Karachi to Get Free WiFi, Not Water!

Sharjeel Inam Memon, Sindh Minister for Information and Local Government, yesterday announced that his government will deploy WiFi hotspots across the city for free internet access for general public.


Memon said this after inaugurating a sports complex in Landhi which had been lying incomplete for a number of years.

Without mentioning any further details on free WiFi project, the minister said that the government plans to undertake more mega projects in the city, including a street lights up-gradation programme in the megalopolis which will replace bulbs with modern LED systems and CCTV cameras.

Minister said that these LEDs will also allow a free internet and WiFi system for the public.

Via Express Tribune



    • When there is no water in washroom , people of Karachi can wash themselves with free WIFI :P

      • It happened with a person. When he was in the washroom, water had come to an end–no signal of any network– he sent a message via Wifi to bring water. :D

  • Great. Give us wi-fi, metro, motorways cause that’s all we need. Don’t invest in education, health. They are pretty useless, we only need wi-fi to live on.

  • This water problem will keep increasing across the country until or unless we make more dams.

  • Such types of projects are implemented as it is very convenient for all of them ( politician+, government officials ) to take 40% of the project budget in their pockets . The party which implements the projects already hand in gloves with them in this plunder. Sindh compared to Punjab is a disaster.

  • Jab Roti Sasti Hogi Or Mehangi Hogi Jan, Wo Din Bhi Ayega Jab Dekhoge Aisa Pakistan, Tum Bhi Dekho Gey, Hum Bhi Dekhy Ge, Filhal we will enjoy FREE WiFi, Pani Mily Ya Na Miley Aj k Generation Ko Free WiFi Mill Jaye Bus

  • jaha tax lag chuka hai mazeed mobile phones pe .waha wifi dil pe pather lag k chalana parega.

  • People Died from heat in Sehwan Shareef but when Qaim Ali Shah came to visit Sehwan open AC was setup for him and as soon as he leave all AC was removed. Shame on Sindh Govt.

    • Hamay to WiFi Do , Hum Pani K Bagair 3 Din to Jee Sakty Hai Magar WiFi k Bagair Ek Minite Bhi Nahi

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