Bored? Here Are 50 Live Pakistani TV Channels You Can Stream Right Now

With so much happening around the globe and in Pakistan, most of us are hooked onto the news in one form or the other. Aside from news there are numerous entertainment and sports channels available for viewing, but the only issue is with massive power breakdowns how do we make sure we do not miss out on our favorite news or entertainment show or the cricket match we were so looking forward to? For me the best way is to watch them online.

Here is a list of TV channels you can view Live on the internet.

Live Pakistani News Channels

Here is a list of 24 Live Pakistani news channels that you can view online:

  1. Aaj TV – You can watch Live Aaj TV here.
  2. ARY News – To watch Live ARY News click here.
  3. Business Plus – Provides you hourly updates from the Karachi Stock Exchange. To view Live Business Plus click here.
  4. Capital TV – To view Live Capital TV click here.
  5. Channel 5 – To watch Live Channel 5 click here.
  6. City 42 – To view local city news from Lahore click here.
  7. Jaag TV – Previously CNBC Pakistan you can view Jaag TV here.
  8. Dawn News – Live Dawn News can be viewed here.
  9. DIN News – Live DIN News can be viewed here.
  10. Dunya News – Live Dunya News can be viewed here. Dunya News also had the option to view the channel in HD but the stream does not load at least for me.
  11. Express News – Live Express News can be viewed here.
  12. Geo News – Live Geo News can be viewed here.
  13. Geo Tez – Geo group’s other news channel Live Geo Tez can be viewed here.
  14. Khyber News – Pakistan first Live Pashto News channel Live Khyber News can be viewed here.
  15. KTN News – One of the leading Sindhi News Channels Live KTN News can be viewed in HD here.
  16. News One – Live News One can be viewed here.
  17. PTV News – Live PTV News can be viewed here.
  18. Royal News – To watch Live Royal News click here.
  19. SAMAA News – To watch Live SAMAA news click here.
  20. Sindh News TV – To watch news in Sindhi Live click here.
  21. Such TV – You can view Such TV live by clicking here.
  22. Waqt TV – Channel owned by the Nawa-i-Waqt group can be viewed here.
  23. Channel 92 – Pakistan’s first HD Live news channel Channel 92 can be viewed here.
  24. Channel 24 – Claiming to be Pakistan’s first and only current affairs channel, Channel 24 can be viewed Live here. One must mention here that Channel 24 airs some of the best documentaries addressing local issues.

Live Religious Channels

  1. ARY QTV – To view Live ARY QTV click here.
  2. Peace TV – To view Live Peace TV click here.

Live Pakistani Entertainment Channels

Pakistani dramas are surly making waves these days especially across the border. Some of them are actually very well written, addressing relevant social issues and are totally worth watching. So here is a list of Pakistani entertainment channels airing some fantastic entertainment in the form of game shows and dramas.

  1. ARY Digital – Famous for its shows such as Jeeto Pakistan, Live ARY Digital can be viewed here.
  2. ARy Zindagi – Live ARY Zindagi can be viewed here.
  3. A PLUS TV – Relatively newer entrant in the Pakistani entertainment scene, Live A Plus TV can be viewed here.
  4. APNA News – To watch Live APNA News click here.
  5. ATV – Live ATV can be viewed here.
  6. AVT Khyber – To watch Live AVT Khyber click here.
  7. Express Entertainment – Express group’s entertainment channel can be viewed here.
  8. Geo Kahani – Famous for its Turkish drama Mera Sultan, Live Geo Kahani can be viewed here.
  9. Geo Entertainment – You can view Live Geo Entertainment here.
  10. HUM TV – With probably the best entertainment content in terms of dramas on TV and hits such as Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Live HUM TV can be viewed here.
  11. HUM Sitaray – Live HUM Sitaray can be viewed here.
  12. Koh e Noor TV – You can view this channel live here.
  13. PTV Home – Pakistan’s National Television channel can be viewed Live here.
  14. TV One – Live TV One can be viewed here.
  15. Urdu 1 – Turkish dramas galore, Urdu1 can be viewed here.

Pakistani Music channels

  1. 8XM – For all the latest Bollywood music videos you can watch 8XM Live here
  2. ARY Musik – ARY Group’s music channel can be watched here.
  3. PLAY TV – AAJ TV’s music and entertainment channel Play TV can be viewed Live here.
  4. Jalwa – For Bollywaood hits both latest and classic you can watch Jalwa here.
  5. Vibe TV – Famous for nothing much other than Mathira’s controversial late night show (probably isn’t aired anymore); Live Vibe TV can be viewed here.

Pakistani Sports Channels

With the Cricket World Cup 2015 underway, one has to have multiple options to the view the matches and hence here is a list of Pakistani Sports channels:

  1. PTV Sports – Live PTV Sports stream can only be viewed in Pakistan. To view the Live PTV Sports Stream click here.
  2. Ten Sports – Again for audiences only in Pakistan, World Cup matches can be viewed Live on Ten Sports here. Note that the streams are available when the matches are being played.
  3. Geo Super – To watch Live Geo Super click here.

Pakistan Live Food channels

  1. ARY Zauq – you can view Live ARY Zauq here.

This is a list of around 50 Pakistani channels that can be streamed Live. Enjoy viewing and do share your feedback.

    • its still in beta and only a small subset of users are able to use it currently, moreover its nor officially announced by whatsapp, so maybe thats why :)

  • Peace TV is an Indian and Ten Sports is Dubai-based channel by the way; good selection though. Thanks for sharing. :-)

    • peace tv is almost entirely islam content. who cares what the source is as long as the people on it are authentic scholars?

      • God has given us a brain, use it to identify in the light of the Holy Quran and Hadith. Our brain is being washed, without knowing.

        • ???

          so if a tv channel has a scholar that TEACHES you from the Quran and Hadith you complain because the channel is from India?

      • Although Ten SPorts is Dubai based but Ten Sports Pakistan is a dedicated channel for Pakistan and is only available in Pakistan. The other Ten Sports you get in a few countries is Ten Sports India.

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