3 Featured Pakistani Apps & Games: March Edition

Welcome back to our monthly article about Pakistani Android app developers where we highlight apps. Its good to see the local mobile app development scene throwing up some excellent apps that go a long way in showcasing how Pakistanis are rising to the challenges and the opportunities that the mobile apps landscape is offering them.

So lets take a look at some of the local apps and how they stack up in usability and function.

Punjnud Lughaat

Punjnud Lughaat

This app is a compilation of dictionaries based on regional languages of Pakistan. But that would be doing it a disservice since this app is for everyone irrespective of what language they speak.

For starters, the Punjnud Lughaat offers English-to-Sindhi, English-to-Urdu, English-to-Faarsi, English-to-Seraiki translations and many more to come in future app updates. It works flawlessly, thanks to the comprehensive dictionary database that the app comes with.

Punjnud Lughat app is a compilation of dictionaries based on regional languages of Pakistan

On first run, it downloads the dictionary data for offline usage. There’s also a MCQ style game for those who want to gauge their multi-lingual skills. It’s got standard features like Favorites, History, etc. Users can even choose what font to choose to display the translations in.

The app design is simple, and serves the app purposes just well. However, the app does have some annoying self-promotional UI elements that may look better tucked up in the options menu. Other than that, this is a good app for language students or those who want to look up a word in a jiffy.

ABC Learning Games for Kids

ABC Learning Games for Kids

Developed by theAppMedia, this educational app has a little bit of everything for the preschool-going kid. Parents who want a comprehensive learning app for the kids should try this out as a educational tool. Here are some of the many features its has:

  • Read A-Z – learn the alphabets
  • Learn to Write – Kids can trace the alphabets with the help of dots.
  • Pattern – Learn everything about alphabetical patterns
  • Find the Correct Image – A for Apple,  like matching pictorial images to their alphabets.
  • Puzzle – Put the pieces together
  • Quiz – Put the scrambled letters together

The app is simple enough to use. However, the app developers should take care and make the user interface elements bigger. I used this app on a 4.7 inch smartphone and found myself squinting at most of the objects in the app. Typography is another concern here.

Hopefully the app developer can make the user interface much better in a future update as this app is meant for toddlers. Tablet user experience might be different but due care must be taken when it comes to usability and clarity.

Run Sheeda Run – Lahori Rush

Run Sheeda Run – Lahori Rush

Endless runner games are a dime a dozen. But what if there was one which took place in the mean streets of Lahore? With sound effects and visual elements that are recognizably desi? With a Pakistani protagonist no less?

That’s what you get with Run Sheeda Run. This is Subway Surfers, but with a decidedly Pakistani flavor. Great graphics and addictive gameplay. Why mess with a winning formula right? That’s exactly what the developer ‘we.R.play’ did with this game.

Run Sheeda Run is a Lahori version of other popular endless running games

Its even got a comic-booky intro! Oozing with style and play, this one seems like a winner. And the icing on the cake? This game has Google Play Games integration, meaning you can share your scores and Achievements support for bragging rights.

So this is it for this month. Its good to see Pakistani app developers bringing their A-game to the mobile apps marketplace. If you feel there’s any locally developed apps that need to be highlighted, chime in below.

Samir is the Head of Entertainment at Lens by ProPakistani. You can reach out to him at samir.ya...

  • Only Punjnud Lughaat is worthy of mention!
    Others are still very amateur and hence not A-game as the author wants you to believe.

      • no matter not spoken in Pakistan, but as our very first language, the real language is Arabic, we have to learn it, I already ordered two books to learn it which contains sentences of daily use ( not going to learn grammar ).

  • Glad to see the quality work of local youngster. I think ProPakistani is worth more than reading a local newspaper for tech news. You guys made me addicted to your website. Hi5.

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