Ufone Announces New 3G Packages

Ufone has always been coming up with initiatives designed to give its customers the very best, and continuing with this tradition, they have discontinued its all previously offered 3G packages.

Ufone today announced a revision in its entire 3G packages portfolio and announced around 10 new 3G packages, removing speed based variants and adding new features to the service.

Ufone’s newly announced 3G packages include daily, three-day package, weekly and monthly with data limits up to 10GB.

This time over, Ufone has announced the most unique offer of the year so far (again industry first) whereby, they have bundled the most famous social apps i.e. Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter & Line, as freebies as part of the revised data buckets.

Through this service every bucket subscriber will be given freebies in terms of free usage on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter & Line, along with the volume of data bucket.

Following are the revised data buckets provided by Ufone:


How to Subscribe

  • Dial *3# to select your Ufone 3G package

Default Tariff – Prepaid

  • Default tariff will be Rs.20 for the first MB and the user will get next 19 MBs free, then will get charged for the 21st MB and will get the next 19 MBs free and so on.
  • Default throughput for the entire day will be 1 Mbps.
  • Volume accumulator will reset at 00:00 hrs every day as it happens in current scenario.

Terms and Conditions

  • All buckets are valid for prepaid customers only
  • Buckets can also be subscribed by dialing *3#
  • Dial *706# to check the remaining balance of the buckets
  • After the consumption of bucket volume, charging will be done according to the default tariff.
  • All daily internet buckets are recursive, buckets can be unsubscribed by dialing respective un-subscription codes.
  • Multiple subscriptions of the same bucket is not allowed.
  • Buckets subscribers will get maximum available speed. Actual Internet speed will depend on multiple factors such as location, time, device, web pages accessed, number of subscribers etc.
  • All prices are inclusive of taxes.

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  • Djuice is giving killer offer in 40rs 3gb net 100rs balance ;) i just love this package khull k use karo

    • Bhai main kal telenore ki franchise pay gaya sim lenay….on say jab pocha k 3gb for 3 day wala package active ho jaye ga to kehtay hain 300mb for 3 days hai….. !!!! Ye to hal ha…ap log kehtay ho 3gb ha wo log kehtay hain 300mb… !!

      • Bhai ap gapp b maaro toh zara soch samajh k maara karo. I’m currently using the 3 days wala pacakge and it is 3 GB not 300 MB. Use karne walon ko pata hai ke kya hai scene.Khud use karo aur dekho yakeen aajayega.

        • O bhai meray main nay kun gap marni ha bahar hal ap ki gap wali bat pay gosa aya ha….anyways…main sach main gaya tha franchise …ap keh ray to man leta hon …kal telenore ki sim b lay aon ga…ap bas ye batao k wo wala package active kesay kartay ho…ta k kal main b active kar k use kar k dekhon

        • It is actually 7GB for Rs 60 only for the whole week with no time restriction unlike Telenor. I have been using it for over 5 months straight and have dumped my PTCL EVO

          • But how do you have 35 Gb data left? If you don;t finish the data at the end of the week and resubscribe, will previous data be added to the new one?

            • Yes, I always re-sub before the expiry and the unused data is carried forward to the nest expiry data.

          • Plz reply that how u can activate this package ..because mobilink revised their packages and furthermore how u have 35gb left when the package provide only 7gb???

            • ok, so you can have unlimited subscription with mobilink. I didn;t know that but this seems to work.
              If you subscribe for 7 gb/week internet.. you will get 7 gb of data and validity of 7 days. But here is the cool thing (I have to confirm this though)
              That: If you subscribe to the weekly package twice the same day, you will get 14 gb internet per week, and if you don;t finish the 14 gb in that week, and subscribe before the bundle expires, you will get additional 7 days (from the time you resubscribe) and on top of that will still have the previous unused data + the 7 Gb of the new subscription. That’s awesome!

      • mobilink’s coverage is pathetic…even right in front of their HO in Lahore u won’t get 3G signals lol…moreover they r revising all their packages and 7gb weekly package will be discontinued

  • Ufone is still joking there is still no reason to opt ufone 3g over other networks … cuz packages still suck … i mean everything is still in Mbs if you look 40 75 50 100 250 500 and then comes 1gb for Rs250 and that also just for a 24hrs .. pathetic … and that timing of 50Gb package is a joke in it self. . . . I mean ya to Zong ki tarah kam se kam speed hi outstanding ho to bnda kehta ha k expensive is justified .. . but ufone has once again disappointed

    • i am using Mega internet bucket its is the best ufone package, and 1GB for Rs 250 is monthly package. Nai monthly packages bhi zabardast hain as compare to other companies.

      • Bhai ap chokidar ho jo 12am sey onward use kertay ho internet???? Sorry if it offended you!!! But seriously these bundles are a joke.

  • ufone 3g works? It’s news and should be headline in newspaper. Warid LTE is market leader in terms of quality and price. 500pkr 5GB a month.

    • well Warid is market leader but not in terms of Quality rather in terms of numbers/users .. . . . in Terms of quality Zong is Leading the way both in 3g and LTE.

  • my simple and newbie question to all technicians , when companies say free (Whatsapp / FB/ Twitter etc) their systems are so much sophisticated that they will not charge or calculate all traffic being used by these Apps??

