Latest Version of uTorrent is Installing a Bitcoin Miner

uTorrent enjoys an exalted position among other BitTorrent clients with an active user base of more than 150 million per month. It is known to generate its profits with the help of in-app advertisements and offers for third-party software use upon downloads. Normally, these offers can’t be placed if the user doesn’t wish so.

However, if the reports on uTorrent forums are to be believed, the latest version of uTorrent ‘silently’ installs bitcoin miner, Epic Scale.

Latest uTorrent version is installing a bitcoin miner on user computers

Epic Scale is basically a Windows program which maneuvers the system’s processor into mining Litecoin, a version of bitcoin, in its background. In this fashion, it can turn a person’s computer in a bitcoin farm. During its phase of ‘farming’, it can considerably slow down the computer while forcing more power out of it. This explains why many users only noticed what might be going on once they noticed the sudden rush in processor load.

A senior support manager for the torrent client refuted reports of any program being installed without the consent of the user. He went on to state that the uninstallation of Epic Scale is not a difficult task to perform. Many users have experienced quite the contrary.

While some would be asked if they wanted the program installed, others would receive no warning about it despite having chosen not to have any bundled software. For some users, Epic Scale wasn’t even displayed in the Programs and Features.

Despite whatever official statement uTorrent puts out, the incident is an unforgivable offence for many

uTorrent maintains its stance about Epic Scale not being a silent install. The team has suggested users to uninstall the program and delete all associated folders if there are issues. That makes sense since Epic Scale itself suggests that the program leaves registry keys behind. The parent company, BitTorrent has openly confirmed the bundled program and sees Epic Scale as a potent means to generate revenue.

It’s interesting to note that not much time has passed since Lenovo SuperFish scandal took everyone by surprise. Understandably, uTorrent users would be almost equally skeptical over this recent development. In fact, some might already be considering switching to some other alternatives.

In the mean time, the ‘offer’ has been put on hold by uTorrent pending further investigation.

  • Eli Ehsan


  • Fakhre Alam

    qbittorrent is much better. better options.

  • Saqib

    Hail open source!

  • Atif

    utorrent 2.2.1 and stop updating, problem solved

    • Bilal Iqbal

      Bit comit is way faster…

      • Atif

        faster is overrated, i have a 4 mb line and i get 400 – 430 kb/s everytime.
        have you ever used utorrent 2.2.1? it was when utorrent was one of the smallest of all, means no garbage in the code.

        • Bilal Iqbal

          yes… i remember that…but now utorrent free version gives up and down stream of speed in favor of pro version where as bit commit can provide continous speed …

          • Atif

            that’s why i said 2.2.1 and stop updating :)
            also if you use any good private trackers, you will know not all clients are allowed, mine allow 2.2.1 thus provides the link to still download.

  • Abid Ali

    Hey ProPakistani Admin, first show us your source of this news, And if you have taken this news from other tech site then give proper credits to them.

  • Billabadmash

    Is Bitcoin mining is profitable?
    have you guys covered mining in any of your articles?
    if not can you do it i might get interested in mining?

    • Shahid Saleem

      You can do altcoin CPU or GPU mining if you use coins with X11 or X12 or related hashing. For scrypt like Litecoin you are better off with GPU, but even then ASICs are there. For bitcoin, forget about computers, you need ASIC

      For profitably, without ASIC, forget it.

      • billabadmash

        any place where can i go it a try?

        • Shahid Saleem

          buy an ASIC, hook it up to your computer. There is no “try”

          • billabadmash

            any good ASIC and from where i can get price? or do i need any special setup or what?

            • Shaykh ul Islam Tahir ul Qadri

              here you go
              h t t p s : / / c o i n p l o r e r . c o m / H a r d w a r e

              • billabadmash

                anyone doing this ? or i will be the one doing?

                • Shahid Saleem

                  What do you think?

        • Muhammad Shohaib Hassan

          I own a 1.2Th/s ASIC machine for BTC. If any body interested. Do connect me at: Whatsapp 0096650433926.
          It is kind of expensive, but If someone wants to give it a try !

  • Mirza Moazzam Baig

    Use “Vuze” …… the possible alternative in my view