Hello Tomorrow Challenge Launched In Pakistan by French Embassy

Besides efforts by people from within the country, Pakistan has the French government to thank for contributing millions to the mobile and energy sectors. Hello Tomorrow Pakistan is another attempt by French government to help shape a better tomorrow for Pakistan with business and technological advancements.

What is Hello Tomorrow?

Hello Tomorrow is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2011 with the primary goal of transforming potentially innovative technologies into actual products that can positively shape the future. As a result, it focuses on marrying science ad technology with entrepreneurship to come up with the most effective solutions. This explains why it brings entrepreneurs, investors and scientists together in one place.

What is Hello Tomorrow Challenge?

This is a global startup contest that covers major fields of technology. The idea is to promote only those potent assignments that properly amalgamate scientific and technological innovations. Young entrepreneurs, researchers and startups are especially encouraged to attend since this sense of creativity assists them in the long run.

What about Hello Tomorrow Challenge in Pakistan?

The Embassy of France in Pakistan are proud hosts of the program in Pakistan. The event began with an inauguration ceremony held at the French Embassy in Islamabad on February, 12. The honorable guests included: French Ambassador to Pakistan, Mr. Martine Dorance, CEO Nayatel and CEO Somerset Capital Holding. Over 60 experts from the fields of business, technology and science also attended the event.

What are the rewards for the winners?

The French Embassy set prize money of €170 000 for the winners of the second edition of Hello Tomorrow Challenge in Pakistan. The six fields that projects can be based on include: energy and environment, food and agriculture, healthcare and information technologies, materials and manufacturing and transport and mobility. A total of 30 of the best startups from more than 80 countries will qualify for the Grand Finale of the contest that is to be held in Paris on 26th June, 2015.

What is the deadline and where to apply?

If you wish to help build the future and benefit from some gains at the same time, simply head to younoodle to apply for the competition. Make sure you don’t take too long since applications close on the 28th of February.

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