    Ya Yah sirf Dhoka hai ??

    • Well it’s not a dhoka.. They don’t charge you for these apps in social packages and it’s not a rocket science to know where the data traffic is going and coming from.

  • Expensive packages as compared to other mobile Operators considering their 3G speed is worse than many telcos.

  • Not sure who is coming up with these packages for Ufone but clearly they are failing badly at it! The kind of crappy service and coverage they have, I wouldn’t even bother to use their net even if they offer it for free (Speaking from personal experience).. Now I’m a somewhat satisfied Zong 4G user.

    • only if they get their service half as good as their ads . . . they’ll be somewhat competitive … but that’s never gonna happen.

  • Umm, that WhatsApp, Twitter, FAcebook and Line Mega Internet Bucket really gives (51,200 or 50GB) of usage? How about bandwidth?

  • telenor 3g sucks . I am in karachi and I dont get more thn 0.45 mbps download and 0.16 upload.

  • admin correct this its expires at 12 am not at 10 am Mega Internet bucket0651,20012 AM – 12 AM*550#*5501#

  • Now the price competition has started between all 3G/4G Operators after crossing 10 million figure.All companies will reduce their tariffs and will offer more attractive offers now for staying competitive in the data hungry market.Those who will maintain quality at affordable rates will succeed in capturing more 3G customers.

    • reading all your previous posts, ur tooooooo much appreciation for each teleco and tooooo much use of nice, amazing and wow….

      I am just forced to think,
      why on earth, do you exist

      • Dear I personally know each company is working hard to satisfy its 3G customers.Problems do exist but it does not mean that these cannot be resolved.So I think positively and pray for their promising success.

  • I am using Telenor 3G and ZONG 4G :) Much better coverage and speed for both .. Ufone Sucks ;)

    Telenor3G = 40Rs. 3GB Data & 100Rs. Balance (3 Days Validity)
    ZONG 4G = 250Rs. Unlimited Data (30 Days Validity) ;)

      • No limit on subscription, rest you can do the math. New incentives will be added to your previous data which will enhance validity and on top of that you can use 300 MBs for 1 paisa with mobile cash account.

        • So does that mean that if I subscribe twice at the same time, I will get 14 Gb internet per week?! Also, can you tell me more about the mobile cash account like what is it? Thanks,..

          • Yes you can subscribe as many times as you want, no restrictions. You have to open mobi cash account by visiting any franchise or customer care services, only then you can avail 300 MBs for 1 paisa. Btw Mobilink’s speed usually don’t go up 2 mbps in Lahore at peak time with 150+ latency. After 3am I easily gets 8 mbps town usually. Just wanna tell you “they are serving quantity not quality” so sign up if you wanna ditch quality 3G services.

            • I don;t know, but the area where I live, its I don;t know how has less users. Even on ptcl Evo I used to get 7 mbps down and 3 mb up.. but now its slower. I get 2 mbps mostly. I thought mobilink was good but I will have to check its speed here… Btw, If I suppose subscribe today two times.. the internet will end after 7 days right? Only the volume will be 14 gb right?

        • So does that mean that if I subscribe twice at the same time, I will get 14 Gb internet per week?! Also, can you tell me more about the mobile cash account like what is it? Thanks,..

  • I have never seen anyone defending Ufone at ProPakistani. Kya itna bura hai Ufone? :D

  • Still too expensive, telenor is the best with 7gb data for 40rupess per week, except this time limit of 5_5

  • Mobilink have much better plans than these. Like 5GB for month for just 150 Rs. 15 GB in 300 and 30GB in 600 with unlimited 2G data on this package after 30GB are consumed.

  • These are actually feasible rates. Many people over here don’t relaize but Zong was the only one to price its data pack reasonably, after the revision even PTCL’s packs are somewhat reasonable but a little more reduction is required.

    Both Telenor and Mobilink are under pricing their data packs which will be harmful for them from a long terms perspective. Also many people over here seem to be making wireless 3G/4G as their broadband which is not feasible since every company is operating on limited spectrum.

  • mobilink speed test location P.E.C.H.S. block 3 Karachi, package price rs. 60 / week volume 7 GB

  • Expensive or not, speeds are far too less for mobile devices and once you’re on move their 3G is no better than Telenor’s. In a moving vehicle both seem to have come to hault. At few places (With towers nearby) they are good but sadly that’s where the good story ends for May-be-link (so much for 10 MHz add) , Telenor ( who have tried to make Ericsson, ZTE and Huawei soul mates on their towers and now each one is refusing to understand other equipment) and Ufone. (Ufone is actually better than other two). Warid and Zong are miles ahead here.

  • they have have reduced the data of mega internet bucket from 50 GB to 5 GB so but price and time still remains the same i.e Rs.6 and from 12 am to 12 pm . ( wake up ufone this will hurt you in terms of competition with the likes of mobilink telenor zong ……)

  • Hey,
    I use Ufone super card that gives me 1gb volume for a month,which is not enough for me, can anyone tell what would be the best option for me,?? i also want to know that can i get any bundle simultaneously with the super card, or i can just avail one offer at a time

  • close