Telenor Holds Pakistan’s First IOT Expo in Lahore

Telenor Pakistan held Pakistan’s first “Internet of Things” Expo in Lahore this weekend, where several consumer and business solutions using cellular internet for machine to machine interaction were presented.

“Internet of Things” primarily means devices and solutions that use internet for automated communication among each other (without requiring any human input). Such devices are usually intelligent based on the information they get from other connected devices and this is how they perform their designated tasks intelligently by deciding in real time.

IOT_IMG_9476As Irfan Wahab Khan, CMO Telenor Pakistan, explained in his keynotes, think of an alarm device that can intelligently wake you up 30 minutes ahead of scheduled time because it knows that traffic on your planned route is slow and it might take you longer to reach your meeting.

This is exactly how connected devices use information shared by other devices in real time to intelligently perform their tasks in a better way.

Speakers at Expo, that included Dr. Ismail Shah, Chairman PTA, Irfan Wahab Khan, CMO Telenor Pakistan, Mikael Lindholm of Telenor Connexion, Mian Mohammad Mansha, Chairman MCB and Nishat Group, Dr. Umar Saif, Chairman PITB, Ahmed Bilal Masud, Deputy CEO Huawei Pakistan, Farhan Shahzad of IBM, Kam Eng Liang, head of M2M at DiGi and Michael Foley, CEO Telenor Pakistan, explained how Internet of Things can bring a revolutionary change in our lives.



While explaining the vision behind IOT Expo, Irfan Wahab Khan told ProPakistani that the idea of internet of things is in-line with company’s motto of “Internet for All”. He said that aim behind the expo is to spread awareness and to generate a buzz in the industry by bringing together those who are working on connected devices and solutions.

He said that through this expo Telenor is trying to help the society realize true potential of IOT.


Estimates suggest that there would be more than 30 billion IOT/M2M devices available globally by 2025

Michael Foley, Chief Executive Officer, Telenor Pakistan said that his company is delighted to introduce the IoT concept in Pakistan, which is a continuation of their ambition to bring internet for all.

Michael said that possibilities are endless as Pakistan is an emerging market, which is adding a number of internet users every minute, and they looked forward to the future of IoT with confidence.

Telenor Pakistan also launched its ‘Connected Device Project’ comprising of various IoT based products at the expo.

Over a dozen companies showcased their solutions at the expo that included wide variety of devices such as energy management systems, automated security and tracking devices, biometric verification, solutions for performance management and control of various home appliances from remote locations through internet, smart metering and smart homes.

We will be covering all the business and consumer solutions showcased at IOT expo in a separate post later today.


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