SIM Re-verification: Ayaz Sadiq Fails to Re-verify his SIM

Ayaz Sadiq, Speaker National Assembly, was unable to re-verify his SIM due to miss-match of thumb impressions with NADRA’s records, reported TV channels last night.

Ayaz Sadiq, despite several attempts, was unable to get his thumb impressions matched and hence his SIM was not verified by the representatives of cellular companies.

This incident signifies the problems of countless other similar cases where customers are unable to re-verify their SIMs due to miss-match or unavailability of thumb impressions with NADRA.

Labours with excessive hand work, diabetic patients and old citizens are most prone to such cases as their thumb impressions get dull with time.

Cellular companies are re-directing all such cases to NADRA where thumb impressions of customers are updated with NADRA prior to re-verifying their SIMs.

This whole practice adds up to the miseries of cellular customers who have to queue up at two different locations, first to get their thumb impressions updated with NADRA and then at cellular companies’ offices to get their SIMs re-verified.

This is getting worse in rural areas where there is limited availability of NADRA’s offices or e-sahulat centres, thus causing a deadening situation for cellular customers who want to re-verify their SIMs.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK