Startuptainment is Pakistan’s First Reality Show for Tech Startups

At times the best way to learn is with fun, games and entertainment. One would imagine that reality shows are a clever way to promote the wave of entrepreneurship in Pakistan. Sadly, reality shows in Pakistan offer little to learn for budding entrepreneurs. That is one trend that’s expected to change with Startuptainment.

Startuptainment is Pakistan’s first webisode-based reality show that is solely focused on the budding startup ecosystem in the country. The third startup founded by Sophia Pervez and led by a team of four individuals with more than five years combined experience, the tech startup show operates with the hope of inspiring more people to begin a fresh startup. It features an entrepreneur’s journey from the interview process right up to the stage of presenting the idea to a mentor to have its viabiity assessed.

Startuptainment is Pakistan’s first webisode-based reality show that is solely focused on the budding startup ecosystem in the country

The show is meant to spread fun by demonstrating ups and downs people experience as they embark on a brand new business journey. The teaser on the official Facebook page is a clear depiction of how some serious business concepts are touched upon in a typical cheesy manner that we expect from reality shows. While it’s all funny at the outset, the show is set to highlight mistakes people often make when coming up with a business plan and which shortcomings they could overcome to perfect the process.

Secondly, the show runners appreciate that there are Pakistanis out there who continue to strive with their white-collar jobs but wish to achieve much more in life. However, lack of financial support hinders their progress. They could have a plethora of amazing ideas but they are no good unless they have a platform to translate them into something more substantial. This reality show could be that window for such brilliant minds as these promising ideas are exposed to Pakistani high net worth individuals.

The show aims to inspire, develop and educate people about everything related to startups 

Needless to say, the meeting with big names from the entreprenuership circle towards the end of each episode serves the purpose of educating entrepreneurs. The pros and cons of each business plan are identified in the process upon which fine adjustments can be made to perfect the business plan. No matter how good or bad a plan may sound, it’s always wise to get the opinion of an experienced third party that brings a fresh pair of eyes to the process.

The idea of starting a show such as this was conceived during discussions around the Kickstarter community. Common belief was that Pakistani startups could achieve much more if they had sufficient access to funding, mentoring and a healthy dose of inspiration. The team has decided to pick startups themselves and also encourage startups to contact them to get featured on the show. While they continue the show without external support, plans are in place to attract funding for an elaborate team.

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