PEC: Engineers With Jobs Can’t Work as Consultants

If you happen to be an engineer working in more than one organisations in similar or different capacities, it’s about time you settled with just one job.

Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) seems to have brought down the hammer on engineers engaging in such practices. PEC points your attention towards the PEC Act which considers it a misconduct for registered or professional engineers to work in multiple organizations, simultaneously.

The terms of the act have been stressed upon following the increasing trend of engineers in government and semi-government bodies as well as private organisations and educational institutions offer themselves for relevant jobs at engineering firms on full time or part time basis.


PEC makes it clear that any engineers that are found engaged in such practice will have appropriate action taken against them as per the PEC Act and Bye laws. This could even result in the cancellation of one’s registration with PEC.

There have been mixed reactions over the latest warning issued by PEC. The majority among the pool of engineers in Pakistan have not exactly welcomed the warning by PEC.

Some claim that this adversely affects the chances of engineers in Pakistan who have to make do with less packages (salary and emoluments) to begin with. Many others question the decision of imposing such restrictions on engineers when people belonging to other fields continue to enjoy that luxury.

If you are working in more than one organization, you could face cancellation of PEC registration

Those who support the PEC Act in this regard call for a proactive approach and taking strict action against violators. They are of the view that engineers must seriously consider the options available to them rather than offering themselves for every job that’s out there.

They believe that it’s only fair to properly dedicate time to a full-time job that one can do justice to rather than half-heartedly engage in multiple roles. The general view here is that a conduct like this eventually reflects on one’s profession so it’s best not to conduct oneself in this fashion.