Say Hello to the First Camera Module Designs for Project Ara

Google’s Project Ara will enable users to swap key components of its modular smartphone. Needless to say, the camera is also one of these swappable components. Toshiba is one of the companies that are working on swappable camera modules for Google’s Project Ara.

While Google continues its efforts to work on the modular smartphone, Toshiba has unveiled a few designs at Modular Phones Forum. From the looks of things, the three modules in the works include: 2-megapixel camera along with 5-megapixel/13-megapixel rear snappers. There’s no word on the cost yet.

The Google Ara smartphone will sport the camera component within a module that is easy to swap, meaning photographers can afford the luxury to enhance the quality of those snaps. All they require is an enhanced camera module to replace the one in use. It’s a bit like building yourself a new gaming PC.


The company emphasizes that the development plan has been divided in a total of three distinct stages. This, Basic phone function, is only the first phase of the lot, with the other two to follow and finish by sometime next year. The ones to follow have been termed, ‘Up-to-date features’ and ‘Unique module’.


A pilot test program of the modular smartphone is scheduled for launch later this year in Puerto Rico. Google is trying its utmost to make this as affordable as possible for all and sundry. That explains why it has been striving to reduce the “bill of materials (WiFi, CPU, frame, battery)” to a figure of $50.

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