Huawei Snatches Humaima Malick from Samsung for its TVCs

Humaima Malick has been getting a lot of press because of her recent Bollywood debut and she’ll be riding the fame wave with the announcement of her new position as the official brand ambassador of Huawei smartphones.

Recent reports suggest that the Huawei ad campaign for upcoming Huawei smartphones is in its closing stages with the TV commercial already shot. However, there is no word on when the campaign will go live. Malick will be replacing Mahira Khan, who kicked off Huawei’s largest campaign into the Pakistani smartphone market earlier this year.

Previously, Malick was the face of the Samsung Galaxy series and starred in various advertising campaigns as well as events promoting the smartphone line.

Huawei has now solidified its status as the largest telecommunication equipment in the world and the move to poach Humaima Malick shows that they are finally ready to take the Pakistani smartphone market by storm.

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  • “Huawei has now solidified its status as the largest telecommunication equipment in the world”

    source please?

  • oho if Huawie is presented by Humaima then it must be top notch hi quality phone in dirt cheap price :)

  • this website was good initially when i started visiting it a year ago but now its editors and writers don’t have anything useful to say and now they come up with these ridiculous stories grow up and look around there is much more going on other then this stupid stuff u write!! NO OFFENCE

  • “Snatches”?
    Is that the way females are supposed to be described even if they are in showbiz – are they human beings or what? Yes, they are degrading themselves by vulgarity but objectification of this sort is pretty awkward…..
    I think ProPakistani is quite a good place to read good content but this is not their best.

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