Ufone to Revise its 3G Packages

Ufone has announced that it will discontinue its all previously offered 3G bundles from April 10th, that is almost a month from now.

Discontinued packages (from April 10th, 2015) include:

  • 5 ka punch
  • Daily Super Bucket
  • 15 Din Package-5MB
  • All previous basic, ultra and super ultra 3G packages

With new Ufone 3G Packages, which will be finalized in a week’s time, prices for 1Mbps and 3Mpbs packages are expected to be adjusted at higher side, while basic 3G packages — that come with 512Kbps speeds — might be offered at lower prices.


Ufone 3G Packages

Ufone customers aren’t going to like speed caps that Ufone is planning to keep on these 3G packages, particularly when all other operators are offering uncapped 3G packages.

Update: Ufone Today revised its 3G Packages (Read here)

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  • Not much difference in old and revised packages…Ufone is just trying to make its customers fool by giving the name of Revised Packages…Being the competitor of Telenor and Mobilink…Ufone should come up with something unique instead of these speed based packages.It seems like ufone is selling Gold on the name of 3G —18 karat,22 karat and 24 karat…lol

  • Ahahaahahahaah ufone walon ko koi smjhai k pkgs doosri companies ki tarah den warna dewalia hojain ge

  • Looks like a case of ‘child protecting parent’. PeeTCL, you still won’t exist with your current policies no matter how slow your kid’s 3G is.

  • They still have done nothing, still we can see. I dont know what catogory of people would pay them more when they cant keep the speed level of any package.

    • yep i am using the same.. the best one… almost 280Rs. for 4*7GB in total a month .. and an awesome speed. sometimes reach around 6 Mb

        • all depends on seeders location and their internet connection. Always look for torrent with most seeders. and the usual speed i get on average is around 150KB to 250KB .. so you can download in around 2-3 hrs

          • very good yar
            Yar seed/leecher ki samajh hai mujhe mein
            mein yify torrents download karta hun waha seed sheed ka masla nahi Indians torrents mein hota hai……
            aik baat aor btao kabhi mobile per try kya torrent download???

            • Yify torrent best hai but Wo dual audio nahin hote and mobile pe bhi torrent same speed achieve karleta hai lekin battery drain masla ha

    • But problem is Mobilink has worst 3g coverage among all operators. Mobilink has only managed to cover only half area of big city like faisalabad. still main areas of city like jaranwala road, satyana road and canal road showing E sign along with signals. good packages with pathetic coverage

    • I think that this package is now downgraded to 1200 Mbs for rs.60. . . . no more lucrative packages from Jazz

        • Yeah they did reduce the volume down to 1200 for a while, but after negative feedback, they revered it back to the original 7000MB.

      • The sad thing is, they also reduced the per month pakage from 30 Gb per month to 12 Gb -_- and increased the price from 800 to 1000 (I think)

  • Ufone is a thief. Just trying to take every penny from their customer pockets in order to please its parent company ET by showing high revenue reports. Their subscribers are getting low day by day. Even with the cheapest products installed in their network their policies have never facilitated the customers.

  • Yeah… its an absolutely pathetic tariff plan. They need to step out of the landline/dsl model of speed capped packages and move to the better known volume based models. Who the hell would want 512ks etc in todays 3G/4G world. Step up Ufone… Show some sense.

  • Telenor offering best Packages with Djuice Rs.40/m days 3GB With 100 free balance no speed limits n talkshwak Rs 40/ 7days 5am to 5pm with largest 3G Network

  • This is warid 4G LTE in faisalabad. Ye 4G ki speed hai kia friends. My handset is Lg g2

    • Zong LTE in Faisalabad. I am getting 25-30 MB average speed on LTE and 10-18 MB on 3G. For Ufone I have two words only ………….. F*ck U

    • Disconnect WiFi and then check the speed. Activating both 3G/4G and WiFi gives WiFi the higher precedence that is 3G/4G connection remains idle when WiFi is activated as well. In this case the given speed is speed of your WiFi connection.

    • bro a word of advice if you are speed hungry …. use Zong 4g .. if not available use Zong’s 3g … you’ll never regret it Insha Allah
      (if you just care about speed not the money)

  • Needless to say.. The most expensive packages with THE most crappiest speed and coverage! Already switched to Zong and enjoying their 4G at cheaper rates than Ufone’s 512kbps rates. Calling them a 3G provider network is a disrespect to 3G technology!

    • Million Dollar Question :) Just imagine what would happen if they got 4G LTE for which they applied as well :)

        • kiya tha 3G k saath but they only managed to get 5Mhz of 3G, for 4G it was compulsory to have minimum 10 Mhz of 3G. So only zong got 4G and Ufone not

  • I think they r afraid if they will remove caps or reduce prices may be their CHAARJI will be affected.
    Only 1 pkg is good in ufone *5050#
    5000 mbs/sms/minutes for 5 days in 71rs including tax.
    Wheras their coverage is also questionable.
    They need to step up.

  • Yar Saare Josh mein aak ke chawalian mar rae hein
    Koi Such Such btae ufone mega offer per practically kitni speed ati hai
    A Man With Experience should talk !!!

  • NOT UNEXPECTED. I think all providers, even PTCL will do some more limiting.

    The simple fact of the matter is with broadband and 3g/4g users growing, there simply isn’t enough INTERNATIONAL BANDWIDTH. And the new fibre link we read about will not be here until over 1 year from now.

  • Worst 3G speed is of UFONE.
    Best 3G speed is of Zong
    Worst 3G stability (connectivity issues) with good speed is of Mobilink
    Telenor 3G speed and stability is best as compare to mobilink 3G but mostly telenor speed is less than 0.10 – 0.50 Mbps. (Sometimes best mostly worst)
    Warid LTE (Best)
    ZOng 4G (Better)

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