Samsung Unveils (Relatively) Cheaper Trio of Curved Monitors

Samsung had a sizable presence at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

It took this opportunity to show off the Samsung SE790C 34-inch curved PC monitor. Starting at $1,199, this curved monitor comes with a raft of features not found in any of its offerings. That giant pricetag however, ensured that the normal consumer might never get their hands on this. Until today that is.

Samsung has unveiled a trio of new models for the curved monitor it showed off at CES, this time with a competitive pricing tier. And one that ensures that curved monitor technology is no more the domain of those that can pony up the exorbitant price point.

They are the Samsung SE590C, Samsung SE591C and Samsung SE510C monitors, clocking in at 31.5-inch, 27-inch and 23.6-inch displays, respectively. All of the models are in full HD with 1080p support and a good contrast ratio of 5000:1.

Samsung's 34-inch E790 monitor

The SE591C and SE510C models come with a larger 4000R curvature while the SE590C has a 3000R curvature. 5W dual stereo speakers with Samsung’s dual sound engine will be available in the SE915C and SE290C models.

Samsung says the monitors result in low eye fatigue and allow for prolonged day wide usage

Samsung is touting the capability of these monitors as more easy on the eyes. According to Samsung reps, the technology that they’ve incorporated in these curved monitors make it great for prolonged day-wide usage. These monitors result in a decreased eye fatigue. They are even more energy-efficient. This is largely due to the new tech that Samsung has included in these monitors called Flicker Free and Eye Saver Mode.

Granted that these monitors are not 4K-capable. This is geared for video content that is already available in 1080 resolution. 4k content is still sparse and the people at Samsung took that into consideration when designing these curved monitors.

The price point for these monitors make them affordable for those who want to try out curved displays on a budget. Here are the prices:

  • SE590C – $599
  • SE591C – $399
  • SE510C – $299

From a technical standpoint, monitors have always triumphed over TVs based on the superior display quality. What do you think? Planning to import these? Or buy it if it become available locally? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • bash

    i’d rather buy a 60inch smart tv than just a monitor for 599$

    • Najam

      Sony Bravia Zindabad :)