effective workforce.

Moreover, the channel enjoys access to some of the most advanced means of telecasting courtesy of DSNGs with over 300 correspondences all over Pakistan. The incorporation of state of the art technology in their reporting routines adds much to the potential. It has already managed to attract a great number of renowned news anchors, actors and analysts from a wide range of well established news channels. Thus, it would not be surprising to see more talent ‘migrating’ in the near future.

  • Tenssion mai mazeed izafa…breaking news ki yalghar. Live and uncontrolled content. Blackmailing. Shor sharaba… lol

  • “92 News is brought to us by a leading group of industries in Pakistan that claims to have significantly contributed to sectors such as Education and Health.”

    Um…does this group even have a name?

  • this channel is just an HD (only written) we can’t enjoy the HD quality on existing cable tv infrastructure

  • I thought BOL was supposed to be the LEADING INQUISITOR of TALENT POOL in journalist plethora of Purestan? Bolo bolo.. tell tell. kia hua us ka? ;)

    • It is perhaps the biggest scam in Pak’s media history. A known conman conned WISE GUYS of our media. Big, big names all fell to a ponzy-like scheme…haaha..and they claim to be intellectuals and analysts.

  • PTCL infrastructure is too bad in areas where they had done early installations (like mine), they barely run 4mbps internet, so smart tv is not an option. so without dth there is no use of their hd quality.. as cable quality is pathetic.,.

  • I always wonder Pakistan is the only country in which News Channels are presented as entertainers. In fact the only channel i prefer is BBC or RT. Who the f**k play Indian songs or even sad songs for something we don’t want to hear (which is already a sad moment or a joyful one)

    Hate to be a part of Pakistani Media

  • is na kon sa teer mar lena sach tu b dekha nahi sakta ha …………ager yeh karachi ma yeh bata da ‘na malom afrad’ sa khya matlab ha phir pata chala ga dum is ka peechwara ma ……nam sa tu yeh bhatakhoro ka channel lag raha ha ………….

  • Care to explain where can we watch an actual “HD” channel in Pakistan… most of the Pakistanis don’t have an HD TV and even if someone has it, they are depending on the pathetic service of Cable TV operators which won’t give you any channel without distortion.. so yea, unless you give everyone an HD set top box or something.. people will only be able to see picture full of distortion on their LCD displays..

  • producers kay kuty ab is channel pr bhi bhonky gay…..these most of the 5days program anchors are ******

  • ناظرین حیران ہین کہ جس کمپنی کو ڈھنگ کا نام ہی نہیں ملا، وہ اپنی شناخت کیسے بنا پائے گی؟ کوئی وضاحت نہیں کہ 92 سے کیا مراد ہے۔

  • What is the fun in launching a HD Channel when the Cable Networks in Pakistan are analog. At least put you channel on Dish TV (as some Pak channel already have done) so that some people are able to your transmission in HD.

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