Rawalpindi Becomes the Home of Android Vs Apple Rivalry

Rawalpindi today made it to the headlines when a gigantic Android bot was spotted urinating on an Apple logo on Google Maps in an area which is included with-in Rawalpindi, somewhere around Radio Colony in Rawalpindi to be exact.

Apparently the whole thing is result of an adventure from some Android Fan who is likely to be from Rawalpindi or vicinity. However, it is still unclear that who approved the map listing and how come the marking is still on the map.

For those who don’t know, Google maps is a crowd-sourced product where users populate the maps while senior users (also called moderators) approve such markings and listings.

Once approved, these changes are published on Google maps and are made available to everyone using Google Maps through apps, web or third-party applications.

If you an Android fan and want to enjoy your best moments then go ahead and click on this link (Google Maps link) to view the whole scene for your amusement.

Check below the satellite view of the area in questions:


Via PhoneArena

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  • Update: A Google spokesperson got back to us, explaining that the image is likely a result of a user abusing Map Maker, the tool that allows everyone to contribute to Google Maps. “Even though edits are moderated, occasionally the odd inaccurate or cheeky edit may slip through our system,” he said in a statement to Mashable. “We’ve been made aware of the issue and are working on getting it removed.”

  • lol… im guessing that now there would soon be another picture about… um… an apple peeing on android? Nope… an apple eating android…? Nope… apples cant do either of those… but still… the apple must somehow get revenge…. XD

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