Ban on Youtube: An Opportunity for Pakistani Entrepreneurs

Even after two and a half years of Youtube ban in Pakistan, there is still talk of re-opening of the video streaming site. The issue was also under discussion in the national Assembly recently. But still there are no signs of the ban lift.

Though the official Google analystics show a sharp decline in visitors to the site since the ban, the people in Pakistan are still using Youtube by several means like gaining access through proxy sites and proxy add-ons. This shows that generally the ban has had not any significance in preventing access to Youtube.

Most people using Youtube are of the view that instead of banning the site PTA should just block the specific videos. In fact, Youtube is also being widely used for educational purposes and it has been the forefront site for educational videos.

Since the ban, entrepreneurs have evolved and tapped the opportunities being created due to the ban. It has open a new gateway for tech entrepreneurs like Youtubes, Playtube, and YTPak among many others. Some have even managed to introduce features that Youtube itself lacks.

As the alternatives get better and better, the potential for building a loyal audience even if the ban if lifted increases. Entrepreneurs in Pakistan are filling the gap of video streaming sites and they’re doing it well. In that sense, the ban has proven to be an accelerator and a blessing in disguise