SIM Re-verification: Ayaz Sadiq Fails to Re-verify his SIM

Ayaz Sadiq, Speaker National Assembly, was unable to re-verify his SIM due to miss-match of thumb impressions with NADRA’s records, reported TV channels last night.

Ayaz Sadiq, despite several attempts, was unable to get his thumb impressions matched and hence his SIM was not verified by the representatives of cellular companies.

This incident signifies the problems of countless other similar cases where customers are unable to re-verify their SIMs due to miss-match or unavailability of thumb impressions with NADRA.

Labours with excessive hand work, diabetic patients and old citizens are most prone to such cases as their thumb impressions get dull with time.

Cellular companies are re-directing all such cases to NADRA where thumb impressions of customers are updated with NADRA prior to re-verifying their SIMs.

This whole practice adds up to the miseries of cellular customers who have to queue up at two different locations, first to get their thumb impressions updated with NADRA and then at cellular companies’ offices to get their SIMs re-verified.

This is getting worse in rural areas where there is limited availability of NADRA’s offices or e-sahulat centres, thus causing a deadening situation for cellular customers who want to re-verify their SIMs.

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  • These innocent Pakistanis would have no idea that they are lining up in queues for hours for someone elses’ mistakes.

    • It is not mistake, it is just that the existing system is not capable of handling these issues. Probably who ever gave demo at PTA headquarters for the SIM Verification Machines, didn’t thought of thorough testing, and the Committee who approved it over the Filled Table of Kebabs and Pastries didn’t give a damn about the difficulties of end users. For them this is just another source of Revenue.

      Based on Recent reports for Issuance of CNICs to Afghan Citizens, most likely someone at Nadra is thinking about starting another campaign of CNIC Verification across the country.

      • CNICs of Afghans had been marked as ‘SUSPECTS’. No one took action against the corrupt people who were involved in making CNICs of aliens.

      • P.S. I meant the mistake of telcos (for selling SIMs ruthlessly), mistakes of PTA (for not regulating sales), and mistakes of NADRA (for keeping void thumb impressions).

        • What else we can expect from Pakistani’s except complaining about each & everything. There was a time when not lining up was criticized, and now lining up is being.
          Come on guys be mature now. If they did wrong, at least they are trying to do it right. We should appreciate this great step by PTA.

          And Amir, if people don’t know why they are lining up, then it’s our job to tell them.

        • Hmmm…thumb impressions are kept safe but change in technology in different time periods, capturing position of thumb, dust, humidity, any kind of chemical or work destroying finger prints are major causes for not matching … in usual, nadra relies on 10 fingers and facil ( photo) for verification but now only a single thumb is a risk due to which matching level is kept high. Also the culprits involved in fake processing as mentioned above are dealt severly and appropriate actions are taken against them. Thx

        • This is more of a mistake of the government than telcos plus this drive for urgent SIM Re verification because it has been proved by research that SIM verification has no effect whatsoever on terrorism. Sure SIM verification has its uses but this is a right step taken at the wrong time. More time should have been give for this.

  • The same problem I am facing (miss match of thumb impression). I went NADRA on 4th February for thumb impression update but still I am facing same problem. Please till me any one that NADRA will take how many days to update my thumb impression? Note I am 50 years old and diabetic since 13 years.

    • thumb impression usy time update ho jate ha jab nadra walo ko aap cnic form submit krwa dein n after that incharge form approve karde NIS se to apka data islamabad database me update ho jata hai means 2 days enough

  • Oh stop complaining. For once please stop complaining.
    We need to do our part. It is difficult, and it is the government’s fault, but can’t we do one little thing for our country without complaining.

    • which government’s fall btw.
      usually law rules everything is there but the problem is enforcement.

  • I think NADRA should switch to Voice Biometrics for SIM Verification. Customer just need to come once to register his/her VoicePrint. After that, they can call for SIM Verification or Re-verification as many times as they want. They can call from home, office, markets, overseas, any place. Voice Biometrics doesn’t require devices like like Thumb Print Readers. Call from mobile phone or land-line will be enough.

    Voice Biometrics will help for SIM re-verification as well. A quarterly or annually automated call to customer would be enough to re-verify that s/he is still the owner of the SIM, not somebody else.

    UBL has already adopted this technology. Google search can give you all details. UBL plans to use it for Proof of Life of Pensioners. Pensioners don’t need to queue up at banks’ branches for showing ID and doing proof of life. They can call once every month from home.

    Why not Telecom operators, PTA and NADRA give it a try?

  • I have a question. My father got his sim verified from Telenor. But he can’t do it from Mobilink due to finger print unmatched. Do both operators have different set of fingerprints? If Telenor successfully matched it with NADRA then why can’t Mobilink? I don’t think its a case of fingerprint getting dull with time as told by Mobilink.

    • zong was as swift as 5 seconds, mobilink refused to verify as tf didnt work for them, after telling i just came from their neighboring zong office, they say use your left thumb and it worked.

    • My father went to 3 different Mobilink outlets, all showing fingerprint mismatch. Now they are suggesting to convert it to postpaid, what a joke.

  • In my opinion, it’s our duty to get our sim verified, even if we have to update our thumb impression in NADRA first, this is the safety for us, and in future only genuine Pakistani citizen Will have their active sim, this is going to be tough alright, but this will bring improvement in security of our brothers/sisters/childrens, most of the terrorists attacks have been executed through mobile, and they’ll surely find it hard from now on to such shambles things, this is right for us. Don’t bash me, all educated people will be aware of that.

    • Sorry to say, but I happen to disagree with part of your statement. Studies have proved(can’t remember the exact article but I think another ProPakistani article has it) that SIM Re-verification has no effect whatsoever on terrorism. I totally agree that SIMs should be verified but not in the hopes to reduce terrorism and certainly not on such a short notice.

  • It happened with my father too, his thumb impression was not matching with the impression already present in record. But unlike Ayaz Sadiq case they didn’t “reject” him but just verified his SIM.

  • there should be Gratis (free executive token) for citizen who’s card was processed before 2004 because this database is old of NADRA.. if NADRA had change their system in 2004 then why people suffer ? gratis me free token ho to phr log k masle na ho thumb impression k.. ya phr gratis sim verified jiski nahn hoti wo ja k ban wae free of cost cnic till 26 feb..

    • well same thing happened with me. my cnic was issued in 2004 and the franchise person told me that we dont have database of cards before 2006 so contact NADRA office. i gave that person my passport which was renewed in 2010 and told him that my finger prints should be in NADRA’s database but he said sir we dont accept passports. and same justification was given by NADRA helpline staff. and when i visited nadra office i was astonished to know that whether i have to update my fingerprints or have to renew my cnic the queue is same . so i had to waste my 4 hours in a queue at NADRA executive office. and there is no priority being given to females and old people at nadra executive offices except for Friday and that too in some centers.l


  • Not the end of the world, Sims are not our biggest issue, just get another one and give everyone your new number. It use to happen so often a decade ago and now people are like it’s done tragedy. focus on the real issues, half the country doesn’t even need mobiles. Our media needs to grow up fast.

  • i went to a mobile shop after putting my thumb for verification he told me the your number is verified but i did not get the confirmation message , he told it happened sometimes and then i contact to helpline and they confirmed me that your sim has already verified..

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