Vine Finally Makes the Move to 720p Videos

While it might sound strange, so far Twitter’s Vine has only showed videos at a miserly 480p format since its inception. The six second videos have finally got an upgrade in quality to the coveted 720p HD resolution, which seems a bit late but still a welcome change.

As you’ll notice, the change will be implemented over the coming few days and is the outcome of a few technical upgrades, which weren’t specified. As you can see below, the change is quite noticeable in the overall quality of the videos.

Existing Vine videos on both the major platforms, i.e. iOS and Android will soon be moved to the higher resolution. Same goes for the countless ones embedded on the Web. As for the newer Vines, the change will be felt immediately if you’re on iOS. Android users will actually have to wait a bit longer to upload HD videos.

We don’t know when the next big step, which is 1080p will be implemented (if implemented at all). While the rest of the world, esp. YouTube has recently moved to 4K 60fps videos, it does seem a bit backwards an approach to only now get the move done to 720p.

Anyhow, if you are into the 6.5 second video-capture craze as well, you’ll welcome the change to 720 x 720 regardless. Happy video shooting.

  • (off-topic)
    well those 4k 60fps videos on youtube hardly anyone can stream them cuz
    1. Even a very good 4G internet cannot stream it seamlessly/without lag
    2. 80 percent us users have Hardware which will not be able to Handle that video…it will be torture for Hardware which most of us use … so there is no point of that option

    • yeah, agreed. 480p resolution is very good for mobile devices, so use it instead going to more resolution on a small screen. I am using 720p to see on my LED TV and its perfect no need of 1080p for me. when making videos from Digital Camera or Smart Phone I have to convert those to 360p mp4/3gp format to easily share via messenger, so everybody can feel it convenient to download and see on their devices.

    • Brother! You’re wrong! A new technology has been introduced that can stream 4K content at 8Mbps connection instead of 25Mbps. I hope it will be introduced in Pakistan soon then we will watch the next world 2019 at 4K. The next world is HUMARA because 2019 main 1 aur 9 ata hai jesa 1992 main ata hai!!! :D

      Source: www . bbc . co . uk / news / technology-32140732

      • Bro I’m talking about “4k 60fps” videos…. those are still the real deal .. they are still not easily streamable and renderable (by Hardware) which normally people use. even those normal i7 PCs people use. and Youtube i still testing these 4k 60fps videos on it’s website. . . . those which are streamable for now (or the one which you are talking about) are “4k 30fps” not 60fps….

        www . theverge . com /2015/3/27/8299443/youtube-4k-60fps-videos-star-citizen-k-pop

        • I know about that where it’s popular that it may crash your PC even if you have a high end PC. As per my research, even an Intel i3 PC can’t handle 4K (30fps), but Intel i5 can. Then I don’t think so 60fps would make a big different, 30fps is fine. If you have an Intel i5 or i7 let me know how a video of 60fps runs–download the video and check.

          • I have an i5 laptop .. i’ll be testing 4k @60fps video soon
            …but i have tried 4k 30fps (those available on youtube) . . and my experience was not good . .. frame rates were dropping a lot . . .and video was lagging . . . no AV sync.
            once i tested a downloaded sample 4k footage … that went bit well than directly streaming it from internet (but still not seamless) AV sync was there but hardware had problem rendering it . . . at some instances video went pixelated.

            • I want to cry!! LOL!! Even an Intel i5 machine can’t handle a 4K video!! I was looking forward to buy an Intel i5 machine, now I will never buy. Now, It’s time to seek the same answer from an Intel i7 user, what he says about that–4K (30fbps). :D

              • Actually I think i5 can run 4k smoothly if you have a good dedicated GPU installed .. which i don’t have . . . I’ve got built-in intel HD3000 graphics . . . but I’m pretty sure that dedicated GPU will do the trick even on i5.

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