PEC: Engineers With Jobs Can’t Work as Consultants

If you happen to be an engineer working in more than one organisations in similar or different capacities, it’s about time you settled with just one job.

Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) seems to have brought down the hammer on engineers engaging in such practices. PEC points your attention towards the PEC Act which considers it a misconduct for registered or professional engineers to work in multiple organizations, simultaneously.

The terms of the act have been stressed upon following the increasing trend of engineers in government and semi-government bodies as well as private organisations and educational institutions offer themselves for relevant jobs at engineering firms on full time or part time basis.


PEC makes it clear that any engineers that are found engaged in such practice will have appropriate action taken against them as per the PEC Act and Bye laws. This could even result in the cancellation of one’s registration with PEC.

There have been mixed reactions over the latest warning issued by PEC. The majority among the pool of engineers in Pakistan have not exactly welcomed the warning by PEC.

Some claim that this adversely affects the chances of engineers in Pakistan who have to make do with less packages (salary and emoluments) to begin with. Many others question the decision of imposing such restrictions on engineers when people belonging to other fields continue to enjoy that luxury.

If you are working in more than one organization, you could face cancellation of PEC registration

Those who support the PEC Act in this regard call for a proactive approach and taking strict action against violators. They are of the view that engineers must seriously consider the options available to them rather than offering themselves for every job that’s out there.

They believe that it’s only fair to properly dedicate time to a full-time job that one can do justice to rather than half-heartedly engage in multiple roles. The general view here is that a conduct like this eventually reflects on one’s profession so it’s best not to conduct oneself in this fashion.

  • Doctors need this rule much more then engineers, atleast engineers are not playing with the life of real human beings just to earn some money. In the whole world such rules are for doctors but in Pakistan we start with engineers.

    You can apply this rule to govt. employees at max coz in private sector you can not survive as jack of all trades, either you are good enough to do multiple jobs or else you just stick to one.

  • this is extremely disgusting if some one is working in some organization and cant able to full fill the needs of his households etc. will PEC members come and give him extra bugs to full fill his needs ?…………………i am totally against this new stupid law

  • So PEC is facilitating the few good engineers that choose to stay in the country to abroad too. What a daft decision. The times of one job are a thing of the past.

  • Hats off to any engineer who can manage two jobs at the same time. He must have two brains.
    PEC should give a letter of appreciation for being such extraordinary humans…. and then award “maximum” penalty by cancelling their registration… so the engineer can save that stupid membership fee for his post retirement life.
    What is the benefit of being a member of PEC? NONE. Corporate world works on reputation, experience and references. Not pesky PEC membership points.

    What about our esteemed members of senate and parliament?
    Every one of them is a full-time member of the house, and then also full-time CEOs of their businesses, sometimes multiple ones.
    Is there such a law for them?

    • i appreciate you that on raising this particular highly ignored issue,The system of this country is run by Illiterate and dumb people.This all happens by the nation in which individuals select these money launderers as there Prime Minister and Sub Ministers.Law in Pakistan is to poor not high ups.Merit and Transparency has been ruined. Legislative body in this country is a group of money Zombie, dishonest, unreliable, insincere, Bankrupt, Murderer,Terrorists, Landmafias .etc The Parliament.

      Industry in Pakistan is in downfall,Country Economy is aid and loan. Tax exemption is for rich people.Inflation is touching peak of disaster.Unemployment is reason of crimes,death (suicides).Government is playing card games on nation blood,Huge amount of Nation’s crowd is living under poverty line.Undrinkable water,Substandard food items,Pollution,Health Problems….etc are tackling by Ministries having Ministers with zero Caliber.Law and Enforcement Agencies having incompetent members.Judicial System is indeterminate………. ……………………….etc
      So, How come this true that PEC will work distinctly.


  • May be the useless organization of PEC should also set a minimum salary for a qualified, registered and professional engineer which any company in Pakistan is supposed to pay by LAW as well so they do not have to do multiple jobs in this age of soaring inflation!

  • yahan pr aik nahi milti tum do ki bat krty ho, and why need to work in two firms at least they should know the fact.. .

  • a Full time job + Part time job is fine in any profession in any country.. by disallowing it that’s on the borderline of going bonkers.. PEC is cracking some cheap pot i guess these days.

  • such a nonsense post, i must say .u just read the ad and written ur analysis in ur way ,u dont even know the context why PEC written the “affidavit ” there and actually what the ACTUAL issue ,plz u should only wrote articles on telecom. next time before writing these kind of articles make sure u understand what u r writing .
    Ok let me tell you why PEC hv said that , actually the PEC no. of every engineer in pakistan has a lot of worth and engineers usually cash there PEC no. to contractors/firms. Basically they sign the affifiavit to local private contractors for there firm registration with PEC. (like doctors cash their no. to medical stores ) i myself is an engineer and infact kknow dozen of agents who’s ny profession is to find engineer and give then money t use their pec no. for their client/contractor conpany and that’s it.

  • As long as someone is doing his/her job with full honesty and dedication and that the organizations with which he or she is affiliated are OK with it, i dont think PEC should have any issues in it.

  • Most people didnt get it. It has nothing to do with how many jobs an engineer can do. This is just to discourage the practice of many enigneers to offer their PEC registration to multiple companies who want to show them on their payroll to get govt contracts. Of course this is illegal and every engineer knows it.

  • I am doing only one job but still I don’t need PEC registration. Never did I get registered, despite being qualified for it. Why should I waste my money on this useless registration which no one bothers to ask, throughout one’s engineering career??

  • if any one doing govt: job and take NOC from Head of the Department to work with the consultant as a part time and he is professional engineer then he can register consultancy firm on his name.

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