Ufone to Revise its 3G Packages

Ufone has announced that it will discontinue its all previously offered 3G bundles from April 10th, that is almost a month from now.

Discontinued packages (from April 10th, 2015) include:

  • 5 ka punch
  • Daily Super Bucket
  • 15 Din Package-5MB
  • All previous basic, ultra and super ultra 3G packages

With new Ufone 3G Packages, which will be finalized in a week’s time, prices for 1Mbps and 3Mpbs packages are expected to be adjusted at higher side, while basic 3G packages — that come with 512Kbps speeds — might be offered at lower prices.

Ufone customers aren’t going to like speed caps that Ufone is planning to keep on these 3G packages, particularly when all other operators are offering uncapped 3G packages.

Update: Ufone Today revised its 3G Packages (Read here)

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