Telenor is Building a New HQ in Islamabad that will Cost Them $70 Million

It’s wide knowledge that Telenor has one of the best work cultures in Pakistan. New graduates don’t typically think of work culture as a major consideration when choosing offers but it become a bigger factor than money as time passes.

Telenor’s current facilities are no slouch either but the company has decided to up the ante with an all new state-of-the-art building that is going to cost them more than 70 million dollars.

The new building is under construction in Gulberg Express, Islamabad and is expected to be completed by the end of next year. Spanning an area over 150 kanals, it will house over 1100 employees.

Some of the things employees can look forward to are a gym, pool, mosque, day care center for employees with children and other amenities you’d usually associate with a Silicon Valley firm.

As we mentioned before, Michael Foley, CEO Telenor Pakistan, was kind enough to tour ProPakistani team the construction site to share the details of the new environment friendly building.

Here is a glimpse into what you can expect from the new facilities:

  • Earthquake Resistance: Earthquake resistance raised to international recommendations by designing for seismic zone 3 ( raised from normal 2B).
  • Open Work Zones: Telenor workplace model with clean desk principle and flexible seating for all personnel in open work zones.
  • Focus on Renewable Energy: Solar panels to cover minimum of 10% of the energy consumption. Telenor plans to add more solar energy along with time.
  • Water Management: Water saving equipment, rainwater harvesting, sewage treatment with treated water used for irrigation.
  • Low Energy Consumption: Design and construction in accordance with  ASHRAE 189.1 International standard for high performance green buildings, focus on energy efficient cooling systems.
  • Lower Carbon Footprint: Use of rammed earth for facades to lower energy consumption,  improve indoor climate and reduce CO2 footprint.

It maybe recalled here that Telenor is celebrating its 10 years of operations in Pakistan. With over $2.3 billion already invested in the country, Telenor said that its on-going investments are testament of company’s commitment towards Pakistan in the long-term.

Also watch below video of the construction site:

Talal is a Director at ProPakistani. Reach out at [email protected]

  • Masha Allah Aamir bhai baray log bn gye hain aap to CEO say km to baat ni krty ab aap. Kbi zong to kbi telenor. :-)

    • It costs about 500 million dollars to bring 4G whereas Telenor brought a 3G–5MHz– license at 175 million dollars. 70 million dollars only becomes 14% against 500 million dollars. By the way, Telenor is the best to provide 3G at cheap prices in my area (10Mbps Downoad, 3Mbps Upload)

            • Google It Idiot :D Just write on Google “Rs.40+Rs.100 free balance Telenor” you will get the package.


          • problem is these kind of packages are all introductory packages and almost all of these will get renewed to new download limits making it impossible to use in the long run. plus there is also the hassle of subscription after every 3 days and if you forget to subscribe you will lose all your balance at default charging rate within seconds.

            • You’re right! But If you have a little bit knowledge of software then it’s not a big problem. I use Remouse standard for automatic subscription and for auto-connecting the internet at a specific time, Networx for auto-disconnecting the internet to avoid any penny and many other software applications.

    • I agree because they earn lot of money to destory engineer life
      4G increase the employement in Pakistan

  • Having worked in a telco and having constant interaction with the telecom industry, I can say that Telenor is surely the only telecom company in Pakistan that thinks of investing in infrastructure and well being of its employees beyond what traditional companies do.

    • Really that company who are used third class ZTE vendor and out source everything to save the money that company take care the empoyes

        • I really surprised that you cannot give me the answer
          logically rather to tell me that I am not Good in English Language. Amazing it
          means those intellectual people who are not good in English, No one hire them.

          Hopefully you got my answer. If I am wrong, then giving me a
          proof that ZTE is the world class vendor? You cannot find that even it is not listed in rating

          Brother support Pakistan not Telenor. Telenor have a lot of complaining about call drops and If PTA will take QoS (Quality of service) action on Telenor then it will automatically move first class vendor

          Last one and again tell me any site where you can compare
          ZTE to other top rating vendor even you cannot compare it to Huawei (its competitor)

          Hope this time you find my English is better now because I am
          relaxed now and rephrase my words

          I am requesting ProPakistan site that I visit your site first time and find it amazing

          Please take the interview and write the article “How Operators are saving the operational cost to give the Managed service project to 3rd class vendor”

          If Operator hire us directly then they are bound to give a good money, resource and time. But there is no check and balance on vendor.

          Last One Be Pakistani

  • what their huge investment show about the current situation/condition here in Pakistan ? it is good or going to be good ?

  • telenor is indeed a great network it is stable and has excellent service
    i used 45 GB in a day on their 50 rs package and speed remain continuous on 8 Mbps

  • Telenor not increasing engineers pay, Telenor intruduced 3rd class ZTE vendor in Pakistan and destroy the Pakistan engineer Lifes
    Not check and balance from PTA side
    I am really disappointed to see that company earn lot of money to destopy engineers life

    • LOL. Telenor brought 3rd class vendor, and you are an employee of that third class vendor :D
      shame on you. jis bartan main khana usy main chaid karna :)

      • Umer, :)
        Yes, I am working 3rd class vendor due to Telenor. Telenor is saving the operational cost to give Mange service project to 3rd class vendor
        That vendor
        Who do not give the salary and benefits to their employees on time.
        Do not provide the benefits of night packages/activities.
        Hire 1 resource where 3 resources are needed
        I am Pakistani and I Know, 3rd class vendor damage the Pakistani engineer life
        If you do not trust on me and you are employ of Telenor / ZTE then investigate it by yourself and be Pakistani not telenor
        Think about it If Norway company Telenor gives this project world 1st class vendors then what will be our engineer life
        I am working 3rd class vendor because I have no choice due to Telenor
        Compare ZTE product to international no rating this company has already blacklist in many countries due to cheating and breach the agreements
        Shame on you telenor who save the operational cost to give manage service project to world 3rd class orginzation
        jis bartan main khana usy main chaid karna :)

        Read everything and think like a Pakistani
        and tell me who shame me or telenor ?

    • Bro why engineers hired at low rate ??????????the main reason is that engineers have no unity every engineer trying to destroy other by joining on low rate .time to unite all of these stupits

  • Telenor is the first company in Pakistan who introduce third class vendor ZTE in our country. They win the project very low rate and they do not care the employe

    ZTE have no cenern about their employes life and Telenor is the company who gave the project to ZTE only to save the money.

    Telenor destoryed the engineer life in Pakistan and due to Telenor all other operator also moving 3rd class vendor

    PTA have no cencern about it

    May ALLAH save us such dirty company If a good operator introduce good vendor ( CISCO, Juniper , Ericsson and so on) then Engineer Life also GOOD

  • Telenor, inching towards becoming the number 1 telco in Pakistan..Telenor cares about its human resource as well as customers are like no telco in the country.

    • You can visit your Telenor MSc and try to get the feedback from Telecom Engineer. You got your answer

      Be Pakistani not Telenoree

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