Samsung Uses Huawei’s Brand Ambassador’s Name for its S6 Launch #AnotherFail!

Samsung Pakistan has used the name of Humaima Malick — currently the brand ambassador of Huawei Pakistan — for the launch of its Galaxy S6 and S6 EDGE smartphones.

Humaima Malick, who has remained the brand ambassador of Samsung Pakistan, was snatched by rival Huawei Pakistan in October last year.

Since then Humaima Malik has appeared in series of Huawei TVCs, particularly in the launch TVC of Ascend Y520.

However, Samsung apparently forgot this and used Humaima’s name in the launch press release. Even worse, Humaima never attended Samsung’s event, leaving everyone to wonder that why was she even named in the list of attendants when she wasn’t at the event at all?

Huawei is naturally not happy with the situation and said that it condemns anyone using its brand ambassador’s name.

“We will respond to Samsung’s this bit by launching a better phone than S6, the Huawei P8 in near future”, said Huawei.

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  • Uzair Farooqi

    LOL. I think its due to the negligence of their Pakistan based employees.

  • پروپاکستانی کے پاس لگتا ہے کام کے موضوعات و خبریں شبریں ختم ہو گئیں
    کچھ نہ ہو لکھنے کو تو وینا ملک و نرگس پہ بھی دو ایک پوسٹیں مار دو :P

    • Ali Ahmad

      Dear – may be they have a diverse range of readers with varying levels of interests and with different definitions of what’s useful and what’s not in terms of technology reporting

    • Tanveer

      نہیں تو عمران خان یا پی ٹی آئی کی حمایت یا نوازشریف کے خلاف پوسٹ کر دو …… ٹریفک شروع

  • anas qamar

    “We will respond to Samsung’s this bit by launching a better phone than S6, the Huawei P8 in near future”, said Huawei.

    Kuch ziada josh aagiya :D

    • Zawyar Ur Rehman

      Tension na lo bhai ye mazaq kr rhe hein :P

    • Zafar

      Effect of Sasti Chars :)

  • Umer

    Samsung is already a flop company s6 is cheap iphone 6 copy.

    • koolliver

      Haha Grapes are sour..

      • Harry

        Lol Really Grapes Are Sour ^

    • Ahmad

      hahah, Are you kidding??
      I’m not a fan of samsung but s6 edge is most popular worldwide b’coz it has something new

  • Ahmed Habib

    Its like teasing ones wife… ;-)

  • Guestttt

    2 #Fail Posts about a brand in last 2 days. this smells more like personal vendetta than just reporting. Rip ProPakistani.

  • Faisal Iqbal

    This ‘#AnotherFail’ thing is becoming ridiculous, advertisement campaign by commercial entity doesn’t need any scrutiny, its not politics.
    If someone gets offended by advertisement, than don’t buy the merchandise, simple as that.

  • Eli Ehsan

    “by launching a better phone than S6” is the Real FAIL here though.. :D #CrapiatOverLoad

  • bharbhoonja

    I had said it already. Samdung needs to fire their event planners and marketing idiots. This comedy of errors will reach its peak soon.

  • haroon

    huawei saying better than s6 :P
    haha imposible

  • Tani

    yar business men aisi common mistakes kese kar sakte hen employee!

  • Sheraz Ak

    who is she then? or I might have misfigured her with Humaima??