Acumen names Naeem Zamindar as New Pakistan Director

Acumen, a non-profit global venture fund changing the way the world tackles poverty, has appointed Naeem Zamindar as new Pakistan Director. Naeem has over 25 years experience, starting as an auditor and moving on to successfully develop large business opportunities in mobile, broadband, mobile financial services, and information technology.

At Intel Capital in Silicon Valley, Naeem successfully worked on venture capital investments in 29 high-growth companies primarily in the wireless broadband space. In Pakistan, he held the role of CEO of Wateen Telecom, where he restructured the publicly listed company, turned around the business and repositioned it for growth.

He was also a founding member of Pakistan’s leading telecom company Mobilink and, as a part of the senior leadership team, was responsible for scaling the organization from 2 million to 32 million customers and launching the broadband business division. Naeem was certified as a CPA in the United States and has an MBA from INSEAD.

Naeem said:

I am passionate about enabling a progressive and prosperous Pakistan, and Acumen has the will and ability to enable that vision.

Accelerating the rate of innovation enabled by Acumen’s commitment and expertise in developing companies, leaders and ideas to focus on lifting the lives of the poor will enable our vision of a more inclusive world. I am very excited about working with this world-class team inspired by this common vision.

  • Guest

    Everyone knows what happened to Wateen now its Acumen hahahahaha he will remove poverty…….sigh!

    • RJ LOVE

      Naeem Zamindar took wateen to its peak, thins are worst now in Wateen

  • Saad Ghassemi

    In Pakistan, he held the role of CEO of Wateen Telecom, where he restructured the publicly listed company, turned around the business and repositioned it for growth.

    Naeem Bhai was not responsible for Wateens failure which was in shambles after the wizardy of Grandmaster Tariq Malik. But Naeem bhai didn’t do much of a job go turnaround the company. He even got us one Chief Transformation officer but this guy was no megatron.

    Sad state of affairs at Wateen. Naeem bhai is sharif and good person but not capable CEO for turnaround of Wateen. Lets be fair about this

  • Bonga

    So, from telecom to an NGO!

    And please, enough with sugar coating the many accomplishements like growing Mobilink to 32 million subscribers from 2 million. Naeem was never head of sales and didn’t we just find out that Mobilink has 21 million subscribers post SIM-verification. Broadband business was another fiasco that Mobilink ended up shutting down.

    And don’t get me started on Wateen.

    Good guy, but not CEO material.

  • Guest

    Naeem did a great job at Wateen he changed the culture at Wateen the company was losing millions when he took over …when he left Wateen was in a profit. Compared to Ptcl , worldcall ,multi net which have lost market share and revenues while Wateen is still growing at 20%. All Credit to Naeem Zamindar.

  • Guest

    What Wateen was when this man took over and what he left Wateen as , is known to all … Wateen was lucky , if it was not for him this company would not have survived and be growing as it is now.

  • Sajid

    Wateen Telecom had severe monetary constraints when Naeem became Ceo, it was a company no one would touch! He turned around the EBITDA from $2m negative to $1m positive and it’s there cause he made it happen. Give the man his due. The mess the previous management had left is what caused the need for good people losing jobs. If it was not for Zamindar many more jobs would have been lost! I lost mine but it was not his fault. He is a good man. We have to face our God. Let’s not say what is not true.

  • Mustafa

    Another fail attempt , mr Naeem had nothing but failures in his life.